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  1. Cabbage

    Got apple bake pans? You know, you core the apple and put in pan, on spike, and bake.. Try coring apple sized cabbage from bottom, not all the way through like an apple, generous dollup of butter and bake. With electric oven, you might have to add some water. Done right, they are great.
  2. Chipped edge, dirty tube, weight our of balance (seriously! Casting fault.), dirty weight. I think you see where this is going. The low pressure not working while jiggling at higher is the clue. Also, if you have a black rubbery safety plug, could be it also, as it is leaking until moisture/pressure is great enough to seal it.
  3. You might want to do a bit more research. Depending on the type of 'cherry' tomatoes, you may want to steam peel first, those skins can be tough, you can end up with 'raisins'. Or, depending on the type, a quick dip blanching, to 'de-wax'.
  4. Events of this summer....aieee!

    I am so glad you are getting it all under control and got the 'script'. Actually, I am a bit shocked at that, a script/prescription required? Once again I bless our clinic/medical system over the 'medicare state' and all the crazy regs (with 'force of law'). I do not know the language, apparently, obviously. 'Concentrator' vs 'scavenger'. What I am calling a 'scavenger' strips the O2 and H out. We do not want either in our 'preservation' air. But then we refuse to waste the 'waste' O2. As for the H, that stuff is just too dangerous to even consider bottling. The 'R2D2' 'concentrator' unit sounds like a good deal, most I have seen, do NOT have the option to fill tanks. The spiked BP. The swelling. Cyclic O2 needs. Well, I am not a doctor, but I would be looking those meds over again. I just learned that one of our volunteers, who has been out a while (and I miss her!) is having similar 'swell' issues, tracked back to her amlodipine bresylate (BP med). Something about a combination with glucophage (she is a type II) and our odd genetics. All of our people have swelling, and BP, issues with the injection you get in hospital to prevent 'ward cough'. Hang in there. Sarah
  5. Events of this summer....aieee!

    Tanks? OK, a different part of the country, and altitude, and humidity, so maybe... Here tanks are for emergency and chair use. The 'medicare' o2 scavenger systems are what are issued now. Downside for us is that they are AC powered. There is, now, 'fanny' and 'belt' battery powered units but much too costly (artificially inflated prices), and are made to where you can not charge tanks from them. And they require a bit of humidity to function. We work with compressed air and filtration a lot, with the book preservation. The add-on in-line-with-hose o2 scavenger units are much cheaper, less than $200 (?) for charging scuba gear. These we use to charge the emergency/chair tanks. You might want to do some google on diving equipment. Here, the downside with them is the moisture, which you simply can not keep out of the tanks, despite several water filters/excluders/'spit valves'. Sarah.
  6. Jar totes

    That is the idea, but mine will have slip in partitions. And some sort of handles. That project has been put off. It is Fair Season, and I am much too busy enforcing the rules, judging, (and mediating!) But I got to take my man out to eat, and we got to laugh at the English antics at the 'demolition derby'. Sarah
  7. Think a gallon of gas is expensive?

    I know, resurrecting an old thread, but I got a PM on this, requesting source for empty, ready to fill HP 950/951 carts. eBay, Amazon, Jet, and others. ALL OVER. Depending on where you shop you can get some good deals, and bad. In this case, price for the empty rechipped carts is $33, on eBay, a 'fair' price. Bulk ink? Same locations. In this case, make sure it is 'pigment', not 'dye' ink, not 'universal'. And get that 'side port' adapter for the syringe, about $3, makes these carts much easier to fill, and not so rough on the rubber seals from using syringes.
  8. Time Flies ~ Or Drags ~ Or Something

    I suspect you got a 'bad batch' of batteries. I see that from time to time. The voltage is good, but the amp-hour is not. I have seen some 'brand name' go 'flat'. That includes the 'copper top's. We go through a lot of batteries with our EAC (Emergency Action Center) equipment. Frankly is not worth it to buy the 'brands' any more for standard or alkaline. Family Dollar 24 count AA for $5 do just as well. Ni-cads we zap and recharge.
  9. Jar totes

    Several goodies here. Thank you! The lost link was to plans, with the lumber dimensions, for the different size jars, with hard partitions. I will keep looking and if I recover the link, I will pass it on. I thought I had made a special note of it, the url I mean. If not, I am thinking of making a 'universal' set of plans, using shims (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Nelson-Wood-Shims-8-in-Homeowner-Pine-Shims-12-Piece-per-Bundle-10011703/301757723) for partitioning. They would be smaller than what I saw, due to weight, say four galleon jar size, with partitions allowing for secure smaller jars. The sides of the totes would be slotted to slide the shims in, one from each side, for a locking effect. Much more sturdy than cardboard. Or paint stir sticks, the long ones for five galleon buckets. (http://www.homedepot.com/p/5-gal-Paint-Stick-3-Pack-PS5G-3/206871624) The search continues!
  10. The breeders that are pelt growers will gas them with carbon monoxide. I would think that would 'taint' the meat. I would be interested in your methods, Possum.
  11. News to me. Thank you. Yes, pricey, but... I am wondering if they work like the ladybugs. Do they return, or do they have to be repopulated every year?
  12. Yes. The reason for this is that a lot of 'essential oils' are really oils, and do not mix well with water. Some, such as the lemon grass EO, will mix with witchhazel. Otherwise, try an alcohol Whatever the carrier, shake it good. EO, pronounced eee-ooh, is how we say 'essential oil'. Also, you can use 'citroena' essential oil (note the different spelling)(think of the bug repellent candles)(same active ingredient, but alcohol is the carrier.) Personally, I do not care for the smell.
  13. Jar totes

    I lost a link and I am thinking somebody here might have it. From pallet wood, canning jar totes. 3 x 4 jars, i.e. twelve jars per tote. The link had the lumber dimensions for each jar size. Right now we are using squared galvanized trays. We have some pallets coming in, remembered the link, know I need more totes; but can not find the link/url. Anybody? Sarah
  14. Or lemon grass essential oil, twenty drops in a quarter cup of witchhazel. For swine, excellent, good results with goats. Seems to work good for us humans too, especially with the black midges. For sensitive folks, make 1 inch square pin on sachets, cotton and cotton quilt stuffing, and drop spray them. Wear the sachet.

    The business must have a land line, regardless of machines. State law here.

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