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  1. That sounds like a really rough trek for you, Mt. Rider! That rollator that Jeepers mentioned sounds like a good idea for when you go out in the car. Probably wouldn't do real well on uneven terrain or being pulled by a large dog! LOL Wait, maybe a harness? Anyway, it sounds like it might save some of your energy at doc appts. Not much going on here, today. Cooking chicken and burgers on the grill and making coleslaw, corn on the cob and fried summer squash. And waiting for after the holiday for house paperwork to proceed. It is supposed to be about 90 here today with humidity and 80 tomorrow with rain. Have a good and reflective Memorial Day!
  2. LOL
  3. Yesterday and last night were just perfect! 72 with a little breeze and 52 last night! Today 82 and 61 tonight. We still have the house opened up as we know tomorrow it is headed up again and too warm for sleeping at night too. I made Apple Scrap Jelly today. I think it is setting ok. Trying not to move it for 24 hours. Have had the cores and peels in the freezer for a couple of months. I was trying to hold off buying fruit to can but DH says go ahead! Kroger has pineapples for 88 cents and mangoes for 50 cents each! I've been looking forward to doing both! We signed many papers at the bank yesterday, so now we wait. And with the holiday, I am not expecting anything to go fast. Maybe hear from someone Tuesday.
  4. Yesterday and last night were just perfect! 72 with a little breeze and 52 last night! Today 82 and 61 tonight. We still have the house opened up as we know tomorrow it is headed up again and too warm for sleeping at night too.
  5. Good job on the meds, Jeepers! Wish my doc would do that. Home inspection done, got insurance quotes yesterday, gathering substantiating paperwork today, and signing more papers tomorrow. And then wait! Today I did laundry and made 2 loaves of bread. Tomorrow I am supposed to make apple scrap jelly, more deodorant and more toothpaste. We will see after I get back from town.
  6. House is looking good right now. We will see what Monday brings. They pulled our credit finally. Lender is waiting on a copy of the contract. We are trying to get an inspection set up again. And then we wait... In other news, the mixer works great! So glad I got that. I saw it on facebook about 1 minute after the girl posted it. Woohoo! Home inspection set for Sunday afternoon!
  7. I'm sorry about your hen, Annarchy! We sure got attached to ours and the little goats even more so. I hate losing little friends of any type!
  8. I got the kitchen aid this morning. Well taken care of and came with a cover that you could store the extra paddles in. It's a monster! I've seen the ones on sale for $199 at Walmart at Christmas and this one is much bigger. 550 watt/ 6 qt. bowl! The kids I bought it from were selling it for their grandma who couldn't' use it much anymore. I want it for the attachments to make sauces and grind meat. It says professional series on the side. And at 6:00 pm, we got a call from the mortgage lady who says the lender will waive the flood insurance so we don't have to have the land re-surveyed. Yay! I think things will get going tomorrow! Back on the roller coaster again!
  9. My garden is all in lick tubs. Planted tomatoes, poblanos, jalapenos in tubs and plenty of string beans in an old watering tank.
  10. How is your back feeling today, Annarchy? I hope it will be better as you move around. And that is a bit scary that someone came onto your property and unscrewed your lights! They don't shine right in someone's window, do they? Only logical reason I can think of, but still wrong! I found a commercial Kitchen Aid Mixer near me for $300. Going to check it out this morning. I have wanted the bigger one for a while, mostly so I can use the attachments for canning, etc. So we will see! I fertilized my little garden yesterday. Lots of blooms on the string beans! Tomatoes are coming back since using Epsom salts on them. Still no blooms on the poblanos. Aside from that, I am staying home today just cleaning bathrooms, cooking dinner and taking eBay photos. (Now, maybe making a cake?)
  11. Hi Jeepers! I just joined AARP but have to wait a few years for medicare. Today was dog food day! Made it and canned it. What I can't remember is to make 2 crockpots so I have enough to double stack the pints in my new 23 qt. presto! I have used it single stack twice now. The house is still in limbo. If our bank doesn't get it together by Friday, we have another lender who is ready to go. We were trying to be loyal to our bank since it is a small town bank.
  12. I would like to try the butter too, but it says 2 sticks of butter or 1/2 cup. 2 sticks would be 1 cup. Not sure which to do?
  13. I'm so sorry! So tragic!
  14. Glad Jack is becoming a good pack member!
  15. Glad your computer is ok, Mt. Rider! Another slower day here as we were home all day again. Going to town tomorrow, probably for groceries. Still waiting on realtor to call back. Did some eBay. Washed all bed covers and couch covers (dogs) today. Always glad to get that done. Off to bed, 5 1/2 hours sleep last night. Peanut Butter has decided I should be up at 6:30 like dh. Not really!