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  1. I hope you're feeling a little better this morning, Jeepers! Please take it easy today. Don't go out and mow the yard. I'll be praying for you!
  2. Well, it sounds like you haven't been bored! And I'm so sorry you have both been sick! Sure look forward to learning what God has in store for your future! So glad to see you back!!! Horses and pup are good?
  3. Hi! We had a great visit with the kids and Grands! It's always over too soon! We took Ginger (tan goat) to be disbudded this morning. I sure don't like that process but we were told that since Naida was already done when we got her that Ginger could hurt her if she was not done. They did give her lidocaine, but it was hard to watch. Also picked up Peanut (pup)s antibiotics as she will get her teeth cleaned in a week or so. That scares me too since they have to put her under to do it. But it needs done! Next week we are going to a local bank and start getting pre qualified again and get serious about finding a place. Life is certainly not boring at this point! Hope you all had a Happy Easter!
  4. I got my Japan badge which means I have walked the length of Japan since I got my fitbit! April 10-16th miles are 20.15.
  5. I can get on using chrome now, but had to use Microsoft edge until the upgrade was finished. Somebody had a fix in one of the topics that helped. I'm so glad to hear you, Andrea! I have thought about you. The Jerusalem artichokes you sent are growing well in Magnolia where I planted them. LOL Should have brought some with me to the country. Sorry you have had a hard time but glad things are getting better!
  6. What a sweetie he is!
  7. We did a big de-clutter today! When I say we I mean our daughter, her boyfriend and our grandson did the heavy lifting and I went through totes. DH supervised. Our shed (attached to our carport) looks like it did when we moved in! God rid of and burned so much stuff! Will be a big help when we move to not have to try and do that also!
  8. Wow! That is wonderful!!! Praise God!!!
  9. Low 80's during the day, mid to upper 50's and lower 60's at night! Great weather!
  10. We had 2 women come in today and do a thorough ceiling to floor clean of our house. They did an amazing job and it was so needed! The kids and grand will be here tomorrow for a week or so. We can hardly wait! DH has a doc appt. tomorrow afternoon and so I will get a few things I need at the store and they should be here in the evening. It's going to be a great week!
  11. Wow! Everything looks great, Annarchy!!!
  12. Goat cookies made (and if the goats don't like them, we do) and no bake dog treats made. Went to town. Battery in car died so we got another one along with cables and back windshield washer blade. I walked down to burkes outlet while dh dealt with the battery and I found a spring type dress. I have not owned a dress since we left FL in 2003 to travel! Now I feel like a big deal! LOL Tomorrow I am going to a wedding (and not as a photographer) for the first time since we left FL. Should be fun!
  13. Just like canned chunks of potatoes but a different shape. I peeled them and pressure canned using Ball book. The home fries were sliced with food processor. I have only a small top freezer and company coming Tuesday= no room!
  14. Yesterday, I canned 6 qts. of French Fries and 4 pints of home fries. Today, took DH to get a pedicure and he ended up getting his hair braided as well (in a man braid?!) He loved the pedi. Tomorrow, we go to town to pick up a few things I need before the kids get here from IL. When I get home, I will be making dog treats and goat cookies. And loving on the baby goats, of course. We are plenty busy right now!
  15. This is about the extent of my garden this year. Poblanos, string beans (in the washtub with tomato cages to climb on), Jalapenos, Tomatoes and some flowers for the bees. Hope to add elephant garlic when I find it! Everything is growing like crazy right now! I forgot my mint and lone onion! And aloe on the porch.