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  1. I picked up Xyzal at the grocery store today. Hopefully it works better than the others...
  2. High today is 93. We've already had 2 hail storms.
  3. I use Classico.
  4. No ideas on books from then. Sorry!
  5. What time frame is she in? Christian-romance-wise, I'm a big fan of Melanie Dickerson (medieval/fairy tale & now Regency) and Shanna Hatfield (all over the map).
  6. My parents have blocked incoming calls on their landline because they're sick of spam, sales, and political calls.
  8. They've shut down one of our local stores, I think the other is still going (for now).
  9. Exactly! Start training with them now, and you'll get stronger as they grow!
  10. If that doesn't do it, I'll dig some more in the settings and see if I find anything else that might be relevant.
  11. A lot of times when Chrome gives you a warning, there's a little link at the bottom that says "Additional Information." If you click on it, you then have the option to proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, click the 3 dot menu, go to Settings, then scroll to the bottom to Advanced Settings. There's a checkbox in there that says "Protect you and your device from dangerous sites." Mine is definitely, definitely unchecked. I also have a good antivirus and backup system...
  12. I'm using Chrome and have never had an issue (it likes to warn me about some other sites, but not this one). Then again...I tend to live on the wild side when it comes to security settings.
  13. OldSchoolV4. Brown and tan, and actually changes the background behind the letters to something a bit darker.
  14. The "OldSchoolV4" is brown and tan and pretty spiffy as well.