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  1. Pacemaker Needed

    Procedure is scheduled for THIS Thurs, Sept 21. Have arranged for a ride to and from the hospital. Appreciate your continued prayers.
  2. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    And to think AT&T is pushing everyone to get rid of their hard-wired phones and go wireless!!!

    I tried a shower chair (in my old apt) but the bottom of the tub was "rounded" and the feet couldn't sit squarely and securely inside so I had to return it. Then I tried a transfer bench, but there wasn't enough room to sit on it and get my leg up over the edge of the tub without the sink getting in the way. The problem is now solved......all I had to do was MOVE!!! I moved into a handicap accessible apt in June (same apt complex). I had my name on the list for a ground floor apt closer to the office and laundry room for a little over a year, and at the end of May they offered me this apt so I took it!
  4. Is There A Dog-tor In The House

    That is awesome! Not only are they "allowing" (I think they have to by law) the service animal, but they are doing it with such humor and grace. I'd recommend that school to anybody just based on this one incident!!!
  5. Jingle All the Way (game)

    Does your shoe have a boy inside? What a funny place for a boy to hide. Does your shoe have a dog there too? A boy and a dog and a foot in a shoe. Well the boy is BUSTER BROWN and the dog is Tige his friend, and it's really just a picture, but it's fun to play pretend. So look, look, look in your telephone book (they still print those??? ) for the store that has the shoe With the picture of a boy and a dog inside so you can put your foot in too. Buster Brown shoes!
  6. Jingle All the Way (game)

    I guess a clean face (no itchy whiskers) is enough to calm down the "beast within!" ('cept for Santa of course.)
  7. Jingle All the Way (game)

    Not any more! He died 17 years ago. Seriously, I am NOT familiar with this "jingle" at all!!! I hope someone steps in here and posts the next line!
  8. Events of this summer....aieee!

    You've all heard it said, "Good fences make good neighbors." In this case it is "good neighbors make good fences!"
  9. Jingle All the Way (game)

    "Does your shoe have a boy inside?" (Someone needs to post the next line of this jingle.)
  10. Jingle All the Way (game)

    Not a Christmas thread. I was sitting on the "thinking throne" when I came up with this idea for a game. I will start an advertising "jingle" and YOU get a chance to complete the next line. Then another person gets to complete the next one, and so on, until the jingle is complete. Then THAT person gets to start a new jingle for the rest of us to try and complete, etc. It is amazing how well I remember some of these, but I think it is because they were set to music. This principle also helps me to memorize Scripture much better, too. Isn't it amazing how God has "wired" our brains???
  11. Pacemaker Needed

    Thank you everyone. I haven't heard from the doc's office yet about when the procedure will be scheduled. I imagine it won't be for a week or two out since I will have to stop taking my blood thinner before then. Will keep you updated.
  12. Pacemaker Needed

    I've been getting dizzy/lightheaded recently. Reported it to my cardiologist. Had a complete blood count and 24 hr Haltar test. Dizziness is not related to potassium levels. Heart rate is an average of 48 bpm with an occasional drop to 35 bpm. Cardiologist is setting up date for pacemaker surgery. Will let you know more once I know when it will be. Not really looking forward to it, but my primary was "excited" about it. He said, "You will have sooooo much more energy." The doc is very skilled at this, does it "all the time." But I think surgery is still scary!
  13. Water Crisis.....RURR?

    From the Title Page of the PDF: "Also, since this is essential information, please give this book away for free to your friends and loved ones."

    I've never heard of such a thing!!! Do you have 3 different connections to 3 different sources??? Does your property straddle some city/county boundary? Why can't one entity collect one payment and split the bill there? Soooooooooooo many questions. I hope I'm not being too "nosey."

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