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  1. SUN IS SHINING..... Uh...I mean gropel [pea-sized snowballs similar to hail] is POURING! Repeat throughout the day..... MtRider ....Springtime in the Rockies
  2. So...don't be such a stranger around here!
  3. Who's Darlene?
  4. Most of the time I hear not to can potatoes [or any starch like rice, noodles, etc] with anything else. They bleed away their starch and make the fluid too thick. Changes the safe canning times. "Thick" means you need longer at the high temperatures to kill the bad microbes. But you can can potatoes separately. Then put them into the mix when you cook what your'e having for a meal. MtRider Not as up to date on this as others.....
  5. Had a gray squirrel making a nest in the car engine. She got an eviction notice! MtRider
  6. We're back to springtime for the past couple days. 50's. NICE...but WINDY! I don't tolerate wind with my nervous system so I'm staying in. But can hear it BLOWING Some sort of precipitation is incoming..... Rain or snow or both... We'll see what our high altitude brings us. MtRider ....GREEN pastures! Full creek. Nary a wildfire in sight!
  7. We have bunnies a lot. Right now a nest of babies is in the hay barn. Smart momma since they've been dry and warm while it rains/sleets/gropels/snows outside. MtRider
  8. Aiiieee, Annarchy. I used the Doppler radar map to see when Koa and I would dart out to do evening chores. Pummeling gropel shower was followed by a brief respite. We were just wrapping up when the rain [that hadn't quit but was light] got much harder and began turning white. Yep, got several more inches of snow last nite. Which is fine since the driveway/roads remain melted and snow/ice free. But it just isn't warming up during the sunny....well ok.....HALF sunny days. Always enjoy a lot of moisture to avert wildfires. Pond is at flood stage....we have melting snow and rain. And MtRider ....throws snowball at Annarchy to cool her off! *
  9. Ice Melt Water....... ....that would be EFFECTIVE......... if you don't have a heart attack! Aiiieeee! I reuse the capsules that the "flu remedy" [homeopathic....Occi -something] comes in. Made from tough plastic. It will hold grains of Himalayan salt. I tape it so it won't lose the cap in my pocket. Have one in my barn clothes and my 'in town' clothes. I think I'll make one with sugar too, Annarchy. When I do go into town, I have an insulated small container [5"x3" - originally to carry insulin maybe?] that I keep AT THE READY in the freezer. Contains one small ice pack with a gel pack on either side of it. I use the gel packs on my body to cool and the ice pack keeps the gel packs cold ....and gets them cold again if I'm using them. Gel packs don't stay cold long on their own but conform to body better than a hunk of ice. My freezers upstairs and downstairs always have ice packs and gel packs....tho my frantic property manager couldn't find either in the downstairs freezer when I had that episode with her. DH got them when they called him up from barnyard tho. Makes me think I might want to make them more obvious to find....if I'm down and have to send someone for them. I also carry the First Aid icy packs....dry until you break the capsule inside and mix the ingredients around. Then it's quite cold .....but for a limited time. I save those for when I don't have anything else available. Remember also that if you have a breeze....or a fan....evaporation will cool nicely. This works best if your air is not already saturated with humidity. But I've always told others around me that they can "throw me in the horse trough" if I'm in that much danger. That was literal when we were at the horse program...but now refers to the shower or pond/creek. I define to them "that much danger"......means I'm not able to respond verbally in a normal way to them. If you can't understand me....I'M IN IMMEDIATE DANGER OF DEATH! Sounds like Annarchy knows exactly what I'm talking about. Not an overstatement. Of course I've started this thread and we've been having SNOWSTORMS ever since..... Another few inches late yesterday again. Most melted quickly in this morning's sunshine. But...clouded up a few minutes ago and there is still snow on the trees. Normal for us EXCEPT the part where it's not warming up in the daytime. Note: I have had several of my worst hypERthermic episodes in WINTER! True! MS makes me more sensitive to any heat but other folks might also. Just to keep in the back of your mind. Snow works well for cooling if needed. PS: Do not cause frostbite from applying any ice packs /gel packs/snow. Move them around to prevent that. MtRider
  10. This isn't GatorAide stuff. But it's a rehydration fluid to take sips.... The Usual Note: MrsS is not a doctor's site. Do not take any suggestions here as a replacement for a doctor's advice. As always, do your own research. MtRider
  11. Kinda off topic but....that link for Hawaiian sea salts with different flavors/minerals also has some recipes: MtRider ...sea salt carmels might beat Lays potato chips.
  12. Ingredients in HOT Black Lava Sea Salt: Solar evaporated sea salt, activated charcoal, organic cayenne pepper, chili flakes Yes, I recognize the name of the reddish...Alaea. It's used up by now. Was good. Oh my! That kalua pork made my mouth water. I'm going to save her slow cooker recipe, for sure. Pork is a low price meat and cooking it different ways is great. SIL's gramma told me to add a touch of Liquid Smoke if I'm not cooking it in the imu [pit in ground]. MtRider
  13. to that Homesteader! MtRider
  14. With MS, I've been told by two different docs to increase salt moderately in the summer. Since childhood, I've always tended to get dizzy in the heat.....which makes sense as a precursor to MS related hypERthermia. I crave Lays potato chips ...only in summer. Usually I crave sweets. We use sea salt for regular cooking. Sometimes we get packages of Hawaiian sea salt [has to be special from our kids, right?]. Once DD2 sent a variety pack of salts. Black lava was was labeled HOT in spicey? I didn't open it. Was a reddish colored one too. And usual white. Didn't really understand what made the differences. MtRider
  15. it normal to have an attack on a single variety like that? You pose a good question. Does that plant draw them from the neighbors too? MtRider