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  1. Its so true and I rejoice with you!!
  2. Whiskey Jack
  3. Welllllllll..............we have a new fur baby, when another aussie pup became available because a mom & dad decided their 10 yr old was not responsible enough to raise the one they bought. Whiskey Jack is black & white, and has a happy smile. Now we are helping him adjust to all the turmoil of his 12 week life. We suspect he was kept outdoors, or he was just ignored a lot because he is nervous and nippy, crate trained but not fully housebroken. The cats puzzle him (they hiss, swat, and don't run away), and the parrot unnerves him (he stares and barks at her as she ignores him). Jack acts just like a toddler in the throes of the "terrible twos" so he is keeping us hopping. He shows progress almost daily so he has a place here. He is learning fast "no bite" and "play nice" (with the other dogs). He could never replace sweet Petie, as he is very much his own self, but will make an excellent playmate for Dodger and "da boys" once he sorts things out.
  4. researched storm shelters for Georgia. down here on vacations we notice spring has many more and worse tornadoes than at home up north. the water tablr is high here so digging down is not practical. Best I' ve found so far is safesheds.com They are steel-reinforced concrete, with seamless steel interior, heavy duty screened vents, huge steel doors; with an attractive stucco exterior, painted in your choice of 90 colors to match your d├ęcor. 8x12 foot for around $6000 and they finance. I was impressed with the photos of their unit which protected occupant in a F4 tornado with nothing but cosmetic damage to the stucco from tornadic debris and scuffing on the door where a full size pickup truck was flung into it and was bent around the corner of it. The axle scuffed the door. The rest of the home & home business were obliterated. It impressed me; and the price includes delivery, anchoring with buried 4 ft deep concrete anchoring system (to keep it from sliding while things slam into it). I'm sold; when we set things up down south it will be the first shed I have put in. The 8x10 will hold us, our friends, and all our sundry critters.
  5. My research continues. I have been looking at gypsum as a soil amendment. Near as I can tell, it binds up some of the teensy slick clay particles to stick together and creates more air spaces in the formerly impermeable clay soil. You spread it on with a grass seed spreader, it goes right over existing vegetation, then you water it in. According to the studies I read, in three years use there should be a noticeable loosening up of the soil. Used with good compost it would appear to be my answer. So far, anyway. The best info on gardening in this general area so far has been courtesy of Southern Exposure Seed Co catalog, regarding cultivars and local disease issues...I'm wondering if the purchase of a metal tube bender for hoop house hoops would be a good investment for "winter" gardening (around $50 for the bender) since handling low hoops might be too awkward for me now. hmmmm. more research needed.....
  6. I love mullein - one of my favorite weeds. Leaves as tea are for lung issues; smoked for asthma, flowers in olive oil for ear ache...easy to identify and use. What's not to love?
  7. Hope he is all better now. Its very scary when someone you love is ill. Welcome him home with rejoicing!
  8. I don't understand why this year has been so terrible so far....It is bad enough we could not get a refinance mortgage on my house (I own it free and clear) to purchase a place down south; our friends (and our hosts down here in Ga) 30 yr old son had to have bypass surgery due to a heart attack; their 28 yr old daughter has major physical illnesses nobody seems able to diagnose; now one of our beloved fur-babies just died in my arms. Little Petey was hit by a car 1 1/2 weeks ago, was doing fine, then suddenly started having breathing trouble and died enroute to the vet hospital in my arms. I tried mouth to snout breathing, but no avail. I hate to bad mouth Southern doctors, but this is the 3rd time they have completely missed the boat....last winter they diagnosed a back vertebra injury in my back as hip bursitis, this year they diagnosed our friend's son as having pneumonia when he was actually having a heart attack, and now the vet completely messed up with Petie - diagnosing him as having a bad bruise and forgetting to remove his IV when they released him to us when he actually had a dislocated hip, torn ligaments and knee meniscus injury. I wonder if Petie would still be alive if they had not missed the boat and got it right the first time, and I'm becoming afraid of these docs down here. Tomorrow we mourn.
  9. We are thinking raised beds, and the absolute FIRST thing I do garden wise WILL be to start a compost bin. Mulch wont be hard; there are so many trees & overgrowth that I'm thinking it will be worth buying a chipper. Then we can mulch walking paths with the new chips and shred plant material for faster composting. BTW I found a great PDF on raising & hand processing tea - https://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/nph-9.pdf
  10. Thank you! I will definitely have to check those out. Meanwhile, in researching those camellias, I discovered that one of the (camellia Sinensis) is the plant all tea comes from. Talk about edible landscaping! Processing does not seem all that hard, the experimentation will be fun. Should make a good barter item as well.
  11. Don't discount those phone calls' value though. Being a widow is a very hard adjustment and those phone calls are life preservers to a drowning person. And you will notice changes as she grapples with being involuntarily and suddenly "single" on top of grief and shock. All you can really do is keep in touch and let her know you are there for her in spirit. She will understand.
  12. Oh, Lordy. I had to come here to catch my breath after darn near laughing myself into asphyxiation on another prepper site. One person asked if the LDS food storage site was crazy, recommending a pound of grain food a day for each adult. I held it together (realizing he was ignorant) and just gave out some data on how many ounces of grains are used to make bread, or a pasta dish, or a decent size bowl of rice, especially when there are no dependable outside sources of calories available. I agree that until you consider that, the one pound a day does seem a lot. But I'm afraid I startled Mary by my reaction to the writer who said he wanted to run his showering water thru a berkey filter, for his daily shower. My oh my oh my. I did give some historical info on water rationing restrictions in Britain during WW 2 in regards to bathing (no more than 3 inches deep in the tub, and re-using the bath water for multiple wash-ups was encouraged) but I don't think the writer will believe it. Others tried to explain that showering as we now know it would probably not be possible, especially as the writer was unwilling to use saved rain water (due to bird poop) or wash in a creek/stream or pond, due to other contaminants. I realize the writer was perhaps ignorant, but for the life of me could not help my reaction. Maybe after a SHTF event I really could teach classes....I always thought it was a running joke, but after reading those posts I'm not so sure.....
  13. I had the honor of knowing a man who fought at the battle of the Bulge....he mentioned it once during a blizzard and was surprised I think, to find out that I knew what hardships were endured there. He was there, when the artillery was shooting into the trees, causing lethal wood shrapnel to fly into the troops....he learned towing and recovery of heavy equipment from recovering tanks. All he said about that event was that there were a lot more men in church afterward than had attended before that battle. I believed him. He was a fine Christian gentleman, and I wish there were more like him in the world - it would be a better place.
  14. Can I house ducks with Guinea fowl? Mary wants them for flea & tick & snake control.