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  1. Beautiful garden!
  2. Still praying for a miracle Snowmom.
  3. Hi Vic!
  4. Today the high is supposed to be's 100 right now. Way to hot to cook inside. I put my solar cooker outside at 10:30 to heat up. It went from zero to 250 in 20 minutes. I did another batch of short ribs I got from our local Savemart in the discount bin. $2 for each package. I bought five and threw some in the freezer. Also cooked up some garlic rolls that I have in the freezer. In a conventional cooker they take about 6 to 7 minutes. In the solar cooker I checked after 10 minutes and then flipped them over so they could brown a bit. It took about 23 minutes for them to be ready.
  5. Send your email for FB to me and I'll add you.
  6. Has anyone ever tried making rice in one? I'm curious about the texture.
  7. Free right now on Amazon. *Contamination Zero *Contamination 1: The Onset *Contamination 2: Crossroads *Contamination 3: Wasteland ABOUT CONTAMINATION: The infection has begun, ravaging the American Southwest and leaving a chaos in its wake. In this new world, there will be last meal, no dying wish. The only reward left is to survive another day...
  8. The lowest temperature this summer for us had been 92 degrees....the highest 108. It's just been too hot to cook inside so I broke out the solar oven for delicious ribs. Anyone else using the energy of the sun?
  9. I looked it up. Sounds like a compass: Well, Ancillary indication means a subordinate or "back" up indicator. So a Direction Ancillary Indication would mean a supported, subordinate "backup" indication of your direction. If you mean Direction Ancillary Indicator: It is a simple tool, mainly used in the outdoors, that tells direction. Many come on a multi-tool. It's a circular hole through in a flat piece of a hard material like steel, titanium, plastic..etc, with increments etched around it's edge. 1.You place this flat on a flat surface. 2. You drop a few drops of water in its center. 3. Magnetize a very light piece of metal.( So that it will float on the surface tension of the water. This can be done by a magnet, but I'vealso hear you can magnetize it by rubbing it on your hair. Odd, since I'd think you'd only produce static electricity, but eh,..I'll test that when I get an indicator.) 4. Lay shaving, pin..etc. on top of water. 5. Result should be the ends pointing toward magnetic north and south.
  10. I like having choices...
  11. That would be nice...I'm on Facebook quite often.
  12. No major ones in my area thank goodness. Just some minor ones within a hundred mile radius. But the Yellowstone does have me concerned because it going off would impact so much.