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  1. Party went fine. Way too much food, as usual. But my son forgot to take the car back out and fill it up yesterday, so I looked down this morning and realized I wasn't going to make it in. (I hate seeing the bottom eighth of the tank anyway!) So I got gas, and realized I could operate the nozzle! When I tried yesterday, my hands wouldn't work right and the gnome went to stabbing me again. I feel just so much better today, it's crazy. Which is particularly good because the moving schedule was condensed. They were supposed to tell me yesterday. Today I found out I was losing my desk this morning (instead of tomorrow morning) when the guys were standing in the hallway outside my office. Luckily, I'd packed most of it yesterday so I could focus on party stuff today. Finished up while they were getting the credenza (which was SUPPOSED to disappear today) wrangled out the doors.
  2. Don't worry, Mom. If you fall in, I'll be here to provide you with a loving last vision. Back has been acting up last couple of days. Almost came home from work at lunchtime to stretch out in bed. Good thing I didn't, because once I did get there, it didn't help. Tomorrow is the office birthday party, and it's my team's turn to throw it. I had all kinds of plans (you know that avocado salad that's all over Facebook? yeah, that one. And a loaf of hot bread that rose and baked in the lunchroom.) But then came reality. And the fact I had to pack my office up because they're hauling out my furniture tomorrow to make room for the standing desk that comes on Thursday. And the fact I can barely think or move at half speed. So I got packaged salads from Publix and a few extra ingredients to throw in, and there will be pizza from Dave's along with a Costco cake. And life will move on.
  3. They died. Remember that quote from Helen Keller? Her mother repeated the old saying that once a child passes its second summer, it is safe.
  4. Go NORMAL!
  5. The preps we went through a few years ago were full of things I couldn't eat. Now it goes in the prep room only if both DS1 and I can eat it. DS2 does not live at the house, and DDIL can't eat for example turmeric or nightshades (except at Taco Bell) so I don't plan around their diets.
  6. I never think of Europe as muggy. But of course bodies of water mean humidity.
  7. ! So glad Mr MR was not pole-axed!
  8. Hello?
  9. I make converted rice usually. The other rice was too soft, like I'd used too much water.
  10. This month's sale: The papa bear size is $3500, the mama bear size is $2500, and the baby bear size is $2200.
  11. Pm'd you.
  12. For baking potatoes, yes.
  13. Started a new round with the chiro today. Me and my son both. He felt okay after the accident, but this morning his back hurt so much it took half an hour to get out of bed. This evening he's groaning and cussing at every movement, just like me. Chiro is taking him in too. I like getting back to function, but it just takes soooo muuuuch tiiiiiimmme. Especially sharing a car. At least we have the car, though. Is the new innertube in yet?