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    self reliance; lo-tech living; cooking, crafts, anything to do with food!!, camping, livestock, garden & orchard, hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, etc.
  1. Harmony House Coupon

    Harmony house is wonderful! I got their sampler pack a while back, when my husband was alive, for taste testing, and he was impressed (he was the pickier eater of the two of us). I like to order stuff that I don't dry myself from them. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I went to the home site this was from and it was FILLED with wonderful old recipes! I saved a whole bunch.....
  3. Oh yes! I love 18th century recipes....before processed foods were all over the place (though you did have to keep an eye on what the merchants were selling, because adulteration was not unusual.....This looks delicious. Tomorrows Breakfast, I think, with the peach jelly that didn't gel for me last autumn.....
  4. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    Praying harder, and put all my heavenly friends on it as well....
  5. If Your Partner Doesn't Believe in Prepping...

    Sounds like you have a 'keeper' . My late DH was a city boy too, but he turned into a class A country-boy prepper!
  6. Cabbage

    That sounds great! Now I also have an excuse to buy some of those little pans (my roomie hates baked apples, I love 'em. But wie both agree on cabbage!
  7. Cabbage

    They might make little ones - I always get at least 1 or 2 baseball size heads after the main one is cut off. Cute, they are.....single serving size cabbages! Always wondered if I could steam them whole, but never have tried (yet)
  8. its not seating properly. either check to make sure there is no debris on the vent tube, or that there is not a chip or scratch on the weight that would prevent getting a good seal. if all else fails try a different weight, they are cheap enough....
  9. Chart for HOW MUCH TO PLANT

    very nice indeed. I like the yield info, can cross reference with how much I want to can (a pint's a pound the world around) and how many jars I will need....

    yes, mt rider....the perseid meteor showers are right now....they are an annual event, but usually it is too cloudy for us to see. glad you got to. More meteors in early Oct (around the 3rd or 5th I think...) the Leonids in the constellation of (what else) Leo. There are 3 or 4 annual showers, but these are the only two I remember now (I learned them way back in 1966, so there has been some 'brain slippage'....)

    boxes, bins, totes and crates hectic packing, watching dates. as the closing time grows nearer it is getting ever clearer: no matter how i huff and puff... i have just got too much stuff! The house is sold! $25,000 cash down, we stay & pack until Nov closing and receipt of $30,000 cash. That way in Sept we can go down & pick land and mobile home (new) and put down $20,000 so we can move directly in (saving a bundle by NOT having to store our stuff and rent a campsite while we arrange our new digs). $55,000 is reasonable price for our older home in current market and the cash makes it soooooo much less complicated! Georgia bound!

    Got some things done....cleaned fish, weeded garden, got groceries and finally (just for fun) went to the water ski show until it got rained out, that is! Our city has a big team and free shows twice a week. We go cheer them on, its our civic duty, of course...
  13. Food Preparation Safety

    Aggravating when you get older and sharp objects again become safety issues.....I tell myself I'm getting younger (not regressing). I love my mandolin, but can no longer go without a holder for the item I am slicing. With my arthritis in my hands I cant move quick enough to avoid blood-letting. Embarrassing.

    Hi gang! MtRider, your dh's adventures sound awfully familiar....especially that good ol' domino effect that sometimes takes over. Glad everyone is OK. Nobody heals up as quick as they used to.... Our new pup Jack has grown some and now does look like a purebred Aussie. His hair is all curly and there is a lot of it; he is a handsome boy, but wow! he is headstrong. Smart, yes, but thinks he is smarter than us. We keep him on a short leash (figuratively) with lots of luvs when he gets things right. At 6 months we are seeing some indication of brains (finally!) but he is in hyper-dog drive most of the time, and I wish I knew if he was still teething, because he likes to chew up everything he can find (his other nickname is 'Jaws'). Even metal items (he loves to chew up flashlights) are fair game; he keeps us hopping to take away hazardous items so we don't need an emergency vet run. He gets neutered next week to hopefully tone down his dominance issues a little. We don't want the other dogs intimidated by him. We are pretty sure we have our house sold to another neighbor. A realtor we know told us we could get more, but we would have to fix so many things, take out half our furniture to keep things model home neat for showings, then pack up all the pets, pet dishes, kennels, et al for each showing that we decided to take the lower price and save ourselves the trouble. We are getting $5,000 less than I paid for it, but it would take $10,000 and time and effort we don't really have in us to possibly get more. The neighbor has been inside twice to look around and measure, and will take it as-is. So hopefully we close early next week. Mary called the mobile home place down in Georgia where we want to go and told them to get some land ready to show us and some price quotes on our two favorite models (we debated and looked at floor plans and virtual tours until we were dreaming of them!). When we get the money, we can then go down, order our model and pick our options, pick out the land and designate which trees to clear out, etc. We will stay down about a week then come back up and pack. One of the reasons we let our neighbor purchase the house, is that he said we could stay in it rent free while we packed up, until Nov if we wanted to, as long as we kept the lawn mowed and the yard neat. He made the higher offer because he said he loved the sturdy construction (he said his own newer home was not built as well) and the double lot & fenced back yard, which is invitingly shady in the late afternoons. He plans to remodel (yes, the house is rather 1950s, but we liked that part) over three years, part time (he will do the work himself, he is a plumber). I have a sneaking hunch he will maybe move in himself, as he has no yard in his newer house to speak of, and several children. My father offered me $10,000 dollars to help out (!) and told my brother that I could either keep it and deduct it from my share of his estate when he dies, or pay him back a couple hundred $$ at a time. He helped out my brothers and sisters like that as well. I am considering taking him up on it, and am glad that I kept the lines of communication open, even after he (badly) hurt my feelings a couple times. I had just decided to let that pain all go, that he probably did not realize his hurtful words, and at his brother's funeral we had a lovely long chat. He told my brother he really enjoyed talking with me, and now this. Do I put the past aside and accept his offer at face value? Bro did say that he would want lots of photos and reassurance that we did not fritter away the money - that always has been one of his pet peeves - but he is Internet savvy so no problem with sending him stuff. Mary says 'aren't you glad you kept in touch, and sent him Fathers' day cards, birthday cards, and the like, even though he didn't seem to respond much?" Yes, and she is entitled to say 'I told ya so'.....as long as she does not ride it into the ground, which she wont. I will call him after we close, and probably accept his very kind (tho unexpected) offer. We gave our boat to a fishing pal. He is a fixit kind of guy who likes to have a project to work on (and has relatives who work on boats) but could never afford to buy a bass boat & motor, and always wanted one, whereas we were stressing on how to pull it down south with us, plus afford the repairs it needs. So we gave it to him and he darn near cried....he said nobody every did anything that nice for him in his life. He is helping us move our stuff down south, saving us quite a bit of money in professional movers fees (he offered before the boat thing came up) so we are very pleased to give him the boat . Mary & I have many acquaintances, but few we really call friends....true friends to us are very special, and we like to see them happy. Class reunion tonight (Sat). 45 years and even the jocks and homecoming queen are gray haired, pot bellied, and have grandchildren! I had a nice time, even though I had to keep reading name tags because I didn't recognize anyone!

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