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    Soooooooooo........... we had three days of glorious AUTUMN weather! Then last nite....... we got down to TWENTY DEGREES Gotta get the cat a pet heating pad this year....sooon! She's 17 yrs old and we sleep with the temperatures set down too low for her skinny self. She howls and DH gets up to start the pellet stove. She's fine once the sun gets over our high eastern ridge.....sits in the window and sunbathes. Her blanket cave just isn't enough anymore. And as the furnace kicks off, so do my sinus problems. #1 allergy is dust/particulate matter. Ugh! Blows dust around this dusty cabin. MtRider .......Love fall but........WINTER cometh! Aiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!

    Yessss! Watch batteries! In the first place, time passes....a great deal of time passes... without my permision or notice. Hmph! The second thing.....we all know things are not lasting as long as they did in the 'good ole days'. Actually, some technology is making that statement untrue.....but it still applies to things made cheaper and with less quality. Hmph! Since this summer has been a BLURRRR....I'm not sure if I told y'all this story. If so, skip it. Some weeks ago, in the middle of the Pulled-Ligaments-Foot Incident and the Pulmonary Embolism Incident and after my mom was in the ER about alleged Congestive Heart stuff.........my dad went into the ER and was kept on the same Observation Unit as DH had been recently. Not quite admitted but not released either. I ended up staying that night 'in town' with my mom. I have a bag for these Parent Emergencies. It augments my usual In-Town Get Home bags and my EveryDayCarry stuff in my pockets. You'd expect I'd be prepared for anything..... Well one of the things I ALWAYS carry [besides my knives...LOL] is a good and rarely used headlamp. So as I was getting ready to read in bed a while, I got out the good headlamp. I was SOOOOOOO VERRRRRRRY GLAD that I had not stored the three AAA batteries INSIDE that pricey device. Yep, corroded! And yes, I had another set of AAAs stored in a different location. So yes, I was prepared....tho I had 3 less AAAs than I thot I did. Bringing up the point.....that storing a whole large package of 10 or 20 batteries all together in their original packaging .....might not be a good idea. If ONE is faulty and corrodes....it spreads. It is sometimes a bargain to buy batteries in the big multiple packs. Should we repackage to prevent this? If so, careful repackaging is necessary. Here's a couple of sites with data........? http://www.wikihow.com/Store-Batteries http://www.energizer.com/about-batteries/battery-faq MtRider.....getting bored with and not having much Internet to do research......but energy will return .....eventually.

    Did you lose electric, Ambergris? I know I've been ITCHING to since Harvey! Got a gift card and bird-in-hand is better than bird-at-Walmart. MtRider ....still recovering from massive adrenaline usage...but some glimmer of light at end of this long dark tunnel....
  4. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Scary place and time to have a major medica issue. Awful. ... the dogs sense a lot that's around them, for sure. MtRider for that family with their loss. At 10, that's an older Dane too.....
  5. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Ambergris, Probably a flight that WANTED to fill up fast and get outta dodge! I just heard from my friend in central FL. N of Orlando. But it's more rural than Orlando. She reports: A SIDE NOTE: THIS IS THE 2ND TIME THE [ quote ] has not worked right....it's incorportating way more than I'm quoting.....does not stop at the [ /quote ] Any help for this? EDIT does n't offer a solution either. NOTE: Friend's report is in " " ....and the rest of the alleged quote is mine....
  6. VARIABLE speed limits??

    Have any of you seen these. A handful of states have incorporated speed limit signs that can be remotely CHANGED. OK....the good news is that they can warm motorists of bad conditions which means the usual speeds are not going to be safe today..... The bad news is......corruption of humankind means undoubtedly some folks somewhere are going to use them to repay what it cost to purchase/install them. Speeding tickets to the unwary...... {don't be there} https://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2017/09/variable-speed-limits-allow-police-to.html InMyOpinion, this is just tooooo close to the edge... Open invitation for corruption and outright THEFT. See that out-of-state driver? Let's get 'em! MtRider $$$$$$$$

    Koa LOVES sweet potatoes. They were her first treats. I dehydrated some and took them to Darlene's when I went to pick her up. She also loves rice ..... cuz when all the puppies in that litter got so sick, we fed them rice and home-cooked chicken broth initially. Then put more and more of the meat in with the mix as they improved. Then slowly transferred more kibble into that. She's always "remembered" those first 'other' foods. She likes them dehydrated or cooked....even the skins. MtRider
  8. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Yeppers, Midnight. My thots exactly. Also....make sure you have a CORDED {not cordless} telephone set back for when you lose electric. Plug in that old Princess model phone and you have communication! MtRider
  9. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Thanks Jeepers... MtRider ....testing...1..2..3...??
  10. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Well I did get 2 emails from Darlene this morning. Yes, we are having trouble getting thru. I haven't heard since but this is what I know: She and her mom are fine. There is still electricity where they are staying....[didn't stay in her parent's home]. But it might be a generator??? Their wind was supposed to be 100 mph with gusts in Miami. I haven't seen that much...no TV. She'd like to go home now, but I don't know when she'll plan to/be able to do that. The rain/wind continues into Georgia, tho diminished. In Orlando....my cousin's dd/family...they're fine. Branches/shingles. 75 mph. Their area did not lose electric! That's nice. I haven't heard from my friend from CO but she was near Orlando area. Assume she's ok. She's in small town area and might have lost electric. Don't know yet. MtRider Prayers for the electric linemen and everyone at risk in clean-up.
  11. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    Aaack.....that is horrific! So sorry to hear that.... .....a lot going on these day that is just nasty ....and some that is inspiring. Gotta take big gulps of inspiring to survive the rest of it... MtRider
  12. Earth Wind Patterns

    Ach....I'd lost this site when I changed computers. MtRider ....thanks!
  13. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    My cousin was laughing at her kids yesterday [tho really she's quite worried as it heads for Orlando!] She wrote me and said..."they're out of bread and stores are sold out or closed". But her dd's MIL was there for the duration and she was going to bake bread! Yea for MIL! That was yesterday. They did fill freezer with containers of water and made as much ice as possible. Planned to fill bathtubs. My cousin is in Iowa.....glued to TV and cell phone, likely. Steve Harris has tons of videos [some free] about making just ANYTHING to eat that's simple and uses ....gasp, flour, salt, water, etc. Has a cinnamon/sugar dumpling thing. He's been telling people BEFORE THE STORM......go wash out containers and fill with water before your city shuts off! Bake bread and meals now. Make snacks now while utilities are still functioning. http://www.BeforeTheStormHits.com http://www.USH2.com/rocketstove.htm How do we turn this generation from PANIC BUYING/WHINING AT LAST MINUTE to PANIC BAKING? One household got this message this time. MtRider
  14. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Haven't heard more...... Oddly, the email I THOT I had sent back to her yesterday, showed that it didn't SEND... So, I just sent it [again?] just now....I think. She's sending thru her phone so when cell towers go down....... .....then we wait. MtRider
  15. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    So....does this mean the Ambergris household will be one of the few who are clearly thinking of PREPPING? Will the others say: Nope, never hits us here. ??? MtRider

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