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  1. Events of this summer....aieee!

    Continuing prayers for all of your concerns, my friend. Along with much love.
  2. Hello Everybody

    WELCOME! If Annarchy likes you, I do, too! *giggle* There is a lot of good information here, and if you can't find what you might want, please feel free to ask. A PM (Private Message) is an easy way, if you don't want to post out for all to see. Just click on the person's name and you'll find a place to "message". I'm not here as much as I used to, as life gets busy. But I still hang around because the hugs are sweet. These are my "people". Welcome, and I hope you enjoy looking around.
  3. Please pray for Old Pine

    Thanks for the update. My prayers continue. And I hope you know that I pray also for you and your loved ones around you who are helping and supporting you both. I wish I could give you a "real life" hug.
  4. Non-GMO Long Term Food Storage from Legacy

    Weird. Looks like a strange mixture of different languages, to me. I tried a French translation because of some of the words, and it only got some words translated.
  5. Looks like it could carry Listeria. http://trucksusa.info/2017/06/29/alert-americas-most-popular-cheese-recalled-immediately-throw-it-away-it-can-kill-your-family/
  6. Farm Dust

    Now you're gonna have to PM me and tell me which "local" stores I can search to find this! Or maybe I'll just come kidnap you and we'll go shopping!!!! I haven't been over that way for a long time.
  7. Free Summer Kindle Reading For Kids

    WONDERFUL! Thank you! I got them for my own PC, but also sent on a copy to the grandchildren's parents for "right away!"
  8. Hello?

    Any particular day or time that might be easier to plug in? Week days, or weekends? Evenings are often better for me, but I'm on Eastern time and that might be a problem for some, right? And hey, sometimes my afternoons are my "down times". And we could set up more than one time so that people have a choice. (Now I gotta figure out the chat and other stuff!)
  9. Hello?

    Life gets so busy. I know that FaceBook has taken more of the time that I used to spend here, but it gives me a connection with old classmates, mostly, that I've missed. Not that I was ever close to them 40+ years ago, but it's been interesting to "get to know them" all over again as adults. But then I don't know if there's much I can do around here to help, any more. The vast amount of helpful information Is here, already, and things are just different. Any ideas on a way to reconnect and plug-in as a great group of friends here? Even the "chat" tells me that I don't have permission to "chat" here. Would it be fun to set up specific chat times again? Create special posts to pull people in to talk? I miss you.
  10. Please pray for Old Pine

    We're still praying for you all, and we understand that God knows the details, so it's OK if you're too busy or too stressed to write. May God hold you close and give you His peace and His joy.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=la_B0190057CQ_B0190057CQ_sr?rh=i%3Abooks&field-author=Stephanie+Rodda&sort=relevance&ie=UTF8&qid=1496449518 If you can't see her second one at this link, click on the link at the bottom of the first book's page. BOTH are free today!
  12. Our friend Rita is gone...

    Oh, OK. I thought Rita might have gone to Darlene's *sigh* It's been such a long time ago.
  13. Our friend Rita is gone...

    If I remember correctly, she was displaced by Hurricane Katrina and went to Texas, where she's lived for years, since. Seems like maybe she went to one of Darlene's get-togethers?

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