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  1. I am very sorry, having a very bad uveitis flare up and not able to see much. Not really been online much at all. Will try to send a card at least and hope to include something.
  2. So nice to read what you're all doing in the world. Yesterday I removed two trailerloads of scrapwood from someone's garden and the day before one load. I'm aching all over and too tired to do anything today. Will saw it all to oven-stove-length pieces over the weekend but today my body is on strike. Sure can feel I'm not 18 anymore!
  3. That's the one Miks, plus they're heavy and nobody around to teach folks how to properly use them.
  4. I did participate a few times over the years. So I'm signing up again Miki, I'm at the cabin until half november so any letters will arrive here, just saying. Should the mood take you so, feel free to write (or print in your case)
  5. (((Cat)))
  6. I want to join but it'd have to be something flat and light cos postage is terrible. Plus I'm not sure I want to put others through the costs of posting to me.
  7. I was aware of the dangers of lye but saw no other way to make it better again. Followed instructions of a group for Cast Iron wares on FB. Door to the kitchen open and extraction fan on full blast and me peering from behind the door
  8. Last year I stripped a skillet back to the bare bottom with a lye bath. Worked a treat and I could build up a good seasoning again.
  9. Mt, extremely huggable. Dear departed Nima and Maxje used to sleep in bed with me when in Germany (everything one level floor here) and he'd love being cuddled and petted. His fur checked and generally being near theirhumans and interacting. They're a bit more relaxed than general GSD and can be fierce when needed but before then they're just fluffy bears. Mt, you went two weeks without visiting people? Did youhave vistors or where you alone all that time?
  10. Thank you all, he's rather lovely in personality and that matters most. Annarchy, it's a longhaired German Shepherd, they are slightly bigger and a bit more relaxed than regular GSD. Today cleaned rest of the house and for the first time ever it looks like a house and not just a building where my things are kept. Getting ready for guests tomorrow from Utah. I know her from Facebook and she mentioned they were travelling Germany and I invited her here. So today in last preparation of that, mowed lawn a bit,moved the caravan on my own through overgrown garden and hoisted 140 rooftiles to the barn. Still tons of work to do such as sewing curtains for my old timer caravan but I can do that tomorrow while waiting for them to arrive. They'll sleep in a bedroom and me in caravan cos they need to get rid of their jetlag. Next weekend will also bring a few more guests for a small party I'm having. Didn't celebrate anything for years as I was doing so badly but it's much better now and we'll have a bbq and salads and the works. Pic is Juval ready to pick up his canine friends for a night out on the town
  11. Thank you Daisy and SnapshotMiki, Miks, did you see the video of the little girl-dog I'm maybe adopting as well? I love dogs anyway but the way the world is going now, I prefer to have at least one again. Not many people brave an unknown GSD.
  12. Cleared 5 binbags with clothes and curtains for charity this weekend. Got all fabric in one wardrobe and yarns in 12 big curver boxes, nice and tidy. Moved all sewing knicknacks in one room, with machines and dedicated table. Have still to put my big loom together but pretty impressed wit hthe workd so far. Took one big wardrobe to pieces that will be used to create a nook under the stairs. Got mattrasses and pretty fabrics to dress it. Forgot to add, also laid down carpet in one room which meant hoisting the wardrobe on my own there. Managed to do that with a little standing edge so the carpet now seals off cold that creeps up between wall and floorboards.
  13. You could ask in Canning on Facebook and if you don't want to be in a group, you could PM Ann Crum there. She runs that group and is very friendly. She'll find the answer for you.