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  1. I finally made it to Wal-Mart today. I got everything on my list except for the blood sugar control solution. I can't find the stuff for my monitor anywhere. Not even on line. I have a number to call tomorrow. It isn't really important but since I saw it mentioned on their Youtube video, I thought it would be a good idea to check it out. Wal-Mart has their back to school stuff out. I don't know about sales but they had tons of stuff. I even found a small zippered pencil case like we used to have back in the old days. I've been looking for one for years. I even tried the office supply stores. I've wanted one to keep my stamps, labels and checkbook in so they are all together and I can just grab it and do my bills. It was all of $0.97. I also got an accordion folder with 5 pockets in it to keep all of my insurance and Medi-care info in. Also the extra pocket I'll use for Social Security stuff next year. That's one little bit of a whole lot of info I now have organized. They had the cutest little Ball canning jars. They are just for decoration. If I wasn't saving my empty grocery store Starbucks Frappuccino bottles I would have bought a couple of 4 packs to start making homemade extracts in. Now that I look at my bottles I'm wondering if they are too big. They are 9.5 ounces. That might be a lot of vanilla etc. extract at one time. They are nice milk bottle shaped and the label peels off pretty easily. I guess extract lasts forever though, huh?
  2. Here is the Youtube video I was talking about and started me thinking.
  3. OH MY YES MIDNIGHTMOM! Oops, sorry for yelling but you were telling my story too. And with AT&T. A couple of years ago I was asking something about my phone and they told me then that no one was offering the land lines any more. Everything was going digital. I backed out of the door very slowly. I still have mine but I don't know for how long. The last time I was in there I had a billing issue. I don't remember what it was but it was legit. I owed them $0.03. Yep, they sent out a bill for 3 cents. Stamp, paper, envelopes cost them more than that. I went in to pay it and they said they didn't accept cash. Oh Lawsy. I had to either pay with a check or credit card. If I didn't pay it, I'd accrue a $5.00 late payment. I wish I would have had my checkbook with me so they would have had to wait for it to clear at the bank but all I had was my credit card. And three pennies. I can't hear worth a crap any more either. And so many people don't face me when I talk to them it makes it doubly hard to hear. I must be ugly. And is it just me or are female voices getting higher? Some of these young whippersnappers sound like they've swallowed a balloon full of helium. Grates on my last nerve. I'd better shut up now 'cause you know I could go on and on...
  4. Elizabeth Gaskell: The Complete Novels
  5. Ya know Ambergris, the thought of my last sight on this earth being a big beagle snout, two long soft velvety ears and two beautiful brown soulful eyes doesn't sound half bad.
  6. In An Aquarium: The Magical Globe Adventures - No 2 in the series of kid's illustrated, read to me, bedtime stories Grandpa Went to Heaven Nursery Rhymes: Mouse Goes To The Doctor -Funny Rhyming Picture Book for Beginner Readers/Bedtime Story 2- 8 Picky Ricky & The Food Fairy Rhyming Book for Kids "Cutie Sue Fights the Germs": An Adorable Story About Health and Personal Hygiene (Picture Book, Preschool book, Ages 3-6) Books for Kids: Should I Share My Toys?: (Children's book about a Little Boy Who Learns How To be Generous, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Ages 3-5 The Call of the Wild
  7. "I'm sure I'll never pee alone again!" That made me laugh out loud. Been there... Mine used to wait until I got in a nice warm bathtub and then nose the door open to make sure I haven't drowned. As the cold air rushed in she would turn around and walk out. If I closed the door tightly she would scratch on it until I opened it. You know how when you have a newborn in the house and you have to wait until they are asleep to sneak in a bath? That was me for 13 years. Ugh, I hate changing companies and learning new stuff that I'm not really interested in. My company keeps wanting to change my plan saying I can get it a couple of dollars cheaper. Not worth the headache to me. I also know what they are up to. They want to get rid of my landline and make it digital.
  8. I thought about freezing it but my fridge freezer is usually pretty full of everyday (not long term storage) food. It's pretty small too. And then there is the power outage issue. I was watching some of The Kneady Homesteader videos and in a few of her older videos she mentioned the big power outage in 2003 (I think). I went through it too and it was awful and it was for 'only' five days. NOTHING was open because there was no power to operate anything. And it was DARK. I had my wind up radio for updates. I'm not sure how others went through it but thankfully I was able to hole up in the house. I tend to forget about that until something jogs my memory. Anyway...I was thinking about how you can can your own fresh juice so why not bottled juice. No way could I buy that many oranges and squeeze them myself to make enough juice to can. I'm going to start looking around in my area for 100% juice and organic inn my area. I can't remember where I saw it. If I bookmarked it, I'll post it.
  9. Yes, that's who it was. I couldn't think of her name when I posted. Righty-O! She used a common recipe and said she just adds mayo when she serves it but I think it would be to vinegary for my taste. My MIL used to make it back in the 70's and froze it and it was called freezer slaw. Nothing like traditional 'cole slaw'. RELISH. That's the word that describes it best. That's what got me thinking about canning up just the veggies together and then adding the mayo when it's opened. But thinking about a canned probably would be too soft for a traditional cole slaw. Maybe I'll try some this winter with pickle crisp added to the jar?
  10. I got a lot of errands run today that I planned out last night. I still need to go to Wal-Mart though. I just got pooped out. I need some of those little button batteries and some of that tester fluid stuff to make sure my sugar tester is still calibrated correctly. I need a couple of totes to store some fabric in too. I also forgot to drop the mail in the box. I want to pick up one of those crafting gloves for when I start quilting again this coming winter. I'm not sure how my arthritis is going to act up when I start back up. It probably won't be happy but maybe I can sweet talk it with a brand new glove. I'd like to eventually make 4-5 nice quilts for a quilt display box I've seen in the Amish shops. I don't have one but maybe some day... I did get the yard mowed this morning. I felt a few rain drops but it never amounted to anything more. About an hour or so after I mowed the weed guy came and did his thing so that was perfect timing. Wish it would rain on it now but none is expected this week. I feel a headache coming on so I'm going to take a couple of Advil and go to bed early. Then get up early in the morning and get Wal-Mart out of the way. There was something I wanted to pick up at Michaels but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. It isn't on my list though. I guess I figured I'd remember what it was.
  11. It's only 65 degrees here now. I'm glad I didn't turn the air on last week now. Seems like it goes from one extreme to another here lately.
  12. Another canning question. Can you can bottled orange juice that you get from the store? I saw another video of a person doing it. Guess who has been marathon watching Youtube canning videos? I know some people ask, "Why would you want to." I get that a lot but the truth is I'm only one person here and a big bottle of juice will go bad on me before I can drink it. And the little plastic bottles don't store very well and need to be refrigerated. It would be nice to have a few pints of orange juice stashed away in the pantry. It might be my imagination but I think home canned lasts much longer than store packaged food. Every winter I buy 2 jugs of cranberry juice just in case I get some funky kidney issue thing going on and can't get to the store or don't feel like going out, and every year I end up throwing it out. Straight cranberry juice is getting harder to find too. It's mostly cran-apple or cran-grape etc. One year of sitting on my shelf and it gets cloudy and changes color. Not at all appetizing. I'm wondering if it is the plastic as opposed to glass containers? I digress. Does anyone know of a reason not to can store bought orange juice? Or maybe from the 100% frozen concentrate juice? It would be nice to have a few pints or even half-pints of juice stored on the shelf.
  13. Mr.

    I wouldn't think so. Did you make sure your mangos were submerged in water or Fruit Fresh as you were preparing them? If not, the air would cause them to turn dark. Sorry I don't have any other clues for you.
  14. Just wondering about canning cole slaw. I know there is a Ball recipe for canning it where it is sort of pickled. Not 'sort of' it is. I like that well enough but I saw a video of a woman who said she takes the canned slaw and when she serves it she adds mayo to make a creamy cole slaw. Has anyone ever done that? Does it taste too pickled and not like regular store bought creamy type slaw? Then I wondered (Uh-Oh) could you just can the shredded veggie parts ie; cabbage, carrots, onion and bell peppers together in a jar and add the mayo when you open it? Pack the jars, add clear water and pressure can. I suppose you should do the salt it down, refrigerate and squeeze out the excess water first though, huh? Don't know. Either way, pickled or plain, it will still be canned so I know it won't be crunchy which is fine with me. Wonder if the cabbage would get too strong. I wish I had more time to experiment with it but I just don't right now. The woman is an Aussie so her idea of slaw and American type slaw might be different. I don't know about that one either.
  15. ^SNIP^ "We" have placed over 150 dogs now. Three to children and MANY to veterans. All donated.