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  1. Best Tomato Sauce

    I use Trader Joe's salt free and jazz it up with spices and herbs, most from my garden.
  2. Growing the Eternal Tomato

    How did I forget about this technique?!? Off to root some starts from the tomatoes I already have in the ground.
  3. Trouble Getting in!

    The only onions I have this year are the Egyptian Walking Onions and that's only because they planted themselves! I'm going out of my way to do more gardening this year. Life hasn't allowed much me time lately but I'm trying to reclaim a bit of time for myself.
  4. Trouble Getting in!

    Hi all! I've been blocked from the forums for I don't know how many months. I tried to get in touch with Arby/Sassenach via facebook but she never replied. I hope all is well with all of you. It's been a difficult couple of years, but all is okay. Andrea P.S. I still had to ignore the firewall block 3 separate times before it would allow me in. I use chrome. Is there a way to make this go away?

    Smoothies. Figs, apricots, and raspberries are all waiting to be picked each morning - so in the blender they go!
  6. http://www.wired.com/2015/05/volcanoes-cascades-quiet-lately/
  7. Laundry soap

    With the drought here in California, I've switched over to Oasis biocompatible laundry soap and I use my washing machine rinse water in the garden. It's not cheap but it is highly concentrated and seems like a gallon jug will last 10-12 months. http://www.bio-pac.com/oasis-biocompatible-cleaners/
  8. Hello again it is good to be back

    Welcome Back!
  9. Great article looking back 100 years to the last eruption of Lassen. http://www.wired.com/2015/05/remembering-lassen-peaks-last-blast-100-years-later/
  10. This is from last year but is still relevant. Earthquakes in the Mammoth, CA region are extremely common and not necessarily related to volcanic activity. http://laist.com/2014/09/27/rest_easy_earthquakes_in_mammoth_la.php

    Coming off of several months of antibiotics, so the main ingredient for breakfast is yogurt. Either in a smoothie or over granola.
  12. Life the ups and down of it.

    Hugs and prayers headed your way. (((Snowmom)))
  13. Small world. I was born in Eureka, grew up in Fortuna, and even went to HSU for a few years before transferring. I was just up there a few weeks ago helping my dad put his garden in. As far as earthquakes and volcanoes go, not much we can do about those things other than have a disaster kit and plan in place.
  14. Persimmon Trees!

    Just rediscovered this thread. FYI - I LOVE dried persimmons. I chop them up into my fresh fruit salads. I just slice them, skin and all, lay them on the dehydrator and within 6 hours, they are ready to go. The amazing thing about dried persimmons is how sweet they are. Fresh, I can't stand them. Dried, I use until I run out. I store one bag in the fridge and when it runs out, I replace it with a bag from the freezer.
  15. Free Ebooks - April 2015

    I have it too. Thanks!

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