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  1. NOt sure if it is still true but I believe you cannot use a fax machine with a digital connection. Good morning! Feel like I was hit by a truck! Now I have two little dogs trying to push me off the bed. I will have to be more assertive in my sleeping position! Off to the races!
  2. Going to try to make this as short as possible. When we moved (12 miles), DISH changed our internet provider and plan without our knowledge or consent. I only found out by going online to DISH and seeing that we now had Hughes net and only 15 gigs anytime instead of 50 like we did before. We called, complained, but no better deal. So we went with Cable one, who came out and we are good with what we have now. Of course Dish is trying to get us back but no and it has just been a pain that has taken up too much of our time. Whenever we switch services, we have uninstall and reinstall our printer software on both lap tops. Done! We now have a Tivo which neither one of us knows anything about and the kid who set us up didn't have time to help us get familiar at all. DH can't get his Bluetooth headphones to hook up for anything and is driving me crazy! Otherwise, all is well! The old house is clean and vacated. Just have to go pick up grill and check mail tomorrow. The two little pups were playing some today, so that's good! The new one is so devoted to me, I'm sure I'll never pee alone again! LOL That's about it for now! Have a good evening, folks!
  3. I've seen an Amish recipe on Farm Bell Recipes by Chickens in the Road. That is the only one I have seen.
  4. Mr.

    I made banana nut bread jam a while back and the top inch or so of all the jars turned dark. Not sure if that was a lemon juice issue or not.
  5. Not sure what Violet would say, but I haven't heard from her for quite a while. You can buy straight cranberry concentrate unsweetened. Keep it in the fridge and mix it up as needed. Very cost effective, too!
  6. Tomorrow, we are getting the rest of the stuff out of the house that dh needed while staying there--like sheets, towels. And the goats are coming home! Ginny, the dog I got this morning is getting along fine with the other dogs, but I think she is older. She seems confused, which is a little heartbreaking, but she will get plenty of love here! I found out that they gave her to a lady before and she was returned. I should have asked why, but didn't. She is a sweetie and I hope she has a long life with us! Have to borrow bill's truck one more time to get grill and lick tubs for goats and then we should be all moved.
  7. Going to go pick up a new friend for Peanut in the morning. A lady in the next town over from me is giving away a Chihuahua 3 years old fixed and supposedly good with other dogs and housetrained. Her name is Ginger (like our goat), so I think she will be Ginny. I hope all goes well with her and if not, the older lady I work with twice a month is looking for another chi. So she will have a good home either way. Hopefully with us! Well, the back door is in and the little deck is built and the 5 ft. chain link fence is almost complete (and the goat shed is ready). We are hoping that by Sunday night or Monday, DH and the goats will be sleeping here! Peanut and I are tired of making the sure the place is safe for DH and goats. LOL I will go into our satellite and internet challenges on Monday. Yikes! Mt. Rider, I'm glad you are healing well! I did the stupidest thing about a month or more ago. I pulled the muscle? or tendon underneath the 4th toe on my left foot. Wouldn't think that would be a big deal but going up and down stairs in the moving process and all the walking. Wow! It is just now starting to feel better.
  8. I'm so glad you are recovering well, Mt. Rider! Our family came and went today. Stayed about an hour and a half but they are on a mission--FL to Seattle! So they are on their way again! Fence is started. Yay!!! By Friday we should have goats here! Satellite for tv won't get fixed again until Friday but we recorded a couple of movies so we are good if we have time to watch them. It's just a whirlwind around here with dogs not eating because of stress and changes I think. But we are having fun and it is definitely not boring!!! I'm off to clean a couple of items and then watch a movie with Peanut, maybe!
  9. I need to get our new icemaker making ice! Good job, WE2! The back door is in and the steps and deck are in pretty much. Hopefully, the fence will get started today or tomorrow. Until then, we are a house divided. Me and Peanut at the new place and DH, Molly and goats at the old one. We should be getting our new (to us) couch in a few minutes and family stopping to visit in about an hour and a half. Almost got all moved from the old house, except what DH needs. Have a great day, you all! Oh, and we got satellite hooked up and working yesterday. Today it doesn't work oh well
  10. Just summer! By October it should be 60s at night. 70 or 80s during day. We have good air conditioning! I will check with city hall and see if there are any blues festivals around that time or what there is anyway.
  11. Are they jalapenos? That sounds really hot to get through the gloves!
  12. I sent midnight mom your email this morning! Hope we are both in the new group soon!
  13. I would love the 40's at night here!!! Upper 70's and very humid. Yuck! Rains most afternoons here also but doesn't cool it off.
  14. So tired today. Still moving stuff. Today reserved box truck to move big stuff for Saturday. Guy has been no show 3 times to put in fence, so he's out. The guy putting the door in will probably do the fence also. That starts tomorrow while I am moving the pantry and everything else not tied down. Satellite hook up set for Tuesday. We will see what happens next.
  15. That would be great! I'm on facebook twice a day usually. Morning and night