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  1. Sending up prayers for both of you. And some -------> too!
  2. Thank you so much Miki! I'm feeling much better today just a little weak. I'm putting off mowing today. I made a quick trip to the store for some bananas and my prescriptions were filled. Most of the neighborhood lawns looked as bad as mine or worse with dandylions (sp) so I'm not concerned with it. Mail box is useable so I can work on it whenever too.
  3. I'm keeping liquids down just not in. I'm drinking Gatorade and some juice that I like. I had some chicken and rice soup for supper. As long as I stay seated I'm pretty good as far as the dizziness goes. On the plus side my blood pressure is way down. I'm sure my electrolytes are messed up. I think I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm trying to be aware of input vs. output and I'm keeping a close watch on my blood pressure. I have one of those oxygen finger monitors I'm using too. I'm not sure why but I have it so that I figured I'd use it. Definitely won't be taking an Ambien tonight.
  4. We were very worried about him and his mom but all is well now. He will be one on the 4th. of July. Grandmas little sparkler.
  5. It was 30 degrees this morning. It's only 59 now. Supposed to warm up the end of this week though. I need to mow again and I think I can fix my mail box that the city snow plow knocked over. I'm hoping a couple of bags of dirt will get it to stand upright again. I'm pretty sure the post isn't broken.
  6. Warning ahead. Ugh. I think I might have a touch of food poisoning. It's all intestinal so thankfully I'm not throwing up! Butt the other end was up ALL night. It got so bad I got dehydrated. I would like to go to the store for some bananas and yogurt but I don't dare leave the house. Other than the obvious, I'm weak and light headed. I'm miserable. But I am really thankful I'm not throwing up.
  7. Oh my We2. That looks fantastic!!!!! Your hard work sure does show. I love your water barrels too. Why are the two white buckets sitting on the cement blocks? Are the two birdhouse shaped thingies your mason bee hives? I've never heard of to Google.
  8. It's always hard to watch our furkids get 'worked' on. Even when it's for their own good. I used to have to leave the room when they gave my beagle a shot. I left the room when she got her nails done too. I can't take it if they yell. I need to toughen up.
  9. 80 yesterday...50's today. Killer on migraines not to mention seasonal allergies.
  10. Sears has been quietly closing more stores than it said it would — here's the list Apr 20th 2017 11:41AM Sears Holdings announced in January that it would shut down 150 stores this year, with most locations closing by April. Now the company is closing even more stores. Sears, which owns both Sears and Kmart stores, has been notifying local media of the additional closures over the last several weeks. Most of the stores on the new list will start liquidation sales in April and close in July. Sears didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on how many more closures will occur this year. We compiled a list of the additional closures that the company has revealed so far, and will update this list as we learn of more locations that will shut down. Kmart 33400 W. Seven Mile Rd, Livonia, Michigan 424 Dairy Road, Kahului, Hawaii 4480 Indian Ripple Road, Dayton, Ohio 16881 Conneaut Lake Road, Meadville, Pennsylvania 1 Millbrook Plaza Lane, Mill Hall, Pennsylvania 300 Lincoln Ave, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 17911 Pacific Ave., S. Spanaway, Washington Sears Aventura Mall, 19505 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida 3199 N White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, New Mexico Northwoods Mall, 7801 Rivers Ave, Charleston, South Carolina Sears chief financial officer, Jason Hollar, suggested in March that the company would be closing stores in addition to the 150 already announced this year. In a prerecorded conference call, Hollar said the company was looking for ways to generate "liquidity" — in other words, cash — and he specifically highlighted the company's real estate. "We have a valuable real-estate portfolio, which at the end of the fourth quarter comprised 1,050 leases with significant optionality, as well as 380 owned stores, many in prominent locations," Hollar said. "We will continue to assess opportunities to right-size our store footprint and inventory levels aligned to our ongoing transformation to an asset-light integrated retail model." Sears is under pressure from years of plunging sales, and investors have been supportive of the company's decision to close its unprofitable stores. Sears now has fewer than 1,500 stores, down from 2,073 five years ago.
  11. I've never heard of them but there ya go. Bebe to close stores and focus on e-commerce Apr 21st 2017 9:44AM Bebe Stores Inc. is reportedly the latest mall fixture to fall victim to the e-commerce world. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that Bebe is planning to close its stores and shift its focus to become an online-only brand. Bloomberg's sources stated that the retailer is trying to shut down its locations without filing for bankruptcy, but Chapter 11 may still be required if negotiations with landlords fall through. There's about 170 Bebe and Bebe Outlet stores currently opened, with 25 locations expected to close this year. Bebe was founded by Manny Mashouf, who emigrated from Iran to the U.S. Mashouf opened the brand's first location in San Francisco in 1976, offering trendy tops and bodycon dresses. The name "Bebe" was inspired by Shakespeare's famous soliloquy in Hamlet: "To be or not to be." At its height in the 2000s, Bebe enlisted a number of celebrities to front its campaigns. Rebecca Romijn, Eva Longoria and Mischa Barton were among the famous faces to appear in the retailer's ads. The Kardashians were also major fans of the brand. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe collaborated with the company to design the spring 2010 collection, and Kim launched a jewelry line with the label. Bloomberg noted that Bebe doesn't have a significant debt, but that it has lost about $200 million over the past four years. Last year, the company entered into a joint venture with Bluestar Alliance LLC to develop a wholesale domestic and international lifestyle licensing business, which in turned helped Bebe raise $35 million. Fellow mall retailers BCBG Max Azria, The Limited and Wet Seal have all recently announced store closures, too. Bebe did not immediately respond to The Hollywood Reporter's request for comments
  12. WOOOOO-HOOOO! So very glad to see you back. I was worried about you there a couple of times. I've heard a lot of people having that 'crud' you had this year. Nasty stuff that keeps hanging on and hanging on. So glad your parents are getting off the mountain for their health. Praying for a safe and smooth move!
  13. Aw, thank you so much. We're gonna keep him.
  14. It was 80 degrees here to day. Wish I could have enjoyed it but I slept all day. I'm not sick or anything but I just couldn't stay awake. I got tired of fighting it so I went to bed, turned the fan on (I love a fan) and just slept. Hope I'm not up all night now.
  15. Thank you.