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  1. Marriage - I hope I'm not the only one

    WOw Jewlzm sounds like quite a journey...absolutley awesome! I cant imagine what that will feel like. My husband and I are told we look very young and everyone is just so surprised at 3 years of marriage...we just look at each other and smile like its SUCCESS...but it has its times where its like a;lkdjfl;aksdjf;alsdkjfa;slkdjfasl;dkfja jejejeje I know you gals know what I mean. We recently thought we were pregnant...I was soo late! two pregnacy test and a blood test later...it was a negative. WE were very nervous because we want to plan our pregnancies but just the thought of children made us realize we needed to start creating a better enviroment for future kidoes...we want to establish things like reading the word before we go to bed...not rasing our voices and settling disputes quickly that sorta thing. So it really got us thinking...our homes wernt exactly perfect I mean our moms were our Heroes but our dads lacked so much...so we want to be better parents. prob. in 2 more years! Because afterall when is the right time??
  2. Marriage - I hope I'm not the only one

    Hello Everyone! Thanks for all the warmth! Unfortunatly becuase of work I dont get to visit as often!!! Is Valentines day supposed to be more meaningful when you are married?? Well for us it was a regular day..I always go all out. But Hubby lost his job and that just took all of our energy...I dont have children, I know a lot of you here do...Anyone married for 3-5 years??? I'm going on 3 years...so!!! You can imagine why sometimes I need all the advice I can GET!!! I know God is dealing with me. Especially with my character I can be quiet and too myself but I have a point of view, my own way of seeing things and goodness my own way of wanting things done....but I know that molding is part of God building his own character in me...and in the end I want to be more and more like him! Well I look forward to many more discussions...feel free to share your own experiences!
  3. I recently searched desperatly for a place where I could meet married women and find advice...My life is fast paced filled with daily tasks and activities ranging from work,duties at home and church...everyday of the week is something to do...I help other women and the youth in my church and my friends are people that I'm helping with their own christian life so I cant really open up to anyone about my own issues..does that happen to anyone else? I have my sister but shes unmarried and is someone that I can only vent with. These things you cant just share with family because in the end it might change the way they see your marriage (not that I want to feel perfect, but I choose not too). With marriage one day seems like the last of it! and the other you are back at it for life! So during this rollercoaster of mine I found this place...I wanted to open this forum to meet other women like myself. A place to open up mingle and BE! God has been the only one with me through it all! Talk to me.

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