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  1. Yikes! We have a few that like to hang out in front of our house sometimes. Haven't heard of them eating car wiring, though...
  2. This is in a new subdivision. They had dug a trench to lay wire, then covered it again, but they didn't pack it down so the dirt is collapsing back into the trench in places. The baby bunny was in the trench where the dirt had collapsed, then went further back in.
  3. Not sure the bunny was momma. It was across a few fields. May have just been one born earlier.
  4. I got up and went for my walk instead of going back to bed like I wanted. Here, have some pictures. I missed getting a picture of the baby bunny because I pointed him out to some other ladies who were also out walking. Maybe tomorrow I'll get him. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!
  5. ...I just remembered that I have a thing of alder-smoked salt. I, uh, might need to use that on it.
  6. Especially once they're dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with a bit more salt... ...what?!?
  7. Black lava salt tends to have coconut charcoal in it. They may have added something to it to make it spicy. The reddish one may have been Alaea salt from Hawaii. From what I understand, it has a slightly smoky flavor to it. Nom Nom Paleo has a recipe for Kalua Pig (in the Instant Pot or slow cooker) using it that I totally want to try out sometime. The colors are caused by different minerals carried in the salt. If you want to dig deeper, here's the mineral profile for Himalayan salt and here's the one for Real Salt - Real Salt has over twice the calcium but a third of the potassium.
  8. Y'all are making me go through my annual "I want a garden" phase. If I follow through on the urge, I end up spending money on plants and such, then everything dies anyways 'cause 1) I live in a desert and 2) I suck at gardening thus far. In other news, I have a basil plant inside that's doing pretty well! I might add an aloe plant...
  9. I'm definitely not on salt restriction. From reading, it may be recommended that I be consuming 6g or more of salt per day, due to some medical stuff. I put salt and NuSalt in my water, along with packets of True Orange or True Lime to help with the flavor. I change between Real Salt (from Utah), Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt, and black lava salt for the different mineral profiles. I can drink all the water I want during the summer and still feel on the verge of passing out unless I add in my salts and such. MtRider, hubby is a driver but helps clean the open-air shop when he doesn't have anything to deliver. He was cleaning when it happened.
  10. Hubby's already come home with heat exhaustion once this summer.
  11. We had a literal line of storm blow through 2 nights ago. Stormed 20 minutes, with hail, then it was past.
  12. If you get ransomware, which is what this virus is, you would know. It would pop up a message telling you that you have x amount of time to send x amount of money to some account before your data is permanently deleted.
  13. Our library has a notary, and in Texas at least, the fees they can charge are set by law.
  14. I've heard of using the outer leaves like the corn husks in tamales, to cook in.
  15. My FIL said that everything was much more colorful once he had his done.