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  1. DH and I both had the full series of 3 shots for Lymerix. We had no adverse reactions. Here are a pair of good articles about what happened.
  2. Hi all! Glad to see this place isn't dead. I miss the old days here. Hope everyone I remember is doing OK. Vic
  3. Hey MTR, be sure to get some hunting softpoints for that old Mosin. It's heavy enough for bear (Russian equivalent of .30-06 essentially). The only thing a handgun will do, is piss off the bear.
  4. Getting ready to build our chicken coop. Planning on a dozen birds eventually. Going to start with buff orps, and add rir's next spring.
  5. Well it has been an eventful year or so here. DH was in a difficult, toxic situation at work for the first 10mo of 2015. Boss issues... But that all changed in Nov, after he got a transfer to his old group, and he moved 90mi away during the week. Transfers are usually a year long wait in his company. His came thru in ten days! This meant we were having to list our home for sale NOW! And had a bunch of stuff to do to make that happen. But seriously, God was driving this bus, and we were just along for the ride! Our house listed in Jan, and we had a contract in two days at over our asking price. T left us scrambling to find a place to live. Our offer on a ten acre place was rejected soundly despite being at full asking price. Since I had prayed for clarity on that offer, it was apparent God did not want us there. I won't bore y'all with the details of the story of buying our new home, but suffice it to say, we like it! We have an acre, a 24x30 shop, and a real pool. Chickens are allowed, so we will be building a coop big enough for a dozen layers. We are now up to the big Rhodesian Ridgebacks in our pack. They are all big sweet dogs, and our newest, Ranger, thinks he has to save you from the pool. Unfortunately, he actually attempts to drown you instead! Once it warms up enough we will work with him on that problem. We still have a ton of stuff in storage, but we are whittling it down weekly. It takes about 90 min to drive to the storage unit, so I have to plan for it. That's all from here for now. If anyone has a good coop design, please let me know. I'm thinking of Buff Orpington and RIR's as my starter hens.
  6. KonMari, eh? I just read an article about the lady who started this all. I am going to have to try it. Though NOT until after we complete our move next month. We already purged a huge amount of stuff in the declutter to sell the home we live in. I have 3 storage units to go thru now (furniture, camping gear, preps etc, hobby gear...) once we take posession of the new home. I am going to try to remember to keep "only that which brings joy"...and tools. Because it is too expensive to buy tools to replace the ones you got rid of, thinking you did not need it.
  7. Making my first attempt to smoke cheese. I have some sliced provolone and brickcheddar on the smoker, with about 8 briquettes lit and a big pile of wet applewood chips on top of the coals. I am supposed to try to smoke it for 4hrs, but we will see. I also filled the waterbowl in the smoker to act as a heat sink. I don't want the cheese to melt!
  8. Thanks MTR, I fixed the link in my post also.
  9. Folks I wanted to share the word that a book by a friend of mine if available free on Kindle for the next day or two. The Book of Barkley, life and love thru the eyes of a Labrador retriever. It is currently#5 in sales on Amazon, and I would like to see it make #1 if possible. Since it is free right now I am hoping you all will help me out. Btw, all her profits from the book really do go to help various animal rescue organizations. Thanks Vic
  10. Thank you my friends. All is well here--just busy with life.
  11. I have to recommend a book to everyone here on Mrs.S. who has ever given their heart to a dog to tear (Yes, I'm quoting Kipling...). You owe it to yourself to get a copy of The Book of Barkley, by L.B. Johnson, on Outskirts Press. It just got a super review from Kirkus Reviews, and also from the San Francisco Book Review. You can find it on Amazon in both Kindle and dead tree editions, Nook, and ibook. The author's proceeds from the sales of the book go to support various animal rescue groups. You can also see photos of the handsome Barkley, and catch some other tales and exploits at the Book of Barkley Blog. I hope you go read the reviews, and buy the book. I am NOT the author, though I do own a copy of the book, and I have stayed at a Holiday Inn...
  12. Been hot here the last couple weeks. Temps near 100*F, as is typical in late August in NTX. Eagerly awaiting a cooler Fall.
  13. Can't make it this year. Conflicts with an existing family vacation to see my Mom. Have fun everybody!
  14. SciFiChick, a fellow blogger and like-minded individual, apparently passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. I found this out from a blogger friend who knew her. She was a non-posting member here I believe, and she did maintain a link to Mrs.S on her blog site. I'd ask for prayers for her family, and her friends. Her blog:
  15. thanks for the info folks. I will check out her blog. I'm glad to know Ward is doing ok.