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    Irma has given bunches of wake-up calls. I wonder how many will pay attention once the electricity is back on.
  2. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    My DF and DSM fled from Orlando to Denver! While I was blinking over that news, saw three other people I knew relocate from the Orlando area to ... Denver. My guess is there was an airline with some good prices for that flight.
  3. mushroom ketchup

    Neat. I've made walnut ketchup, but didn't like it. This looks better.
  4. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    Thank you. We got her in the year of four hurricanes. She was (probably) our eldest. In the white patches, her fur was so soft and fine it would float like dust motes. She was annoyingly clingy. And I miss her.
  5. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    I'm okay, but some pit bulls got into my yard and savaged my elderly cat.
  6. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    It's been a hundred and fifty years since Tallahassee has seen winds like we could get this time.
  7. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    The slower it moves, the worse the flooding gets.
  8. Quick update

    The neck surgery did me a lot of good. I hope it will give her what she needs.

    I'm picturing brownies on the grill. I'm not standing as much as I'd thought I would be, but any little bit is a help--and a step in the right direction.
  10. Time to start working on the garden

    What kind of fruit?
  11. A Neighbor's Trials

  12. WormGuy??

    This is ominous.
  13. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    Kimba, you can't go wrong by buying a couple of boxes of 2.5 gallon slide-lock bags (they come a dozen to a box) and sliding your family/financial records into them now, long before the storm. The bags won't hold a huge picture album, but most other papers and books will fit. While packing them, you will probably come to some conclusions about what to take and what to leave. If you're going to stay (or might possibly stay) consider some duct tape and contractor-grade black garbage bags, if you can still get them. Among other things, you can line the toilet bowl with a bag, taping it in place, and collect your waste without using water to flush with. This is far more comfortable (and less likely to tip over) than a toilet made out of a five-gallon bucket. Being able to close off and replace a bag every day will do wonders for the liveability of a house without running water. A container of baby wipes can also be a low-cost, high-return item. If you get the duct tape, drawing some Xes on the windows--all upstairs windows and the downstairs on the most exposed side may help cleanup, even if you're not personally responsible for dealing with any broken glass. For more money, you can use a construction site boom box to power your phones, fans, router, and other small items. Ours has been great in the last few blackouts. Way cheaper and safer (and quieter, and less stinky) than a gas generator. Less powerful too, but that's your trade-off.

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