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    Location: looking for PIZZA!!!
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    Shotguns, rifles, handguns, (and if i ever get a billion dollars) a Lamborghini Murcielago (and / or) Diablo SV

    The powerwasher blast sends our hero flying backwards across the room, thankfully he heroically managed to dodge the table with feet, instead smacking into poor Wormguy as he was trying to put his IV back in (luckilly the coke didnt spill just got thrown across the room) sending the coke bottle up into the air, landing in somebodys lap. However James slips on a fallen, half mashed lemon meringue pie sending it right under the table of feet, (the screams of laughter that followed were quite hilarious) then our hero smacks right into the not yet dry paint on the wall. Our hero has only one word to say.... "ow"

    Yep, i know. Im not gonna hold coke cans around her. James dosent see Darlenes' powerwasher behind him

    James slips in, avoiding Darlenes' powerwashing the two poor ladies that got hit by banana cream pies, dodging the multi-colored paint falling off the ceiling, snags a peach slice from Wormguy, grabs a bowl of popcorn that came from somewhere, and walks off to find somewhere reasonably 'safe' to sit and watch.
  4. Dude, how bored can one person get????

  5. Thank you very much!!! it took me a bit but i think i got it figured out!! Thanks for taking the time to help me with it!!
  6. sorry army, i actually like the 1st one cat did better ...but unfortunately i still dont know how to make it as my sig
  7. Ok, thank you! i like the second one...but im not sure how to get it as my sig...so I could use a little more help.
  8. If you could I would kinda like a picture of a wolf or maybe a group of wolves tracking through the snow, with my name over it. My favorite color is dark blue, if that helps. Thank you, James

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