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  2. I hope you're feeling a little better this morning, Jeepers! Please take it easy today. Don't go out and mow the yard. I'll be praying for you!
  3. I'm keeping liquids down just not in. I'm drinking Gatorade and some juice that I like. I had some chicken and rice soup for supper. As long as I stay seated I'm pretty good as far as the dizziness goes. On the plus side my blood pressure is way down. I'm sure my electrolytes are messed up. I think I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm trying to be aware of input vs. output and I'm keeping a close watch on my blood pressure. I have one of those oxygen finger monitors I'm using too. I'm not sure why but I have it so that I figured I'd use it. Definitely won't be taking an Ambien tonight.
  4. We were very worried about him and his mom but all is well now. He will be one on the 4th. of July. Grandmas little sparkler.
  5. What a cute puppie - I"m sorry your year has started so badly I pray for smooth days ahead for you.
  6. Thanks, Daylily. Dehydration is serious, Jeepers! You said you're not throwing up.....can you keep fluids down? If not, at least try sucking on ice, constantly till you're rehydrated. Sounds horrible, gal! :hugs3: Hope it clears up sooooon! MtRider
  7. What a sweet boy - I've been gone for awhile, but I remember your posts when they found out they were having a baby and praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery!
  8. Glad your back!
  9. Glad you're back!
  10. Hope your back soon, but I understand as I'm recently back.
  11. Klyles mom. Don't know as much as I'd like on that topic. Hope you find something. Google the topic and location? MtRider
  12. Hello all - I'm back after an absence. Life got busy and ... you know how it goes. I'm glad to be back and ready to catch up with you. I'm really interested in leaving more about power - solar, battery etc. If anyone knows of some "prepper" weekend clases - let me know. I'm in Iowa and would prefer to attend something in the he midwest. It was a beautiful summer like day here today - I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
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  14. It was 30 degrees this morning. It's only 59 now. Supposed to warm up the end of this week though. I need to mow again and I think I can fix my mail box that the city snow plow knocked over. I'm hoping a couple of bags of dirt will get it to stand upright again. I'm pretty sure the post isn't broken.
  15. Warning ahead. Ugh. I think I might have a touch of food poisoning. It's all intestinal so thankfully I'm not throwing up! Butt the other end was up ALL night. It got so bad I got dehydrated. I would like to go to the store for some bananas and yogurt but I don't dare leave the house. Other than the obvious, I'm weak and light headed. I'm miserable. But I am really thankful I'm not throwing up.
  16. Oh my We2. That looks fantastic!!!!! Your hard work sure does show. I love your water barrels too. Why are the two white buckets sitting on the cement blocks? Are the two birdhouse shaped thingies your mason bee hives? I've never heard of to Google.
  17. It's good to see you back again. Sounds like you've have a bad winter! We had the flu followed by colds that all lasted about 4 weeks. I hope you parents get a really good place to live and you folks too.
  18. Everything's planted "somewhere" except the Okra and Pole Beans, they'll go in the deep mulch section where we dumped and raked all the leaves we gathered up. Will get them in first week of May or so. Wild edible bed is on it's way, herbal/medicinal bed is on it's way and the raised beds are in, even got bush beans popping up and looking through the tops of the toilet paper role! The containers are planted too. Also got two Mason bee hives hanging, hope they take up residence. Just need to do more sawdust work as well as some wood chips.
  19. Last week
  20. Mullein......hmmm. Forgot about that. I've had mild bronchial congestion for months. [iffen I'm going to get anything, bronchial has always been my weak point!] I use a certain frequency massager to 'pound gently' the area over bronchial tubes and down each side of body too...reverberates into lung/bronch areas. That has helped but I can tell I'm just not clear. My usually low voice has been 'in the basement'. Have taken the usual herbs from DH....and some more specific things. It clears and comes back and doesn't clear. Hmph! All low grade stuff and likely related to the odd, mild 'bug' we both experienced this late winter. This is so strange cuz we never get sick. The first line of defense in herbs always wards things off before they get started. But once in mebbe 3-4 yrs....something does get thru so I suppose this is it. I think I'm going to mention this to the MD. I have to see one for some "Are you still disabled" paperwork anyway. Maybe they should take a look. But I know where in the forest I can go get plenty of mullein. MtRider ....thanks for reminder, WE2.
  21. Aww...thanks y'all! MtRider ......slowly Annarchy is getting us all back in the front door...
  22. Yeah, Wormie! What all of them said! MtRider all their stuff goes well
  23. Wow, just read thru this thread. LOTTTA WORK to do all this! This thread highlites some of the progress as y'all got used to the new stuff. I'm coming in WAY after most of the decorating has been done. Thanks to Annarchy and to the rest of you who helped her find the pieces of missing furniture, and unpacked boxes and noticed stuff. PS: Seems like everything is working for me now. No warnings....I'm coming straight in! Slowly finding WHERE the buttons are located...but seems like they are all there. MtRider ....kinda glad I wasn't in on The Move.
  24. Well, it sounds like you haven't been bored! And I'm so sorry you have both been sick! Sure look forward to learning what God has in store for your future! So glad to see you back!!! Horses and pup are good?
  25. I picked up Xyzal at the grocery store today. Hopefully it works better than the others...
  26. Wow, tomatillos! Tomatoes are blooming, cabbage heads are getting bigger, garlic chives is doing well, harvesting radishes ~they don't make it to long, nom nom nom. ~ and I even have an alfalfa plant flowering. And the little apple tree, from the cores of Christmas pies is doing much better than I expected.
  27. Indeed Jeepers, same with dogmom, and a plethora of others. I am very grateful things are clearing up. I'll bet she mentions "all the new buttons". Lol. Really, there aren't that many new ones, there are just in different places. Very grateful MrsS is beginning to work out all the glitches. *Sigh*
  28. Good to see you back, Mt Rider!
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