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  1. Check out drug prices

    I'm on my phone so I don't know how to move it, I will see if I can. WM had cheaper prices for DH's meds too. ETA: Figured out how to move this thread on my phone.

    Praying your DH recovers from his heart issues, Momo. My DH has been doing well on his meds, he only takes them now when his heart goes crazy. Stresses me out when it happens. Remember to take a deep breath, say a prayer and try to remain calm. (Yeah right, easier said than done.) Miki, try to take a 'you' day and relax if you can. I'm constantly telling myself I am not as young as I was. Jeepers, sounds like you had a productive day. I paid bills today before heading to MIL's with the ferrets. DH is too busy to take care of them along with the dogs and chickens. The trip was quiet, not a lot of traffic. MIL has a list ready for me to do and we have a CoC meeting on Saturday. It's a bus tour to a big Ranch here. Time to to get some sleep.

    Teeth... spaces... etc. I use toothpicks, dental floss and metal picks. Gotta keep the teeth I still have. Lol While turning the soil in the big garden, I went to remove the celery, but the roots were over a foot squared and bulbuls. So I moved it to the corner plot and sprinkled all the seeds I had collected around it. The corner plot has piquine chili peppers and Queens Wreath which vines on the chain link fence. I am hoping it took the transplant and the seeds fill in. We use a lot of dried celery in so many dishes. DH started his annual contract, inspecting and cleaning weapons for one of the local law enforcement agencies, today. He won't finish until next week when I get back home. I do the invoice after he's done, in case he needs to get replacement parts. The pups were very good. They check the customer out, then left them alone. Grrr is trained but Gunny is still learning to "back off". No one likes a (big) dog all over them when they come to do business. Figuring out 'what's for dinner', pistachio pudding, bacon ranch potatoes and, beef something.

    Autumn, 65* this morning! I need to pull out my sweaters, too cool for me. The gardens are planted: Fava beans in one garden plot that grows miniature plants. Black eyed peas, Detroit Red beets, parsnips, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and spinach, then tapped a bunch of yellow onion seeds around the edge of the whole garden. We shall see if I harvested and processed the tomato seeds right. If not, I have more seeds ready and waiting. (I ran out of room. Probably planted way too many seeds, for the 16'x8' plot.) Now, I will be working on preparing for my monthly trip to TX on Wednesday. Time to get back at it..... How is everyone else doing?

    Batteries... Mil has always stored them in the frig. We do too and I haven't seen them leak. Hopefully I never will. Early this morning, 4am, I heard another winter visitor, screech owls. Last week, I turned the soil in the garden, leaving only the 4' square of tomatillos. They are still flowering and producing. Andrea gave me some fava beans and I am hoping the will help the soil. Today, I am going to plant our winter garden. Well, the day is breaking and I have a lot to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  6. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?


    Gunny and Grrr enjoying the river.

    The other morning we had a visit by a couple of our winter visitors. Hoot owls.
  9. Earth Wind Patterns

    DH found this.... mesmerizing... https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/chem/surface/level/overlay=cosc/orthographic=-96.10,30.48,647/loc=-79.944,27.789
  10. A Neighbor's Trials

    She got to come home yesterday. They had to get her oxygen levels up before they let her go. I brought over over some frozen prepared meals for her & her DH, hoping that it will ease the every day chores so she can continue to heal. She had to show me pics, ack! He didn't miss her heart by much, and she had several defensive wounds. The knife was a 10 inch fillet knife. She seems to be in good spirits, in spite of it all. Thank you all for your prayers.
  11. Quick update

  12. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    My little brother, was in San Antonio for Harvey. They were packing to move to Moody AFB. I was giving him a hard time the other day, because he has to deal with another hurricane. They found a place near the GA/FL border. He said they didn't box their emergency supplies, so they are good to go - sorta. The AFB was bringing in pallets of water for their people. He said the stores were sold out and gasoline was almost gone too.
  13. WormGuy??


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