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  1. We're just getting started around here. "They" tell us to wait until after Mother's Day in Northern Iowa but most of us can't stand the wait and begin as soon as it warms up. We sometimes lose things and often have to cover things but after a brutal cold winter the suns warmth is too inviting to ignore. So, I've put out 5 tomato plants, 2 hills of cucumbers, a package of sugar snap peas, 1 green pepper plant and radishes. More will go out in a couple of weeks but it's been in the 70's off and on for a week and 82 yesterday so how could I not get started? I've also planted three 60' rows of flower seeds in front of the house. Cleome in the back, cosmos in the middle and zinnias in the front. All in purples and whites. I had plans to make it bright and colorful with all shade of colors but somewhere along the line I ended up with purples. I'm not quite sure when or why I changed but we'll hope it's pretty. What have you done?
  2. Cabbage

    Beautiful Annarchy! For us in Iowa we can let them grow until it gets hot. After that they lose a lot of their sweetness and tenderness. And yes, as Mt. Rider said, they'll split when they get too big. Pick that thing and get to eating. YUM!
  3. Been Ages!

    They told me my colors would be better too. I thought they were nuts. I could see colors just fine. WRONG! LOL Colors were so sharp and vibrant after surgery that I was totally amazed. The original change must have come on so gradually I didn't realize it had even changed.
  4. Been Ages!

    Wow, hope your DH is doing well. That's kind of a surgery to do I'd think. Did your cataract surgery go well? I had mine done over 20 years a go now and it was great! We've moved to a smaller place too. We put up a new house that's one story, no basement and no garage. Hope to get a garage in time but being retired and not having to get out I can usually stay home a couple of days and let the snow work it's way off the car. Like you doing much prepping in this smaller house is kind of tough. However the old house will stay empty so many things are still over there. I'm sure before next winter decisions will need to be made because I doubt DH is going to want to heat the old unheatable barn of a house.
  5. Ugh. People

    Oh Jeepers, that's a hoot. LOL Thankfully he really is so young that you didn't have to question any of it!!!
  6. Been Ages!

    What's been going on in all of your lives? How about at Mrs.S? I'm so happy to be remembered by some of you and hope to meet others along the way.
  7. Rhubarbs Ready.....

    One of the first things ready here in Northern Iowa is rhubarb. Today I've been freezing bags, 2 cups per bag, and putting them in the freezer for winter eating. DH likes it cooked as a sauce on the stove and of course adding plenty of sugar. I'll also use it for rhubarb desserts. Yesterday I made rhubarb jam. Yummy and so easy. This recipe doubles, triples and I've even quadrupled it. Yesterday I made a double batch of strawberry and another double batch of black cherry. 6 cups rhubarb, chopped in 1/2 to 1" pieces 3 1/2 cups sugar 1/4 cup water Put the above ingredients in a sauce pan and cook on high until the sugar dissolves, 2-5 minutes. Lower heat and cook 10 minutes. Uncover and cook another 10-15 minutes until tender.. Remove from heat and stir in a small box of Jell-O. My recipe calls for strawberry but I've used other flavors too. Ladle into sterilized jars. Wipe rims and add sterilized flats and rings. Screw lids on tightly and turn upside down on a towel for 5 minutes and then stand right side up. If you prefer you can follow how to water bath in the Ball Blue Book Let cool overnight. In the morning remove the rings, wash jars with warm soapy water.and and store for delicious winter eating.
  8. Have you read an Untamed Land by Laurine Snelling? It's a series I read for the first time years ago. I seldom reread a book but I read these again over the winter. It's about the Bjorklund family who leaves Norway in 1880 to homestead on the North Dakota prairie. There's love, joy, heartache and tragedy. All the things you need for a good read.. You can find it in Kindle, paperback, hardbound, audio or MP3. I checked mine out at my local library. With 1237 reviews it's received 4 1/2 stars.
  9. Been Ages!

    Thanks for the welcome back ladies!
  10. Been Ages!

    Nice to be thought of! I used to make breakfast burritos and freeze them years ago but I haven't for so long that I'd forgotten all about them. Grandchildren are the best! I have a 10 year old grandson and 8 year old granddaughter that live close enough to walk over. Then I have a 2 year old grandson at Lake Tahoe that I don't see very often. It does sound like you keep busy with your children. That's always a good thing!
  11. Been Ages!

    Everyone I haven't been here for ages but I'm hoping to reconnect. Life has been busy but now seems to have settled down some.....thankfully!!! I've been reading a little and have seen Snowmom's recent post about Old Pine. Gee Snowmom, I hope things are working out. You will both be in my prayers! I haven't read a whole lot yet so am hoping others are doing well, that there are still people here who might remember me and to the new ones! A big to everyone!!! Dee
  12. Please pray for Old Pine

    We are good here Annarchy and hope this finds you and yours well also!
  13. Please pray for Old Pine

    Oh Carol, I'm so sorry. I didn't know any of this with Old Pine. Our prayers to all of you!!!
  14. Midwest U.S. Bird Flu

    Iowa has or will be destroying 31,000,000 (yes that's million) chickens and turkeys.
  15. Ok, this is absolutely ridiculous and now I'm PI$$ED! Nothing was ever said about not working. I said we'd quit, meaning quit farming or milking. Meaning we'd go to town and work like most of you do, which many of us do anyway. Each and everyone of you can keep twisting my words to whatever you want them to mean. Evidently what I meant and what you seem to take it as are completely different. I am totally sick of it and all of you. My point was....if you want cheap food there will be subsidies. If you want to pay full price, which I am in total agreement with, then drop the subsidies. YOU CANNOT have it both ways. I really do need to give up and quit coming in here to read all of this!!!

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