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  1. Granny, I agree it's probably from tomato horn worms ... here is a link to read about them, my dad lost 2 plants completely stripped in 2 days, they are hard to see even though they are about the size of your thumb by the time you notice your bare plants... (they make excellent fish bait though! ;o) http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/dp_hfrr/extensn/p...ms/hornworm.htm best and fastest way is to just pick them off by hand... but it might be a good idea to go ahead and dust them with your choice of insect control too, in case there are some little ones lurking someplace... good luck! AM.
  2. Question about dogs

    im with the vet crowd...get it done asap, worms can kill pups... spring for the vet flea stuff too, if you dont you will do battle with them for a loooooonnngggg time...(put this under the ask me how i know catagory) and put some moth balls in your vaccumm cleaner bags, this way when you do get fleas or their eggs in there they will die. once you get the fleas under control, I doubt you will have to keep them on the stuff all the time, (I dont, just if there is another outbreak). good luck! AM
  3. thanks for checking that for me... but the one im looking for was made from fresh tomatoes.... that does sound good though! AM
  4. BOTH! we have gobs of tomatoes to get used up! thanks.
  5. some friends of mine made what they called homemade campbell's tomato soup from a recipe a few years ago, and now they cant find the recipe for it anywhere... it was sooo goooood, and it did taste like the canned only way better....does anyone know of such a thing? she said it did have red peppers in it but that is all she can remember... also she thought that the gal that gave it to her got it out of an OLD red and white checkered betty crocker cook book... its not much to go on, but let me tell you if we can find it its worth the trouble! thanks, AM

    Gingerrrr! (Megahugs) This was such a good story for me, I volunteer at a high school right now and ever worry over my kids (Well,.. they are not realllyyyyy mine but..). This gave me much needed heart. Thanks, Cookie
  7. Condo-hunting Stress

    Oye CHICA!!! Darlene, you know I'll never be far, I mean aren't we the only true south FLA's online? LOL. YOU are not rid of me yet, missy! LOL BTW-update- I'm having trouble checking the tenent's laws, but will get more info (South FLA internet troubles or someone hacked into the local GOV lines.) I've been busy with work/househunting and homelife. (grin). I couldn't find contractor bags at our home depot here in little havana, but they'd heard of them and they sounded so cool.I am going to wrap dainty dishes and crystals in paper then buffer with kitchen towels, bath towels etc. Great ideas. What's your opinion on those *vacuum bags* ( as seen on TV...hahaha). Any good? I did hit up my local grocery (Publix for Darlene) for boxes as well as my work for the computer paper boxes. The notebook idea is great!!!! A friend said to tape a plastic organizer file to the box to easily extract the print out of what's in the box (my handwriting is atrocious! Hahaha!). I appreciate the help! Moving just a few things is okay, but a household move is soooooooo much more!!!! Where did I get all this stuff? ACK!!! Your semi-packrat pal, cookie
  8. Hello All

    Hey there and welcome!!! cookie ------------------
  9. Oh mt gosh, these have been funny!!! Glad you enjoyed the sherlock one,it's pretty famous...mind if I submit more? Short scottish joke: To men drinking in a pub discussing dying the best way. "yeah"guy 1 says"Iwant to go like me granddad, peacefully in my sleep. Not screaming and shrieking in terror like his passengers." The very bad cookie ------------------
  10. Insta-cookie (a drive-by cookie-ing)

    Thanks pals.... *ahem* I must comment on one thing ..Spitfire, who has added a whole new level to sporadic by doing her ninja visits to different sections of the forum(I.E.Hmmmmmmmmm)has much gall teasing MOI about occassional belated postings. Lifted eyebrow and wicked sister grin. but I digress... Thanks for the welcome homes and sisterly head thumps to my nogin for having been missing for too long. Love you too gang. hugs, cookie ------------------
  11. Great present you got... If you do end up peeling the grapes, I believe you can make Grappa out of them. Cookie what about pear ice cream?
  12. why................................

    Hey there, Since I see the traditional brown, I'm tempted to wink at my Great Britain friends and ask what they've been partying with? LOL It sounds like a flux in your server actually. much hugs cookie ------------------
  13. Becca-Annnnnnnnnnnnnne! Major hugs to you and our silly Hillbillieeeeee for ever worrying about not being able to post. Hello! This is the cyber, you live in the real *World* and sometimes the cyber space has to wait. It's that simple and all understand, okay buddy? much love and hugs.. cookie ------------------
  14. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson go on a camping trip.After a good meal and a bottle of wine, they lay done to sleep.Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend. "Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see." Watson: "I see millions and millions of stars." "What does that mean to you"? Dr. Watson pondered a moment. "Astronomically, it tells me there are billions and billions of planets. Astrologically I observe that Saturn is in Leo.Horologically, I deduce that it is a quarter past three.Theologically, I can see that God is powerful and that we are small and insignificant.Meteorlogically, I suspect we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you?" Holmes was silent a moment then spoke. "Watson, you moron, someone has stolen our tent". LOL ------------------
  15. Bad news, more prayers needed

    Prayers, love and hugs girlfriend, I'm praying for strength for you and yours and tenacity. Much loving hugs, cookie here if you need another shoulder too.

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