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  1. I am happy for you that you will actually be able to consume some carbs in a SHTF situation, but I don't think I could. Wheat and corn cause significant edema for me as well as elevating my blood sugars into very unsafe levels. And, as unusual as it may sound, these grains (corn in particular) exacerbate my incontinence (sorry if that's TMI) into being uncontrollable, even with my medication. I recently moved, and since this apt has less storage than I had before, I decided to give away all of those types of storage foods to the local mission: flour, sugar, corn meal, oats, cream of wheat, etc. They were happy to get it, and I was happy to get rid of it. Only wish I had decided to do it BEFORE I moved it all to the new place!!!
  2. I have some of these, and I don't even live in duck country. (Though I do love "Duck Dynasty")
  3. How is it that I can do a search on my name and it will bring up contents from 15 YEARS ago but can't find contents from 15 DAYS ago???
  4. It's supposed to be 110 F on Saturday! If you touch the car with bare hands in that kind of heat you wind up with a first degree burn!
  5. How many of you can relate to this???
  6. Your plants are doing very well for being in buckets. I had a bucket garden a few years ago and it is so hot here that everything just dried up and died. (even with a shade cloth to protect from direct sunlight)
  7. Next chat scheduled for Wed July 19 at 5 PM Pacific (I believe). Send a FB PM or friend request if you want to be added to the FB Friends of MrsS group to get in on the chat. Copy and paste this into your FB search window: https://www.facebook.com/patricia.clayborn.1
  8. Can anyone translate into English???
  9. Cat (and anybody else who wants to "reconnect")...... I have set up a FaceBook Group called Friends of MrsS for just this very thing. You will NOT be able to find it by doing a search because it has been set up as a "Secret" group. This means you must be invited in and none of the posts will be public. We have set up the FIRST online chat for 2 PM Sunday, July 16. Contact me by PASTING this link into a browser window https://www.facebook.com/patricia.clayborn.1 and sending a "friend" request. In your message tell me your screen name / user name for MrsS and I will add you to the group. If you are connected on FaceBook to Christy, dogmom4, gofish, snapshotmiki, or stephanie you may also ask one of them to add you to the group. IMPORTANT: This group is in NO WAY intended to replace or become a substitute for involvement here at MrsS! It is only intended for that need to "chat" with old friends in a real time situation. Hope to see you there!
  10. What is Linda's Pantry way of putting up ham? Mine turned really dark when I tried it.
  11. Kitchen mandolins are dangerous! That is all. Just try to keep your "pinky" out of the way. )
  12. To anyone who wants to be in the FaceBook Group: Either PM me (here) your email addy or send me a friend request on FB....Patricia Clayborn COPY and Paste this into browser window: https://www.facebook.com/patricia.clayborn.1
  13. Love the little tongue hanging out. BTW- for FREE puppy training videos find Zak George on YouTube and on FaceBook. https://www.facebook.com/TheZakGeorge/ https://www.youtube.com/user/zakgeorge21
  14. Need pics!
  15. I created a Secret Group on Facebook called "Friends of MrsS" for those who wanted more flexibility to chat, etc. Only those invited can get in, and only those in it can post or see posts. Shall we give it a try? I you want "in" PM me either your email addy or your FaceBook name/link. My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patricia.clayborn.1