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  1. Mt. Rider. You've had a couple of bad weeks with doctor visits lately. Hopefully they have all the info they need! My cousin who has Parkinson's has one of those rollators. He really likes it a lot. He can use it like a walker with wheels and it has hand brakes. It also has a little basket attached so he can carry his water bottle etc. If he gets too tired or off balance he can turn it around and sit on it. Also his wife can push him while he sits on it if need be. A lovely day today with the high at 73 degrees. I got half of the yard mowed today. The other half is under water. Lots of rain here.
  2. "Grrr sat up, as usual, barking at cars he didn't like." That made me laugh out loud. I could imagine him saying, "You're okay, you're okay, you're okay. Wait, hold on there Buddy....Ah-roooooo, rooooo. Off of my road!"
  3. Wow Annarchy, I can't even imagine that. It is 59 here today with lots of rain. My grass is....TALL
  4. Your hair is getting longer WE2. Pretty shade...looks highlighted. Two days ago I got a call from my doctors office saying I'm over due for my meds appointment. I told her I know but I'm waiting for my Medicare to start and it's only in a couple of weeks. I told her I had plenty of meds to get me through so it was not a worry. I told them I'll call after June 1st. This morning I got a call from the pharmacy saying they had some meds filled for me. Doctor called them in again this month. Woo-hoo. This is the second month she has done that without me even asking. A preppers dream come true. LOL
  5. Lovely sunny sky today today. Radio said it was 73 but my computer says it's 55. I'm leaning toward the 73 being correct. Either way is fine. It's nice.
  6. Very pretty CG! Mommy bunny looks pretty small. They are so cute. Son rescued a nest off them in his yard a few weeks back. If he didn't the dogs would have had them. They were very interested and not in a good way. I wish I liked exercising too. I just don't.
  7. Sarah, I had this one bookmarked**m-Sports-Drink/
  8. Sometimes I crave Lays potato chips too. Has to be Lays regular chips. Strange. My downfall isn't sweets, salt or chocolate...although I do like them. My usual crave is tangy. Like a mustard/ketchup mix. I'm supposed to be on salt restriction due to high blood pressure. I use Salt Sense at home except I do use canning salt in my home canned food. The heat makes me nauseous and very dizzy. Also my hands swell. I've never been able to tolerate heat very well.
  9. Absolutely love your yard and garden pictures We2! The guy next to me put out those solar lights around his little garden. I don't know if they help to keep nighttime marauders away or not. Two or four legged. They do look nice in the evening though. Looks like things are coming together for your house Miki. That is one serious piece of machinery there Homesteader!
  10. Looks like Annarchy might be busy later. We have 466 528 "guests" on right now.
  11. GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY???? I finally got that %^&* mailbox upright. I didn't use any dirt. I just used the small-ish rocks around four sides. It's still a little wobbly but hopefully the rocks will settle in and hold it up better. I still have almost half a bag left to fill in. It isn't that big of a bag but it was so heavy I couldn't get it out of the Jeep. It's going to be a tussle getting the rest of the bag out. I had to use a cup and dip the rocks out of the bag. I knew I would. Unfortunately I thought I would use them all so I sliced the plastic bag right down the middle. I didn't think that one through. I'd like to put 4 large nice rocks around the four sides of it (a little smaller than a cement block) but I know I'd never get them out of the Jeep after they were put in. If the snow plow guy would just slow down... Or if the city would fix what they tear up...
  12. It's only 50 degrees here today. It was 89 two days ago and 50 today with a small thunder shower. Let the migraines begin.
  13. I'm sorry about Fried. You give them a good life and then let them sleep. Easier said...I know.
  14. Ouch Annarchy! That hurt my back just reading it. Didn't you have a fall not too long ago in your house? I hate compounding falls. I seem to have a lot in a short period of time and then none for a long time. Hopefully this is it for you for a long time. <------- for Miki's house search.