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  1. Hoping your day of rest, completely refreshes you, Mt_Rider. My sweet neighbor, asked for a dozen eggs. Not a problem, I went in to get them. When I returned to the fence, he said he had a present for me. Another cast iron pan for my collection!
  2. Diatomaceous earth, seems to work around here.
  3. You changed your browser's theme, but not the whole board. You're OK.
  4. We noticed smoke in the distant mountains yesterday, a fire burning near San Carlos. Today we could hardly see it. Hopefully they were able to put it out. Diving & swimming was relaxing. A little discomfort, but once I began finding stuff, it dissipated. Lol Found a pair of sunglasses, a towel, a t-shirt, a lighter, and a nose plug. DH's friend took all but the sunglasses. I kept them. Cheap American flag design. My Uncle in Maryland gives them away, whenever I send a box to him. Of course, we tend to keep the best, most expensive ones. Finders fee. I fished a bit, but diving revealed only desert suckers. Game and fish haven't stocked it yet. Soon, I'm sure. The water was running about 800 cubic feet per second and is a lot cooler than it was on Monday, when it was running at 400 cfs. Grrr chased minnows all day and Gunner wore himself out running and jumping in and out of the water. Poor puppy passed out as soon as we got on the road. Grrr sat up, as usual, barking at cars he didn't like. Time to clean our gear and get something to eat.
  5. I'm bumping this. Hopefully one of our more experienced canning folks can answer your question.
  6. Going swimming today. Meeting a couple of DH's friends there. Refilled the hummingbird feeder. They empty the 2 feeders in less than a week. We have 5 different varieties of them that visit our yard. The feeder at the garden attracts a few honey bees. Hopefully, I will begin collecting seeds to restock my seed bin. Well, the sun is about to crest the distant mountains, so I need to double check our day packs. Dog shoes, our water shoes, dive gear, first aid kit, knives, etc. I hope everyone has a blessed day.
  7. Low was 75 at dawn. Gonna be another hot one today and then we'll drop into the 90's for a couple of days. The news said we almost broke the high record yesterday. Our car said, 107.
  8. It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. Computer crashes caused me to loose many of the pictures I had saved. One thing I learned, the hard way, do NOT put a magnet near a memory stick. The Apple computer has a magnetized plug port, and of course, I put my memory stick too close to it. I have been collecting pictures ever since, but it won't bring back the pictures of my family members who have passed. So, today, while reading kathy003's blog, I remembered, I too, had started one and let it fade away into the mist of every day's activities. Here's a picture of the desert in our area. Nice and dry, with spiny things everywhere.
  9. Bunnies are cute. But.... I don't like them.... the one that got into our car engine and ate the wire harness, cost us almost $300. plus towing. Love your pictures.
  10. Wrapping the packs in a small hand towel / cloth, helps keeping frostbite at bay.
  11. Catching snowball & putting it on my neck.
  12. Being in the heat 3/4ths of the year, we are hyper alert to health problems from the heat. We always carry a small day pack with packets of salt and sugar. Water in quantity and a basic first aid kit, including a towel that can be moistened to cool. DH has dipped the towel in the ice chest water and frozen me with shock, to bring me out of an episode. We try to hydrate prior to our outings, and continue to hydrate during them. Interesting info about the salts.
  13. Quite a drastic change in weather in different regions. Mt_Rider is freezing and we are boiling. We are now, above 100, on average, daily. Trying to keep enough water on the yard to keep it green.