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  1. This article fascinates me. The logistics involved in getting enough people and supplies into a given area, plus how they're prioritizing certain items. And how a visit to the area from POTUS can throw a wrench in the works. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/inside-story-what-took-keep-texas-grocery-chain-running-chip-cutter
  2. Hurricane Harvey

    I've always been told that distillation can't remove certain chemicals as they also turn into vapor. I think it has to do with the vapor point being lower than that of water. I believe charcoal filters are what I was told works the best. I'll see what I can dredge up later.
  3. Jingle All the Way (game)

    I've only not had it for the past decade, and I still don't know the jingles.
  4. Hurricane Harvey

    If anyone is concerned about me, don't be. I'm 12 hours from the coast and the most rain in our foreseeable forecast is 20%.
  5. Free eBooks For July '17

    If you look at the recommended books from that one, you'll find stuff like Oz and Mark Twain for free as well. Look carefully, though. Some say they're free on that page, but when you open them up, they're $.99.

    No, we were out at a concert. Cut off my jeans and pulled them out individually with Dad's Leatherman...and with tweezers over the next day or two. That was probably 20 years or so ago. It's been a while.

    There's a few roadrunners around here...
  8. SUMMER '17

    Just summer weather, as far as I know. Had a gully washer come through about 1am last night and last until about 7. Nice thunder and all.

    If you do Rollerblades, make sure not to run into the cactii. Getting all the tiny spines out is a pain. Ask me how I know...
  10. SUMMER '17

    Wild storm in town Friday night. Dropped from 103 to 80-something in a hurry. Completely ripped of some roofs, flung trampolines onto house and electric lines, downed a few lines, etc. I'm not sure we even got rain at our house, but I should have taken the truck because parts of downtown were flooding.
  11. SUMMER '17

    I saw about the dust storm in the news. They need to do a LOT more PSAs and put up signs telling people not to slam on their brakes when they happen.
  12. SUMMER '17

    So you don't get dirt in your dehydrated food! 15-25 mph winds here today.
  13. SUMMER '17

    We only hit 110 yesterday! Now to go kick hubby out of bed. He wants to mow before it gets up past 95 or so.
  14. SUMMER '17

    Our forecast for tomorrow only says 111.
  15. SUMMER '17

    They told us to expect 60mph winds and ping pong sized hail today. We got...a little bit of rain, but not even enough to have any water sitting in the "moat". Which is a nice change from Monday, when they said 70mph winds and softball sized hail and we got nothing. It was a neat show in town, though.

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