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  1. Wow, tomatillos! Tomatoes are blooming, cabbage heads are getting bigger, garlic chives is doing well, harvesting radishes ~they don't make it to long, nom nom nom. ~ and I even have an alfalfa plant flowering. And the little apple tree, from the cores of Christmas pies is doing much better than I expected.
  2. Indeed Jeepers, same with dogmom, and a plethora of others. I am very grateful things are clearing up. I'll bet she mentions "all the new buttons". Lol. Really, there aren't that many new ones, there are just in different places. Very grateful MrsS is beginning to work out all the glitches. *Sigh*
  3. Ick, hail. The weather forecast has been updated. There is the possibility we will break 100 in the next week.
  4. Firefox is now allowing me to access MrsS, without the warning page! All that work has paid off!
  5. Today was busy. DH went to TX this time. I have time to do stuff. Too much stuff. I'm tired and sore. Today, I started on the phone, first thing, and got some security stuff going for our site and went outside to work on the shed. Cut and flattened a couple dozen shipping boxes and filled the recycle bin to overflowing. When the heat got to me, I came back inside and completed our certificate of compliance for our credit card machine, and passed. Then, went back outside, put up my umbrella for shade, and replaced all the straw in the chicken coop, filling my mulch bin to overflowing. Good thing I had emptied most of it into a container, (Thanks Miki for the idea~I had a medium sized metal water trough that I was using as a stand.), and planted potato eyes. They seem to like it and are beginning to grow. After finishing the coop, I came back inside, followed up on the security stuff and took a nice long bath to get all the dirt, straw, grime and sweat off me. Whew! Then, I watched the news and turned off the TV and went back outside and sat on the porch swing watching the sun set. The dogs played, as much as Grrr will at his age, and watched Gunny run circles around the yard like a dog at the race track. My goodness, that dog has so much energy!
  6. Mmmmm.... tomato sauce. I buy the cheapest cans of tomato sauce. Then, add a plethora of spices to make it mine, depending on the recipe I am cooking ~ Italian, Mexican, etc. LOL
  7. Last fall, I started the seeds indoors. When I put the pots out to harden a month ago, a wind knocked one pot over, breaking the stems. I cut the two limbs and put them in water. They rooted and I got 2 plants that are already blooming. Thanks for bumping this Andrea. Good advice.
  8. Hi Lady! IDK what I'd do if I couldn't come here. How's your DH? You all hanging in there? Did you get settled in your new home or are you still going through moving boxes? How do you like your tablet? DH mentioned I should consider getting one. IDK, I have 2 MacBooks, an iPhone and a Win10 desktop, now. The darn Win10 is taking a lot of getting used to. Things are completely different from my old XP and DH's old Vista. But, it is a step into the future for me. I'm still always trying to learn something.
  9. Great to see you, dogmom4. You've been missed too. FYI Everyone: Today I have worked diligently with our providers and they have "GUARANTEED" the horrible warning page will be removed.
  10. Thanks Dogmom4. As I browse and research code, I will try to add more to the list, and update the basic ones. FYI Everyone: Today I have worked diligently with our providers and they have "GUARANTEED" the horrible warning page will be removed. Or I get my money back, lol. Seriously, I don't want my money back if it gets rid of that nasty warning. That warning has given me restless nights, anxiety attacks and massive headaches.
  11. 95 today, with an intense whirlwind that whipped through the yard. Weather man said it is supposed to cool off again soon. I was out working and had to quit. The heat was making me feel weak. Came in and did a bunch of work.
  12. Thanks, snapshotmiki. So, you are going to be "hunting wabbits", The WE2's? I saw one in the alley next to our fence. Last year, I saw one go through the chain link fence like it was nothing. How it compressed its body, was eye opening. Ever since, we are keeping a close eye on them, especially since one chewed through our wire harness on the car. Grrrr...indeed! The sparrows began to decimate the wheat one morning before I could cut the stalks. While cutting, I was reminded of the story in the Bible about the wheat and tares. Over half of the greenery was tares. 20 square feet of garden space planted with wheat, will yield an half cup of wheat to grind~or plant for next year. I do not think it was worth the water. It did make for some nice mulch fodder. The zucchini is doing well. The largest plant is already budding. The purslane is beginning to sprout all over the yard. A couple of carrots are flowering too. I hope to collect all the seeds for next years garden. And the camomile is growing incredibly well, its harvest will be a good one.
  13. Andrea! So nice to see you again. I've been working on trying to get rid of that horrible warning page. I was actually thinking about you the other day. I had planted a bunch of onion seeds and nothing grew, because I had left the bag of seeds in the heat over the summer. Hopefully, you got some of them to grow. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.
  14. Yesterday was a day at the lake. Gunny learned he could swim. He kept collecting things from under the water all day, but wouldn't go in beyond his belly. With a little coaxing, he went deeper and realized he wasn't sinking. When he got out he danced and pranced at the waters edge for quite a while. We didn't catch any fish, but we had a relaxing day.
  15. Looking for the coding for that line.