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  1. They've been collecting Florida sales tax for years.
  2. Dinner was roast chunk of a pig raised one county east of me and purple potatoes from buckets in my front yard.
  3. I hardly ever could get any mullein for my own use, but it sure worked as a trap plant for bugs and slugs!
  4. Also, if you till in lots of oak leaves and pine straw, they create more humus as well as aerating the soil. You first need to run over the piles of leaves and needles SEVERAL times with your mower if you want them (especially the pine needles) to decompose at all, but you will be thrilled at the minerals available in clay soil, and how they translate to tasty vegetables.
  5. Your work is dearly appreciated.
  6. Still getting the "Dangerous" warnings.
  7. H7 confirmed in a commercial flock in northwest Georgia.
  8. It's in Tennessee birds now, and Georgia has just clamped down on movement of birds.
  9. Aaaaaand I now have about 15 tabs open.
  11. Yeah.
  12. I still get the dangerous page.
  13. Explain, please, WE2?
  14. Looking forward to the people instead of the echoes.