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  2. Hoping your day of rest, completely refreshes you, Mt_Rider. My sweet neighbor, asked for a dozen eggs. Not a problem, I went in to get them. When I returned to the fence, he said he had a present for me. Another cast iron pan for my collection!
  3. mean Koa pulling me in a 'wagon'? Wheeled device...? Wheee! ...over hill and dale.... Yanno I've always wanted to train Big Dog or Koa to pull me on ice/snow with sled. Never really tried training. Big Dog could have on flat ...not hill. But she was used to me beside her...not sitting on the sled. LOL I have ridden the sled with horse/duck food and water jug DOWN a snowed-in driveway with dog to the side....dancing in the deep snow. A good time was had by all! It is aMAZing....the different wheely devices they are creating for disabilities of all types. My friend in MO has been using the kneeling wheelie device after foot surgery. A long-ago friend used the newer type of rolling walker with seat. She tired easily and had prosthetic foot. [both due to cancer] I love it that people are creating these hybrid devices so that any of us can chose what is appropriate for us .....and for the activity we have that day. Honestly, it's like chosing your clothing for digging in the garden, attending a classy social event, going on a journey, or running out to the mailbox. Different clothes, footwear, AND disability-assistant devices. MtRider ....gonna hafta get me one of those neck/shoulder ice packs the PT got for me. That worked VERY WELL!
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  5. Thanks friends. Nice to come here and chat about the hard stuff sometimes. Slept long and woke with no knot in my back. Assume I'll have very low energy again today -- "second day affect". It's often worse than the first. I'll have to feed tonite cuz DH is working today. Yesterday was mostly cuz I flat-out-can't-sit-in-chairs. This new-to-us car allows me to recline the seat nearly flat and I did that on the way home....fell asleep, even. I have always been purchasing "durable medical equipment" when I saw it in thrift stores in good shape. Besides crutches in a couple of sizes, and a bedside commode, the only piece I haven't 'graduated' into using YET is the walker. I believe it has wheels on the front. Don't think it has a seat, tho I've seen those. I did pick up a cloth thingie with pockets to tie on and have storage. Might have picked up a tray for it too. But so far, I don't have a use for that. Someday may need it in my house. Not there yet...only using quad cane in house when balance or muscles or stamina is bad. I'm really beyond using a walker when I'm out in public. A wheelchair is more appropriate for that and I do use my wheelchair as a walker. I wish it had hand brakes so I could slow it...and me...down on hills when out on sidewalks, parking lots. But wheelchair-as-walker is great....cuz I can set my stuff on the seat. Then if I need to sit and rest, I move the stuff and sit. I've been using it for over 25 yrs like that when I need to. What I need is a new(er) wheelchair. The one I've been using since '93 is flat-wore-out. Squeaks and creaks loudly. Have replaced the tires once and these aren't holding air well. That's the only reason we didn't bring that....knowing there could be 'mile-long' hallways in a medical bldg. For short hallways, etc...I use the seat cane and second usual stick cane. I walk faster, more efficiently with support on both sides. Bilateral motion is always better for bi-pedal people. I definitely should have had my wheelchair to sit in...more comfortable than those waiting room chairs. I NEED to remember that factor too. Today my neck, shoulders, back, hips all feel like I slammed backwards to the ground a few times. Feels all bruised and spasms...and I've only been awake less than a half hour. Note to self: do not sit in waiting room chairs! OW! Will spend most of this day sitting/reclining in bed too. {grumble, grumble} Yeppers....have body harness on Koa and indeed I DO ...and MUST....negotiate uneven terrain with her and/or ski pole. [use old ski pole from garage sale cuz pointed tip more secure on sliding granite crumble]. I attach a mega-large carabiner on Koa's harness because she's just barely too short for me to hang on directly to her harness. The slight bending over would kill me. So carabine gives me 3 extra inches and I hang onto that in one hand and ski pole in other hand. She provides some propulsion and a lot of balance/stability. Only use that technique when I've got more road to travel to get back to truck than I have stamina. Hmmm ....that's called ERROR in judging how much OOMPH I have that time. Koa is still 'back up' not 'primary' means of taking a walk. Also use her to get UP our 14 steps to house. Well....hopefully this is my last visit for a while. Docs all seem miffed when I don't go visit them regularly. Iffen I got the energy, I'm choosing to go visit my elderly parents, for pete's sake! I don't do ANYthing else with my alloted energy away from home!!! Not gonna have them much longer, at their ages. I quite jealously guard my away-from-home energy hours!!!!! Not happy with others who would frivolously waste those hours for me. MtRider and recovery phase....
  6. That sounds like a really rough trek for you, Mt. Rider! That rollator that Jeepers mentioned sounds like a good idea for when you go out in the car. Probably wouldn't do real well on uneven terrain or being pulled by a large dog! LOL Wait, maybe a harness? Anyway, it sounds like it might save some of your energy at doc appts. Not much going on here, today. Cooking chicken and burgers on the grill and making coleslaw, corn on the cob and fried summer squash. And waiting for after the holiday for house paperwork to proceed. It is supposed to be about 90 here today with humidity and 80 tomorrow with rain. Have a good and reflective Memorial Day!
  7. Mt. Rider. You've had a couple of bad weeks with doctor visits lately. Hopefully they have all the info they need! My cousin who has Parkinson's has one of those rollators. He really likes it a lot. He can use it like a walker with wheels and it has hand brakes. It also has a little basket attached so he can carry his water bottle etc. If he gets too tired or off balance he can turn it around and sit on it. Also his wife can push him while he sits on it if need be. A lovely day today with the high at 73 degrees. I got half of the yard mowed today. The other half is under water. Lots of rain here.
  8. Sigh.....yesterday I had a disability evaluation [looong story and getting longer] So we journeyed way over to the city. Even riding [definitely NOT driving] that far wears me out. Then the inevitable waiting room chairs...filling out forms....the next waiting room chairs. Well, not that I actually sit down very long. Painful unless they recline. So I sit, stand, walk, sit on my seat cane, stand, pace.... The PT was actually right on time but didn't think he could fill out the forms my Life Ins company wants. This is the second time I've heard that song..... But this time DH came back with me. And yes, I was getting too hot inside AGAIN. So when DH saw my face going white and red, I got out the ice packs. PT offered more ice packs. We decided to go ahead with whatever evaluation he COULD do and just send that to the PA I'd previously seen ......with a note to get an M.D. signature...blah, blah, blah. Like a never-ending story here. So with the help of cool bib and ice packs, I did the Phsyical Therapy Eval. It was pretty rough ONLY because I was already spent from the hour and half trip to the facility. And...the heat which might be moderate for most people but deadly for me. PT went a half hour overtime with me [us]. DH was able to help me answer so PT could figure out what I was saying...and vice versa. My cognitive was clearing up as I cooled down with the ice. I was feeling much better the last half hour. PT was amused that I really slammed into the tasks. I explained that I often trigger reflexive motions with my muscles because I get more accurate results. I think he began to see what I meant after a while. He said overall, it sounds like I "live in a gym"....always working the balance/coordination due to uneven ground etc. He thot I did pretty well adapting with what I have left. When he led us out of the maze of PT stuff, my R foot was turning inward. That's painful and very awkward walking....and it goes away when it goes away. I took one look at the 'mile and a half of hallway' the guy showed us for exit and said...."Ack! I need a wheelchair!" He went and got one. Nice guy. Just hope his evaluation is good enough. I'm very DEPLETED from two medical visits. Tried to get on line to see the report and make a copy and .....I could not get thru the barriers. "your user name has already been used...choose again" "your passwords don't match" "The system is down" :brickwall: Pain levels bad today. Woke with horrid headache and got that cleared up by walking and standing for an hour or so. Then got a hitch in my back and DH had to adjust me twice. It's mostly gone now ....mostly. Have been very VERY tired. Spent most of day in my adjustable hospital bed. Kept moving it to different positions. Up for a while and then back to laying down, reading....nap. Did take dog for short walk while DH did the rest of the chores. Back to bed. This is the cost of traveling and laboring for appointments. Blech! MtRider
  9. SUN IS SHINING..... Uh...I mean gropel [pea-sized snowballs similar to hail] is POURING! Repeat throughout the day..... MtRider ....Springtime in the Rockies
  10. So...don't be such a stranger around here!
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  12. LOL
  13. She's either your worst nightmare or your best friend lolol. SWAT!!!
  14. Who's Darlene?
  15. Today and yesterday have been just gorgeous. Couldn't ask for better weather. I had lunch with friends both days, and we couldn't get over how lovely the air was.
  16. Diatomaceous earth, seems to work around here.
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  18. The mouse in my room was not detoured from eating all my brauchs peppermints!
  19. *sheesh*...I scared myself there for a minute. Thanks so much! lolol
  20. You changed your browser's theme, but not the whole board. You're OK.
  21. I talked with Annarchy this morning and she will be helping me do some spring cleaning here at MrsS. I'd like to condense some of the forums (not losing any, just making everything more streamlined) and give the site a 'fresh coat of paint'. Once we figure out how we're going to re-organize everything, if you come in during the middle of 'construction', please don't be dismayed. I promise the work we'll be doing will streamline and be easy to continue to navigate. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know before we started so that it didn't surprise everyone once we get started.
  22. I was browsing around the control panel today, just checking things out, innocently clicking here and there and before I know it, I think I accidently changed the background colors. It's not that I don't like it better than the blue, and I don't know if it's permanent, but I have no idea what I've done or how I did it...sheesh lol I want to update MrsS but not like this so please be patient while Annarchy rescues me lolol
  23. No she never came to one of the get togethers...I just met her in TX to deliver some goats to her. I'm sad to hear she passed
  24. ((((((dee))))))
  25. Yesterday and last night were just perfect! 72 with a little breeze and 52 last night! Today 82 and 61 tonight. We still have the house opened up as we know tomorrow it is headed up again and too warm for sleeping at night too. I made Apple Scrap Jelly today. I think it is setting ok. Trying not to move it for 24 hours. Have had the cores and peels in the freezer for a couple of months. I was trying to hold off buying fruit to can but DH says go ahead! Kroger has pineapples for 88 cents and mangoes for 50 cents each! I've been looking forward to doing both! We signed many papers at the bank yesterday, so now we wait. And with the holiday, I am not expecting anything to go fast. Maybe hear from someone Tuesday.
  26. Yesterday and last night were just perfect! 72 with a little breeze and 52 last night! Today 82 and 61 tonight. We still have the house opened up as we know tomorrow it is headed up again and too warm for sleeping at night too.
  27. "Grrr sat up, as usual, barking at cars he didn't like." That made me laugh out loud. I could imagine him saying, "You're okay, you're okay, you're okay. Wait, hold on there Buddy....Ah-roooooo, rooooo. Off of my road!"
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