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  1. AT&T is that way. MIL was told, when she renewed her DirecTV, that she HAD to have internet service. They convinced her that "everyone" has it now and that's the way they do things. Then, they disconnected her land line, connected it to the modem. She was OK for a day or two, until, their answering service answered her phone before her land line phone could pick it up. She does not know and does not want to know, how to get her messages. To make matters worse, she called them, they told her she had to have it that way, including call forwarding (where they were sending her calls, neither one of us know), and made her phone number a "blocked" number. When she tried to call her doctor, plumber, and pharmacy, they would not answer the calls, and she was getting a recording that her number was blocked! I spent hours on hold, then another hour with AT&T trying to get "just the basic" phone service. She has an answering machine and does not have a smart phone or computer. How stupid are those people? We have 2 land lines in our house. And that is the way it is going to stay! Our home #, which we've had over 30 years, and our business #. The business must have a land line, because of the machines we use. Pulled the last of our beets, after collecting the last of the seeds, filled a 5 gallon bucket with 15 beets. 2 years old and huge, I want to can them. IDK how they are going to taste. I am hoping to harvest the last of the carrots later this week. Canning them should make the softer (?). I hope your party goes well Ambergris and that your back gets better soon. Miki, Gunny comes in and sticks his huge nose in my face and just sits there until I move, breathing heavy. Ack, not fun waking up to hot dog breath.
  2. Made it home safely. Saw a roll over accident that looked like it had happened within 10 min. Hit a heavy downpour coming out of Texas Canyon. Hardly could see a truck trying to pass without his lights on. It was so dark. I had trouble seeing the white lines at 25 mph. It cleared up and was overcast the last 2 hours on the road. Good to be back home.
  3. Heading home tomorrow. Got caught on the road in a heavy downpour. I was blessed to get home safely. 2 foot rivers of water on almost every intersection, scared the beejeebers out of me. Cars were floating, car parts were floating away and cars were stalled in rushing water in intersections. God willing I will miss any storms tomorrow.
  4. I actually have gloves in our vehicles. Including pretty Ladies gloves. The news say car temps exceeded 175.
  5. It rained (downpour) Sunday & Monday night. So much, we had a river running through our yard. It rained here in TX yesterday a couple hours after I arrived. The clouds are building again this afternoon. DH said it's over 100 today at home.
  6. Your garden looks awesome.
  7. I get all the reports now, and have been deleting all the spam posts. Kinda has me curious why they keep posting in this thread. Before deleting the threads, I have been copy/pasting into the Google translate, most of it has been garbage and spam links. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.
  8. It is our season to be 'shut-ins'. It's hot and humid, 110+ by noon, a cool 80 in the early morning. I've been watering the yard every morning to try to keep it semi-green. So far so good, hoping that the rain comes soon. It's been swirling around our area all month, and manages to miss us. This year, to add to the small rodent population, rabbits have multiplied in the vacant lots across the road. It is amazing to see how easy it is for them to go through a chain link fence with no effort. Pesky wabbits.... stay outta my garden! I made cole slaw using the cabbage and carrot from the garden. Need to finish harvesting the last of the carrots and beets. Seeds galore, amen. DH took me out to dinner last night, all you can eat crab....numnumnum. He's such a sweetheart. I have been trying to work with our phone/internet provider for months. One person will tell me one thing and another will say that info was wrong. Arg! Hopefully, there will be no more issues for a while. Now, I have to work with Apple. I had to close my email, on short notice, and need to change our ID to the new one. What a nightmare. You have to call them, (hold time), then verify who you are, then, they send a code to your new email within 24 hours, and then, you have 3 hours to call them again and verify your identity again. I missed the time deadline last time and have to do it all over. Crud. Because we have water dishes for the birds, we've been watching a plethora of baby birds hanging out in the yard. Whenever the parents are nearby, they sound off, 'feed me'. One grackle parent landed on the fence, with the child on the ground whining, she dropped the food and flew away. I guess she was trying to wean it. It's fun to watch. Nature in real life. We have very few bugs in the yard. Time to get to work.
  10. Scorching around here. 110+ for a couple of weeks. Water lasts 1/2 day. Tomato plants are fried.
  11. Thanks Cat. We use a lot of cheese.
  12. Happy Birthday Miki! Glad nothing is broken, Mt_Rider. Been busy around here, end of month paperwork etc. This year's seed harvest is abundant. Working on collecting as much as I can. We've been watching the fire crews fly over our house all week. The SW Coordination Center says there are 12 fires in AZ. Hopefully, after today, there won't be any more.
  13. homesteadme. Wiki describes it this way: Homesteading is self-sufficiency. Simply put, it matters when an unexpected emergency event happens. If you were unable to get to the store for several months, you would be able to utilize your skills, garden, and stored food/water, to sustain you and your family, until you were able to re-stock.