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  1. Today and yesterday have been just gorgeous. Couldn't ask for better weather. I had lunch with friends both days, and we couldn't get over how lovely the air was.
  2. I've heard of other rodents eating car wiring.
  3. I hear a tire swing does wonders for entertaining goats.
  4. I've seen it on roses. Some were bug magnets and some not. I'm guessing this one draws the bugs away from the others, because otherwise they should have had some visitation.
  5. Horticultural note: I have killed dozens and dozens of leaf-footed nymphs and one leaf-footed adult on my jaune flamme tomatoes. Three of the fruit have been ruined by them. None of the fruit has ripened in an edible state. I have not seen a single nymph or adult on either of the other tomatoes. Now the question is whether the jaune flamme is good enough as a trap plant to justify itself, because I don't think I'll ever get to taste anything from it.
  6. That's a good way to die.
  7. Not miserable hot here yet, but hot enough to notice. Getting one or two cherry tomatoes every day for breakfast. They're by the door as I leave in the morning, so I just pick them on the way to the car. The milk and wine lilies bloomed out one stalk and dropped it, and are now in full bloom on a second stalk!
  8. Perseverance!
  9. I want to try muscovy pastrami.
  10. The cherry tomato is somewhat sour, but no telling what genes it will cast forward or how they'll mix with the other tomatoes. As I think on it, the long-vining cherry and the dwarf will probably not mix well, but we'll see.
  11. There were a few in the panhandle, but I guess they were extinguished.
  12. Take care.