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    Glad it was just minor damage and I hope you can slow him down a little, Momo! It turned hot again here, also. 90 for several days in a row and lots of humidity! And at least another week or so of the same. I just finished mopping floors and there are a lot more of the in the new house. Washed the front windows so we can get better photos of the dozens of hummingbirds that are hanging out here now. Made another double batch of sugar water last night to fill this morning. . I've been really tired lately. Don't think I've caught up on rest since the fellows left. Not sleeping real well either. Which is too bad as I was sleeping real well for a month or so before things got hectic! I think part of my tiredness comes from running around like I'm still 45 and not accepting that I am actually 60. I'm trying to slow down a little!

    I have been really blessed in the teeth issue department. No cavities since about 2000. I did crack two and had them pulled. I was stressing and apparently clenching my teeth at night when my Buddy (schnauzer) was having big seizures. That was rough! I am still catching up on rest since our handymen, I mean guests, left. I worked the day after they left, then Church, etc. on Sunday and today I went to Walmart and Dollar Tree. Hopefully, I will be home for a few days now. Clyde hung hummingbird feeders on Friday and they found them today! About 3 or 4 birds this morning and about a dozen this afternoon! I made a double batch of sugar water and refilled the feeders this afternoon. They are gone now. Probably nursing little sugar hangovers in the surrounding trees! I put our some fall flower decorations this afternoon. I'm thinking of it as a rain dance since it was 90 when I was putting them out. Hoping for the future! I believe I will start some beans soaking tonight for crockpot bean soup tomorrow (with cornbread, of course). I hope everyone has an excellent evening!

    Well, our company is gone now. I sure miss having them here. They were excellent houseguests! It's way too quiet now. They were so happy to have a place to come to away from Irma, but they helped us out so much in return! Just a little sad this evening.
  4. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    I'm glad the pup was there for comfort but that is so tragic! Praying for the family
  5. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    I'm so sorry about your cat!
  6. Earth Wind Patterns


    WE2, have you dehydrated the sweet potatoes before into powder? That sounds like a great idea to me! So does yard sailing.
  8. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    My friends are planning on leaving this afternoon. Talk about waiting until the last minute. But they are guys. Hoping to take some smaller State or US roads rather than the interstate. Will probably be here tomorrow. Most I know in FL are staying. I would have too as our home was not in any evac area. Sure sorry about Darlene's foot! Hope she can get some relief!
  9. A Neighbor's Trials

    Wow! Glad she is home and in good spirits! That's so sad
  10. H. IRMA.....Darlene's in Miami

    It took my stepmom 18 hours to do a 9 hour drive from FL to GA. I may have friends from my hometown coming here and stopping on their way to CO. I hope they're well on their way by now. Haven't heard from them since this morning. And will definitely continue to pray for Darlene and family!
  11. And for the East Coast crew... H.Irma?

    Cookie Jar was down in or near Miami. I miss her! Praying it slows down considerably!

    Went to Walmart to pick up some adjustable window screens I ordered. Those are cheap, about $6 apiece! Then came home and worked for an hour to get one of my bedroom windows to move enough to put it in. All windows were painted shut courtesy of the previous owners who apparently never opened them. I may go get a 5 ft. stepladder tomorrow if I can convince myself to get into the mad money. Got out a few Fall decorations and hung them on doors today. Did some eBay photos. And of course, had goat time!
  13. Mice hate peppermint?

    We had them when we were out in the country. So far, none here in town. We had to use poison but only in the closed bottom cupboards because of the dogs.

    We've been taking it easy, too. DH is feeling extra rough lately due to an extra medicine he has been taking. Won't have to take it much longer, thank God! I started Sunday School a couple of weeks ago and I like that a lot! Came home yesterday and made potato salad and baked beans to go with our hot dogs. Today I am cooking burgers on the grill and making cookies and brownies. Have to shoot a few ebay photos for DH and clean the goat shed. And yes, that is taking it easy. Hope you all have a good Holiday and get some rest!
  15. Fire & Ice Pickles

    Seems like the sugar would preserve them like it does jams or jellies.

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