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  1. If you feel the earth move just a is Momo doing the very happy dance. We finally have water again. Our pipe burst underground sometime Wednesday and it took until now to get a friend with equipment to dig down four feet and find the leak. What a relief. Other than that we had a nice day. Dear son and family took me to lunch for a belated birthday meal. It was delicious Vietnamese food. I enjoyed it. The girls had made me homemade greeting cards and pictures. I need much more wall space to display them! It is nice to see we are getting things back to normal here at MrsS. Thanks to all of those who work and maintain this site!
  2. You can't EVER have too much
  3. I hear you about the doctors. It is very frustrating to deal with most of them..and then their staffs..grrr We have had a rocky 2017 too but it could have been worse. Several friends have died and DH has been sick. I am so sorry you lost Petey. That is hard to bear.
  4. He is slowly gaining some weight! He has also quit smoking. On the other hand he is sleeping alot. He is taking 2 daily naps. I hope it is only temporary and could be a result of no nicotine to give him a kick.
  5. I miss alot of people! It will be great when this gets fixed. Thanks for all your work Annarchy.
  6. We'll miss you and your recall lists. Hurry back soon!
  7. Check your local location for details. On April 4th from 12-8 pm get a free scoop of ice cream at B&J stores.
  8.'m sure you're not a fool either. It is beautiful and sunny today but a bit chilly. I've been trying to get some inside stuff done. I made a nice large supper so DH is happy. I don't make large meals very often anymore. It's just the two of us so I have cut back on making lots of side dishes and seldom make a dessert. I go to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning. Not looking forward to it as I suspect they will find that I need some more work. DH has still quit smoking after his hospital stay last month. I am so glad. I hope he can keep it up forever.
  9. I posted for two weeks since we missed last week. I hope someone has been able to keep up with their walking program!
  10. Don't forget..another new episode tonight.
  11. Wal Mart is giving out free cupcakes in honor of your birthday(no matter when that is)! Given out today only for everyone from 12-4 pm.
  12. I'm glad ours isn't closing. I got a great deal there once on a no name dryer. It has been trouble free for 10 years.
  13. Very good Snowy. I am impressed.
  14. We had to go into town for tests for DH. For some reason his bloodwork for his many ailments is better..even after a week in the hospital and a bad case of bronchitis. I am so thankful! We had a bad storm on the way home. We just pulled over in a parking lot and rode it out. Hard to believe a few months ago we were in a drought. Jeepers enjoy those babies! I love the names of Thelma and Louise for the pygmies.
  15. I didn't get the warning just now!!! Yeah!