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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your puppy Kappy. Your new one is adorable!
  2. He's cute!
  3. The drought is officially over here in California. We have actually been getting 'weather' as in rain and more rain and then sunny days and then thunderstorms and then sunny days . It's kind of nice.
  4. I like the color schemes. Old School isn't so hard on the eyes.
  5. Andrea! So good to hear from you. I have a chrome book but haven't been able to get on for months on it. No matter what I did to my settings it never let me get past that warning page.
  6. I now have a tablet with Safari so I can get in and actually see what I'm reading. You have no idea how much I missed you guys.
  7. I have Safari on my phone which must be why I can get in on it. Unfortunately I have a Chromebook so I have to use Chrome...still getting the deceptive warning site. I've tried but can't get past it. Oh well....
  8. Just popping in on my phone to say I really miss you guys. Can't get into the forums on any computer (home or library) 😔
  9. So I clicked on the link that said details ( on the deceptive warning page) and it took me to some random page with links to buy stuff. I got off it immediately. Won't be doing that again. Only way I can access is with my phone.
  10. Praying Snowmom!
  11. So glad things are going well gofish!
  12. Awww! I've missed you guys! Happy New Year! Hope it turns out to be a great one for everyone. 🎊
  13. Yay! I haven't been able to get on for quite some time. I'm able to get on now on my phone. Problem is the print is so hard to see because it's so small. Anyways...hi to everyone and hopefully things will work out. I'd like to be reading in my computer.
  14. I have a child in my class with a nut allergy and the epi-pen in the locked box. Makes me wonder if thefts will go up with these because they are so expensive...
  15. Ouch.