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  1. Aldis super deals

    It is another month later and Aldi's is still selling eggs and milk at these prices!
  2. Quick update

    I hope your wife can get some relief. Health issues are about the worst thing there is. I sympathize since I just found out last week that my back is shot too. At least I am still somewhat mobile. I can't imagine how hard it is for you both to cope. I will be thinking and praying for you both.
  3. Aldis super deals

    For the past month eggs and milk have been very cheap at Aldi's. Today a gallon of milk (any kind whole, skim or 2%) was 79 cents and a dozen large eggs was 25 cents. Neither of these have been advertised so I'm guessing it's not a national sale but keep your eye out at your local store!
  4. I was in the store looking at the Simplicity vintage pattern section and some were patterns I still have from high school. LOl. I guess I'm old enough to be vintage now.
  5. It's been a while

    What sad news. I wish there was something we could do or say to help out.

    This week has been awful so far. Hopefully it ends better than it started. I had to go to the ER for the first time in my life. My hip/upper thigh was killing me. The pain was unbearable. They had to use 3 injected types of painkillers before I got any relief. Apparently demerol doesn't work on me. Dilaudid finally gave me some relief. They took x rays and a ct scan. I had never had a scan before. Anyhow they said my back is in terrible shape and i will need surgery. This was a shock to me since I never had a hint of back trouble. Of course, I have to go to a specialist to be sure. I am dreading dealing with this but it has to be done. I never hurt so much in my life! After a pleasant weather wise week it is back to hot and humid summer today. We enjoyed our respite. The garden is slowing down. The only thing still going is the tomatoes. We had a major water leak so I am dreading my water bill. I'll also be having Dr. and dentist bills too. Grrr.
  7. You are doing so well on your miles with all you have going on! Has OldPine got his CT test results back yet?

    I guess we are stuck in the hot, rainy summer weather for a while longer. It is very humid and nearly everyone's gardens have been ruined. We still have 3 great tomato plants so I am glad of that. We have to go to the big city tomorrow for DH's cancer checkup. I dread going anywhere when it is so hot and humid. Thank God for a/c. I don't know how folks made it through the dog days of summer without it. Even my dogs want to stay inside. The poor border collie gets hot easy with all that thick black fur. I love the photo Christy! MtnRider I am handicapped and I am soo careful not to hurt myself. If I ever lost the limited mobility I have, DH would not be able to help me much. He has gotten lighter and frailer and I have gotten bigger...lol! I am so glad I can transition myself from furniture to wheelchairs etc. Have a great week all and keep cool and safe!
  9. For their 80th anniversary KK will sell you a second dozen of glazed donuts for 80 cents. You must buy the first dozen at regular price to get the special deal. This Friday only. Check your local store to make sure they are participating.

    I have had a frustrating day but it could have been worse. I need to see my Doctor but he is out of town. My insurance only covers a pre-approved Dr. on their list. I can't switch Doc's without a hassle. It irks me since I usually only go once a year to get my drugs refilled so I don't cost them much money. It has been hot as heck for 2 weeks now. DH and I are both miserable and hanging inside as much as possible. A friend of ours died yesterday. This is the third friend/neighbor of ours who died since April. None of them were expected. This last poor guy was stung to death by yellow jackets or wasps. He was only around 50 and in great shape. We never know when it will be us or a loved one. His poor wife just had breast cancer surgery a few weeks ago and is undergoing chemo right now. She has way too much to deal with. I can't imagine. We are up to our ears in gorgeous juicy tomatoes. Hope it lasts all summer long. I love making BT sammies for breakfast. Yummy. I hope everyone is feeling healthier! It stinks when your body is not working right.

    My foot is hurting with sympathy pains right now..owwie. It has rained most of the day here which is fine with me since we have no outdoor activities planned. It also makes me feel safer knowing the ground is wet since alot of folks shoot fireworks around here and I won't have to worry about a dry field getting set on fire. I did cook alot of DH's favorite foods since I want to keep him from losing any more weight. Since I am on a diet it is really testing my willpower. We smoked some ribs. I made a batch of potato salad, some really good baked beans and a pineapple upside down cake. Tomorrow I am making a big batch of stuffed peppers and freezing most of them. We are having another bumper crop of green peppers again this year. I got an estimate on a badly needed new roof. YIKES! I am trying to keep my cool..both physically and mentally right now..lol. Hope you all enjoy your 4th!
  12. Free Slurpee

    BTTT It is almost free Slurpee day for 2017 at 7-11 stores. Get a free small one from 11 am to 7 pm on July 11th!
  13. Check here and see if there is any free bowling in your area. www.kidsbowlfree.com
  14. Our first head of cabbage was picked this am and is now happily fermenting. For some strange reason I have never made my own kraut. Also strangely, DH did the chopping for me and he never gets in the kitchen. I guess his Germaness was coming out. lol
  15. My first harvest!

    We had our first full size tomatoes on Monday (DH's birthday) I made the best BLT"S for breakfast. There is nothing like a fresh home grown mater!

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