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  1. I have a prepper friend who has come to the conclusion that much of her preps CANNOT be eaten by her. She's got some of the worst allergies...serious/deadly results with some things. So I do understand that aspect and I'm sorry you also must totally forego those things. BUT...she has daughters and GrKids. So she'll be able to feed all her stuff to them. If you would have had room to store.....keeping what's already purchased could be used for barter in a post-hooey. [when it becomes safe to barter] MtRider .....the older we get, the more these issues will affect us, it seems.
  2. Whooooo...Annarchy! Heavy, sudden rain can be so dangerous. Glad you're ok and you don't run into anything challenging tomorrow!!! My bother in D.C. did a bit of hydroplaning on a bridge today. Very close to kissing another vehicle. Aiieee.... Land or House......I'm of the same opinion as you, Jeepers. For the same reason. You can change house but not land/water. 'Cept I want acreage not yard. My zoo won't fit into a 'yard'. Yeah, I'll bet you are feeling that toe tendon, Miki. And with all that moving....not probably doing it much good. OW! I've fortunately had the 'situation' to mostly rest my injury. Only the ducks-in-danger caused me to push out earlier than I would have. But oooooooh....I was SO careful where I put those crutches on the constantly wet grass/gravel. Tomorrow begins Week 4. I've bumped that side of the foot lightly a couple times today and OW! Sheeesh, for all that it doesn't hurt while I'm resting or even walking shore don't like ta be bumped! MtRider ....more Dane assistance dogs!
  3. Well FINALLY! I'm able to open pages at MrsS again. Don't know what's up with our Internet but suspect they're trying to "phase out our Internet program". One gal told DH exactly that....cuz they can't raise our rates. But sheeesh, they aren't providing us much. Yeah so.....DH is ok. Bit stiff after that whoohah. Hasn't gotten a chance to fix anything yet....keeps storming here. Yesterday's storm was significant!!! It came down as hail...pea size and just a bit larger. Straight down with no wind so tho it was didn't damage our vehicles. [both have hail damage anyway....many vehicles in CO have that] The rate of hail falling was astonishing tho.....sheets of it till it looked like snow covered the ground. Makes you dizzy to stare at the ground...looks like a popcorn popper! And it's melting fast so after 20 min of that....we're gushing small streams of water down hill everywhere! Bottom of our driveway was under water. And for the first time....there were WAVES on the road near our pond. Waves! A lotta water coming in fast! Saw a car trying to drive down the road just then. It was way up the tires and it got bogged down in a low spot. Managed to keep going tho. Horses didn't bother to use horse shed ....raced around when it started and then just stood in it. Couldn't see ducks but there is a large willow bush overhanging the pond if they want shelter. Don't know where the goat took shelter...mebbe the horse shed. She didn't make it back to the goat shed....and she doesn't like getting wet, let alone getting pummeled. She was dry when she came up. My foot is doing really well. I'm walking on both feet ....sometimes without aid of crutches or whatever. CAREFULLY! Flat-footed on the injured one. I did too much one day...washed hair standing up in shower and later did cat litter box. Miscalculated how many up hill/ down hill-up steps/down steps it takes to clean that out and refill. And it was raining so took more steps.... Every step still counts. So yesterday I seriously rested. Not fooling around with this injury cuz I'm at an age when injuries flatten you. And then my injury flattens DH..... Ah well, we're improving... Glad to hear stuff from you, Christy!!! I've always enjoyed when you give us a different perspective on world events, etc. Hope reunion with sister goes very well. I'm sure y'all have humidity! We even have humidity in arid CO right now.....what with daily rain/hail. Adds to aches and stiffness, we notice. I'm sure our humidity percentage is quite low compared to the rest of you [except Annarchy] but we're feeling it. I'm loving the cool temperatures....starts to cloud up and rain whenever afternoon sunshine might warm us up to HOT. MtRider .....intermittent Internet reliability... I'll be here when I can.....
  4. Y'all are NOT gonna believe what happened to DH this evening. He went down to get ducks in duckhouse and feed Old Horse her extra rations. To do that, we put a halter on the other Idiot Horse and tie him to the fence post. Else he'll eat all her yummies. Let me describe that portion at the gate. We have two wooden posts and two lengths of HEAVY chain for the actual gate. To support this corner, there is an additional wooden post on each side. These are wired together with an X of wires to stabilized each section. Then two strands of 'smooth wire' [as in: NOT barbed wire with dumb horses!] extend out in either direction. These wires goes around the pasture are supported with metal T-posts. When Old horse was almost done, DH stepped into the horse pen thru the "chain-gate" ...between the top and bottom chains. Simple, right? Somehow he caught his trailing foot and tripped. Unfortunately, the ground drops away about a foot on the inside from erosion thru the years. As he went down, he was close to Idiot horse who was tied to the second post on the left side. He made a grab for his halter, hoping to stop his fall. ..........but he missed. Kind wonked Idiot on his horsey cheek. THIS is the horse I've been trying to avoid riding. He's beautiful but his head is nuts. He jumps and over-reacts to EVERYthing. As he's aged, he is settling somewhat, but he's not a young horse anyway. Basically.....HE'S WAAAAY OVERLY DRAMATIC. Y'all know where this is going but the end result is astounding! Idiot is startled, naturally, and YANKS BACKWARD......A LOT !! We've had a lot of rain for the past week and we have sandy/rocky "soil". So he yanks back and the post he's tied to PULLS OUT OF THE GROUND! Which probably startles him further and he keeps going.... The next post, attached to one side of the chains, pulled out next........ DH is flat on his face on the ground by this time.....and thankfully so! The first post probably went the the left of him. The second post ...he felt it fly over his shoulder and buried himself as flat as possible. As expected, the heavy linked chains flew over him as well as post #3 which was also lifted from the soggy ground. Apparently the Idiot [tho at this point, he's not really over-reacting cuz hey---this stuff is CHASING HIM! Aiiiieeeee!] is still heading for Arizona! Post #4 actually got snapped off at ground level and followed the rest....all of which are attached to a freaked-out horse. But he must have been far enough away or.......maybe God just stopped Idiot. Cuz it was looking like the horse would yank out the entire fence line. The wood corner posts are supposed to be an anchor for the less stable T-posts. Six foot shanks of metal flying thru the air are not gonna be good either. DH has no idea where old horse was during this chaos but likely she ran quick. The fourth post would have been near her and her food dish. DH was a bit dazed but he staggered up.....not hit by any flying posts or chains. He went over to Idiot who held still for him to get the halter off of him. Both horses went off to the pasture in high agitation!! At first DH thot he needed to begin putting posts back into holes but it's nearing dusk. After getting out the shovel and starting, his brain kicks in and he remembers he merely has to put the horses across the driveway to the other pasture....where fencing is still intact. The horses have not really calmed down. They come charging back thru the mess and old horse dodges past Koa and into the other pasture. Koa is tied to the car and is VERY PLEASED TO HAVE EXCITEMENT! Let's bark at everything! Idiot did not go automatically into other pasture.....of COURSE he didn't! He ended up running out of our driveway....down the road to the neighboring horses in their pasture. 'I'll just have a chat with these guys about our excitement.' DH and Koa get into car to go fetch him. He dodges DH's attempt to put the halter/lead rope back on him.....which is frankly somewhat understandable. He's in high excitement mode....snorting and prancing and flagging his tail.....sheesh! He heads back down the road towards our place but when DH follows in the car, he returns to the neighbor's driveway. DH drives back and blocks [mostly] their driveway with the car. DH S L O W L Y approaches Idiot and gets halter on him again. Walks horse all the way back to our place and gets him in the intact pasture with old horse. Then has to walk all the way back to fetch car...and Koa inside car. Dog has had a great time, of course. DH's energy/stamina is about say nothing of what he'll feel like tomorrow after that belly-flop. Aiiieee! Meanwhile, I happen out to kitchen and stir the spaghetti sauce and turn the burner down. I'm wondering why he left it on if it's taking him this long to get back up here....... First thing he did when he finally made it up to the house...bust inside and run for the stove. All is well. Supper was wonderful.....after I stopped gasping and laughing [since he's obviously okay] at his adventure. Cuz this sounds waaaay too much like one of MY adventures, doesn't it? This is the sort of thing that happens to me! "And then THIS HAPPENS....AND THEN THIS HAPPENS.....ETC." MtRider ...realllly thanking God....that DH didn't get SERIOUSLY INJURED or dead! Sheeeeeeeeeeesh!
  5. The first day in forever that I could actually load a MrsS page. Something with our Internet again cuz DH has same blockade with all his sites and email too. Painfully...with dogged determination...I could get my church [for prayer requests] and personal email open - most of the time. But very few other sites. I love computers/Internet ......when it works! We're in 'monsoon' season so it's cool with rain/storms. Nice for me. Could do without the storms and have just cool with occasional rain but hey! At least we aren't baking like ceramics in a kiln. My foot is coming along nicely. With great care I can put the whole foot down while walking....but pretty much all the weight is still on the heel. It's getting more flexibility back. Carefuly! I'm using the crutches more since I don't have to LEAN on them so hard while not putting L foot down. That gets painful fast. And it's quite risky....MS impaired balance. Right after I get up and late at night, everything gets too tired and sore to do much. I go back to my "knee scooter" or even knee walking. But knees are thankful that they are not called upon for such heavy duty now. Everything is getting easier! Just need to still be so verrrrrry careful not to fall again or otherwise re-injure. I have NEVER been so careful in all my life!!!! Injury at this age and stage in MS ....IS NO FUN AT ALL! And it's put too great a strain on DH. He's having increase in his health issue BECAUSE of having to take over what I do and keep up his stuff too. Pray for him too, please! Even mostly stuck in bed those first days, I'm still fairly self-sufficient. Being full-time mobility-impaired, I'm already set up with what I need around the hospital bed I use...and the recliner chair in living room that I use. Water bottles, Kleenex, trash bag, books, reading glasses, snacks [protien-beef jerky and other], mints and mint gum for sinus clearing, Nuprin, extra sox, extra sweater, extra short [for getting too hot/too cold].... I'm listing some of these things in case some of you haven't ever been mobility-impaired or taken care of someone who prepping suggestions . Having all that within reach BEFORE I ever injured the foot helped a great deal when this happened. The only thing I didn't set up....and nearly the bedside commode. Have storage. Not handy like the suddenly-needed crutches. So we didn't ever go get it. I passed the true need for it once I was a couple days into this challenge. Just things to keep in mind if you or one of yours ever is down due to injury or illness. A method of communication [out of cell range here] would still be nice. So I can tell DH to bring up the *whatever* before he gets up the stairs. Did I see that VIC stopped by? I couldn't respond and don't know which thread she said a 'hello' but HELLO, MISS YOU, back to her!!!! I hear thunder so have to unplug. MtRider hope my Internet will work now.....
  6. MONSOON season. It's really called that here in our arid region. Raining every day.....long, lovely rain. Not always with thunder/lightning...which is a rare thing. No wildfire in this time period. MtRider ...and it's very cool 40's at nite.
  7. Bad evening. Was tired from the trek down to barnyard to save the ducks. Then making my way thru house slowly....catching a rest at every couch/bed/bench. Called my mom while sitting on bench outside back door, trying to cool off before going into house. Breathing hard while trying to haul self and stuff to front door. Just so exhausting to 'walk' when you can't. Changed out of barn clothes and dropped on couch to rest talking to my mom in the inbetweens helps pass time. Eventually I got returned to back door to pick up muddy [we're in Monsoon Season yea!] boot and Croc-type shoe for bad foot. That bedroom is so narrow, can't fit even my squinched up wheelchair. So I was sit-sliding along edge of waterbed frame...... and somehow FELL OFF! OWWWW! Did NOT injure foot. But fell on my back and scraped thigh on edge of frame board. And my L thumb got into the mess somewhere. And my L shoulder. Just wanted to crawl into bed and never get up!!!! THANKFULLY I seem to be ok this morning. Slept well. I'm very very edgy about attempting my various ways of motion. All are risking fall except when I knee-walk. So that's all I've been doing. Even did up some dishes from my knees last nite. See....the figure only has head barely sticking up above the edge of the sink? That's me. I had a HUGE difficulty getting up into the truck last nite go get ducks inside. Wasn't sure I was going to be able to hoist up there. I usually have problem but now is much more risky and difficult. I positioned a upside-down wheelbarrow next to truck for next time [Sunday nite] but....I need a box I can stand on and then have an attached cord to bring it up into cab with me. Another adaption and my brain seems to be all dried up on adaption ideas. Blech! Falling again, tho no damage apparently, has me a bit freaked. I verrrrry much do NOT want to start this foot healing process all over again. I've gotten all manner of bumps and bruises and scrapes anyway. Just trying to do things without standing on two feet. Have a dark bruise on my hand where the crutch fell over on it and the wingnut hit right there, for instance. ....tired of owies....big and small. Honestly, I'm just tired! MtRider ....Day Thirteen. Am able to apply slight pressure to heel when walking with crutches. Progress noted with even if I'm TIRED and freaked.
  8. Nice to see you, Christy! How are things over in your area and in your life? MtRider .....sorry, don't do Facebook....
  9. Wow....yummy, WE2! Sheeesh, Momo! A third friend....and a horrible way to go. for the poor wife. Cancer and now this shock! Life's difficult for you two right now, for sure! The past two days I sat up in hospital bed for periods of time and typed on one of my stories.....and remembered why I can't be a writer. The PAIN of shoulder/neck muscles bound from one position ....aieeee! I love writing my stories and have dozens of them. Some have a good start and some are just outlines and 'tell' what happens. Good stories are 'show' and that requires ....well, writing. So when I have an idea...I "tell" the idea to get it down on paper [or computer]. Then later I can pick it up and actually write story line. I have one that I'd dearly love to write. I have lots of 'tell'....more outline of where it's going and even where it's going to end up. [usually I have no idea how to end....just how to begin] Thing is....I just love the process myself, even if I never finish [or ...publish?] And oddly, I LOVE editing...over and over. Watching it become smoother and more comprehensible. That's possible thru the magic of computers and the delete key. And the copy/paste...rearrange whole paragraphs! ......but it makes me take too much Nuprin to be able to even sleep. OW! Foot is coming along. DH and I noted the first signs of the bruising/discoloration starting to recede. I can wiggle all 5 toes. I can put some light weight on heel. Still a long ways to acheive full healing. I need to go down to rescue ducks again tonite. DH working and that hoohah the other nite has dropped our egg production from 7 to 3 or 4 per day. Only one female got 'et.....but the other ladies are all in a tizzy and not laying well. So dog and I will do the voyage to barnyard again. Cat ate greens and puked on my bed again this morning. { ?? change cat food ...again?? } But.....since she's in this 'unsettled innards' pattern right now, I've been making SURE I haul the top light comforter over everything before I even leave the bed. It's easy to throw in washer....which DH did as he headed out for work. I'll switch to dryer when I voyage down the stairs for ducks. He'll bring it up from dryer when he gets home. is done with a 'playbook' now! XXL dog is shedding when I crawl or walk on my pants pick up her hair. OYE! Don't want to vacuum [use energy] before I get back up here from duck voyage. Poor DH is about flat wore out. But I like his cooking! He's better than me in most things. Reading the Mitford series before bed. Light and funny. Also deep and thot-provoking but not enough to keep me awake, generally... MtRider ...lotsa rain and such over CO today wildfire!
  10. Yeah, Dogmom. That's what it is....that hole in the metal device looks like. But the label did say "indication" but 'indicator' seems more appropriate. THANK YOU! If that works, it means by shaving off a bit of metal from something...pop can, etc....with the sharpened edge on the flat little can have a compass! WHO KNEW! Glad I asked! MtRider
  11. EE blog....I had to read this one. LOL - Daily And I have a question... I have one of these little gizmos...mentioned in the List in the article. All functions are obvious except #9 What is "Direction ancillary indication" ??? MtRider ....a C.S. Lewis and Narnia fan from waaaaay back!
  12. Ahhh.....just saw the Shout post by Ambergris. She was rear-ended..... Why do people keep hitting your car, Ambergris! So both your son and you are injured AGAIN? Soooo sorry to hear that. you're both feeling better soon. So today.......I got out of the house again! Actually was ONLY because we probably have a predator after our ducks, and DH worked late tonite. So Koa and I made it down the 14 steps [raining again] with crutches. Then put duck food into a grocery bag attached to one crutch. Then across our parking area to my truck. [moved truck closer when I parked again] Dropped tailgate to put dog in back and I managed to PULL myself high enough to get into cab of truck. [I'm SHORT and it's a chore to get in with 2 good feet! ] Drove down to barnyard and turned around so the drivers door was closest to the level path to duckhouse....without hitting any of the excited, congregating dumb-ducks! No....they hadn't missed me. They always do that. Used crutches to lead the pack to duckhouse. Managed to crutch inside....NOT hitting my head on low rafters....and pour their food out of sack. Retreat to door and shut them safely inside. Zero chance of maneuvering the 3 gal water jug over to pour.... Not happening but at least DH can take it from there when he gets home. Horses were quite disappointed that their dinner had not arrived. Valley full of green, lush grass will have to do for now. After driving back up to house....parking truck ....and getting confused/disappointed dog out of back [she's saying WHERE'S MY WALK???] she and I followed goat up into her pen and closed her in pen and goathouse. Probably the most ambitious part of the trek....cuz of the HILL. Carefully....using our 'sort of' steps. Let Koa sit on goat hillside while I sat on the bench outside back door.....resting, cooling off. Then a thot came to me Is the back door LOCKED? Yeppers, it was. But my panic lasted only a minute....cuz I remembered the hidden key. And I was SURE HOPING that it was the BACK door key and not the front. It was....cuz I wasn't sure I could realistically go back down the hill and then UP the stairs. Aiiieee. I usually ALWAYS unlock that back door before going down to feed! I'm SO out of sync! Koa was so good....coming when I called. Repositioning so I could reach to get collar/leash on. Did a 'UNwrap' from pole and 'shake' {lift paw} X2 when she managed to get leash tangled. All with verbal commands only....cuz I couldn't get to her. Since that work made me overheated, I dragged the chair into shower and managed that too. After resting between each of these exertions, I also chopped, boiled, and fried a ham, tater, etc hot skillet meal for us before DH came home. Maybe my arms are getting stronger. I'm able to lightly put the heel down on bad foot. Helps with balance but not to stand on. But whooooeee, I'm TIRED! MtRider'd think I'd have lost weight by now but nooooooooo...... Hmph!
  13. No, Jeepers....I don't think anyone can be on our Internet. Who would want to...LOL It's slow and meager. Only 2 neighbors near enough to pick it up anyway....and we're "secured". For what that's worth. Down to 85.4% And we went to the library to use their Internet today. This is Day 9 of injury and the first time I've left the house....and property. I nearly tried to go down to the ducks last nite. Koa was barking her head off but IF they stayed on the pond, they're safe til DH gets home late from work to let them into the duckhouse. Well.....he counted 8 instead of 9 when he got home. Unless one is setting eggs somewhere in the bushes....and they usually don't survive that idea....we lost a female. But today I managed to get ready and we took my computer to library. With high usage, I kept "buying" free ebooks but not downloading them. And we had to download a free program to 'clean out' the computer of things slowing it down. Last trip to library, we got the one you have to pay for. WIN10 is trying to download something but .....I have no idea how/what But it was amazing to get out and see the to speak. Not that I get out much anyway but I DO get outside a lot. With the foot, I've been on my porch and twice out to let goat into her pen next to house...with crutches. Heavy labor! And yes, Ambergris. DH worked on Thurs and got into town early enough to get innertube. Installed on Fri morning. SOOOO much easier but still doing push-ups on the arm rests as I scoot the wheelchair around tiny house. At library's a small building in a tiny town. Yet I could unstrap the wheelchair and SIT DOWN to wheel myself around. With just one toe (the good one) I can push off and sail across the room leisurely. THAT's what I need to do this bad foot thing without the rest of me feeling like it's in boot camp. OW! Hurts way more than my foot. Foot is increasing in grey/dark grey/yellowish color. It has slowly spread from outside of foot up to my big toe. Color curls around my ankle bone. Odd. It's been painful/uncomfortable sleeping the past two nites. I have blankets propped up so they don't weigh down on my foot. But it's hurting when I lay on my side.....and I ONLY sleep on my sides. Early this morning, I finally lay on my back and pushed the button to lift the foot of bed. And fell back into sleep for another hour. Foot was happier when I woke. First I've had this trouble. Ambergris....was your son just in an accident? I haven't read as much as usual here so I've missed something? Hope chiro can help both of you!!!! Yes, it does take a long go for appointments and for the healing to occur. Jeepers is good at guessing weather too! Got everything done and back home to enjoy the shower! No grass to grow here. Horses just switched to 'other side' and are munching away. This rain today will help the previous side to grow again. We switch between 2 pastures all season and works well with just 2 horses....and lone goat. Miki......are you done yet???????? I love moving in and getting settled.....but it's a LOT of work!, you've had a lot of interference in your garden this year! Hope container carrots will help. My gardening friend finally gave up on voles and planted her carrots in a big, round stock tank. Like 6' diameter. Set it up a foot or so...has bunnies too. She got a bumper crop last year! MtRider .....gimping along
  14. July is when our "monsoon season" begins. But to get those rains's like an old pull-cord lawn mower. Ya pull and pull and seems like it will...almost...start. We've gotten dark with clouds daily this past week. FINE WITH ME! It's cooler! But no rain. Or just enough to spatter the stairs. Finally today....we were hurrying to finish at library cuz [weather person that I am] I was watching the west and it was WHITE! Definitely something coming in. It was raining when we got into the car [complicated by using and loading wheelchair]. But not raining at the moment I was sitting and hoisting my way up our wet stairs. Complicated by a plastic feed sack I was lifting up to each stair before I hoisted up to the next one. [beige shorts and dirty wet stairs...wasn't sitting on those!] Finally, gasping for air and burning muscles, I got to #14 step and onto porch. About 20 min later, the real rain hit. Lots of nice good rain for a couple hours!, I didn't go dance in it. But I sure was thankful for it! So's now 42 degrees outside. Yep....gonna sleep cool tonite. I even had to shut windows....cuz wind was blowing rain hard! Now it's just moist, cold air. Cozy inside. MtRider
  15. After that last post on Thursday.....the dog came in from 'playing' in the goat area and her yard. Joined by a gate. I'd let her out to much larger goat area cuz I can't take her anywhere. DH was working and comes home so late. So she did her business and I should have brought her in...cuz she finds things to 'taste'. When she came in, she ate some of her food....and it came right back up. RALPH! Massive job cleaning that. Had to do it in stages with rest breaks...cuz she's XXL dog. XXL removal project. Then I get the bright idea to run the vacuum around.....did I mention XXL has finally started the shed of her winter undercoat? Sheeesh. But I just sat in various chairs and zoomed vacuum back and forth in all directions. It worked fine. Used energy tho. And didn't have my "knee scooter" till we get innertube fixed/replaced. Probably a bad idea to waste the energy but hey...the floor looked better. Even with a large old towel marking a newly wet/scrubbed section of the carpet. Uggg! Friday was a hard day. My foot was fine....slowly healing. But I was pretty sore from earlier exertions (now what happened to my R-click spell-chek?). I woke up and knee-walked to bathroom. After I came back, saw that cat had gone to eat some of the greens by my window....and proceeded across my whole bed puking. Normally I try to keep the top bedspread [easily washed] pulled up over everything...JIC. But the whole bed was torn up that nite and....I'd just had to hustle to bathroom. Even the down comforter [that I'm rolling in a log at end of bed to keep blankets lifted off the foot] got it. Lifted it out of it's purple cover and sent that to wash. Wiped off what had seeped thru...not much. Same with the sheets covering the 1" memory foam pad. To wash that, DH got bucket and a big pitcher full of water. Poke the part of pad that got it, down into empty bucket and pour water thru the pad into bucket. Don't have a bathtub to work with and it was a very small spot. Squeeze water out. Then DH took that out to porch to dry. All of this malarky takes time and! Both of us! Seriously...3 pukes within 36 hrs???? Glad it wasn't a work day for DH!!! DH ....after extra laundry the new inner tube into my wheelchair and it was a relief to use that again! All my muscles have begun to complain loudly at the unexpected load on them. But I absolutely HAD to wash my hair. I'd worn in it braids the day before....something not seen in recent decades. Got it outta my way tho. DH put a chair in shower and held the showerhead hose for me to use as needed. Went pretty smoothly but this hair is down to my waist and thick. This is why I'd like to voyage to far regions [the town] and get it cut somewhat. Something else yet undone. I even dried it cuz it was a chilly day! Stayed in bed....half made cuz stuff drying...a lot that day. DH cooking to get ahead on meals. He was home on Sat too. Every little thing that happens or has to be done becomes a big procedure. Have spent a lot of time reading. Poor DH is running in circles, trying to set up for the days he's at work. Good thing we don't have lawn to mow like most of y'all. Between horses/goat and rocks....that isn't a chore in CO. neighbor uses his hand mower to cut the ditches and his 2 pastures. He lets neighbor's horses in there too but..... He's trying to cut before weeds spread seed....I think. But he's mowed AFTER the weeds set their seeds I'm not sure. Last nite, after doing dishes, DH was outside on porch, taking a break from cooking, etc. I was on couch on phone. I saw smoke coming up from cast iron fry pan on stove. He pulled my frequent trick of washing it...putting it on stove to dry before wiping oily rag over it. AND forgetting the stove's on! Smoked the seasoning right off. I raced my wheelchair over and got it off burner. He saw in the window and ran in to remove stinky thing to outside to cool. I hung up from talking so we could turn fans on high, etc. Blow the stink outside. Guess I'll be making popcorn in the pan to season it again. This morning I'm in pain. Not a lot but it's sending my nervous system into a hissy fit. Very shakey....twittering....jittering....ACK! I slept wrong for the foot last nite. Too much pressure in the wrong way. Woke very uncomforable. DH re-taped it and I'm sitting, holding still. It's calming down and so is nervous system, slowly. DH is buzzing around, trying to set everything up and get ready for work. Usually I've been able to cook breakfast and get his lunch packed. Not just now. Other than excess critter-puking, all is normal around here but with just my foot's throwing everything off. Course MS makes my energy plummet and that's causing a lot of the problem. That and aging. We're not that old but noticeable. MtRider ....usage down to 86.7%.....