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  1. Can orange juice be canned safely? I didn't know that.
  2. True, sea nearby and lot of water anyway. But also at the cabin, far inland in Germany, previously swampy area, now drained and still humid.
  3. Been for a long walk with next door's doggie already this morning, been shopping and now some laptop time for myself. Later on gather things I am taking to a family that is getting a house next week, they're in a shelter now and deep i ndebt. Need to start all over so trying to find them as much as possible from what they need. Incredibly humid here, today not as hot but do one step and you sweat buckets. Been to the Spakenburgse dagen yesterday and just spoke with my sister, we might go there next week wednesday together. Big step for both of us as we haven't been in contact for years and only since last december we're trying to establish a connection. No fights or anything, just our very dysfunctional family's past that broke off contact between nearly everybody. So this is a good step forwards.
  4. Oh boo, is it like that all year around?
  5. Thank you Miki, knowing how busy you are I appreciate you thought of it
  6. Great idea ladies, I will send you a message on FB. It will show up in Other Inbox, my name there is Christy Ten.
  7. I am very sorry, having a very bad uveitis flare up and not able to see much. Not really been online much at all. Will try to send a card at least and hope to include something.
  8. So nice to read what you're all doing in the world. Yesterday I removed two trailerloads of scrapwood from someone's garden and the day before one load. I'm aching all over and too tired to do anything today. Will saw it all to oven-stove-length pieces over the weekend but today my body is on strike. Sure can feel I'm not 18 anymore!
  9. That's the one Miks, plus they're heavy and nobody around to teach folks how to properly use them.
  10. I did participate a few times over the years. So I'm signing up again Miki, I'm at the cabin until half november so any letters will arrive here, just saying. Should the mood take you so, feel free to write (or print in your case)
  11. (((Cat)))
  12. I want to join but it'd have to be something flat and light cos postage is terrible. Plus I'm not sure I want to put others through the costs of posting to me.
  13. I was aware of the dangers of lye but saw no other way to make it better again. Followed instructions of a group for Cast Iron wares on FB. Door to the kitchen open and extraction fan on full blast and me peering from behind the door
  14. Last year I stripped a skillet back to the bare bottom with a lye bath. Worked a treat and I could build up a good seasoning again.
  15. Mt, extremely huggable. Dear departed Nima and Maxje used to sleep in bed with me when in Germany (everything one level floor here) and he'd love being cuddled and petted. His fur checked and generally being near theirhumans and interacting. They're a bit more relaxed than general GSD and can be fierce when needed but before then they're just fluffy bears. Mt, you went two weeks without visiting people? Did youhave vistors or where you alone all that time?