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  1. Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, 1972. You can find the free 'exe wrapped pdf' version on the Librum's Reference page. Here is the ATOCI (Ascii Table of Contents and Index) the encyclopedia of essential oils 1972.txt Enjoy!
  2. Posted due to private request. It is that season when the ant hives send out the explorers. Here is a good counter. Take a cup of warm water, add 1/2 cup of sugar, and three table spoons of borax. Soak cotton balls and place, wet, along the runs. The ants will feast on the sugar, and take the borax back to the next, killing it from the inside. When the ball is dry, toss it, and wipe with any counter top cleaner. Sarah
  3. Admittedly an old topic, but wanted to add a trick. If you get some inkjet foil labels, such as Avery, then mark your sockets and wrenches with the size. And have a size chart, combined sae and metric. Saves lots of time looking for this or that.
  4. Anarchy, thanks for the clarification. Is/was 'lingo'. And I further confused it with a typo. I should have typed: "(presentation of 'key' required per packet or packet rejected)". You understood, I think, thank you. The emoticon search is clumsy, Better than before, so on 'plus' side. Today, we had a bunch of Brownie scouts on tour come in. I had no warning. Too darn cute. And some very good questions from them. If these are example of the upcoming generations, then we will be O.K. I got some good chuckles when the 'adult' leaders discovered the ongoing 'girl scout' project, where we are restoring all such old materials (Girl Scouts, BlueBirds, Camp Fire Girls, Woodscraft, etc.) in our archives. They were waving money in the air! The little ones were watching with looks of 'hoah!' And I got several sensings of 'white lighting' from around Majere's old office. He would have loved it. Sarah
  5. Rain, and the Librum is quiet. Good. Getting some work done, with NO interference. I am working through another index. The History of Science, 1904 (four volumes also to be rescanned). Then The Practical Educator, 1934, with 34 more volumes of that to digitize . (sigh smiley) But spirits are up. The Wilderness Way / Self Reliance Illustrated / Good Earth Almanac combined iLL will be publicly sold. We done good! Wish the price could come down more. And the CountrySide and Small Stock Journal iLL is now on eBay! (I could not find the 'sigh' smiley.)
  6. ??? A 'secure' server? I suspect a 'lingo' here. You do need an 'ssl' or 'socket' to do https. We had to do that with the old chat/forum/ftp server ($$ per month extra)(and a static ip number). But I was not aware you had to have a secure server (also called 'dedicated')(presentation of 'key' or packets rejected).
  7. Mobetta!
  8. Today working through the SRI index. SRI was a magazine. Self Reliance Illustrated. Actually pretty good. I keep finding myself reading instead of indexing. Have to be firm with myself. Anarchy, can you at least make it a more 'pastel' color, a tan or beige? Easier on the eyes.
  9. The site warning is 'back', as Ambergris reported. Not there yesterday. But no 'unsecure' warning this time. Could this be an SSL issue?.
  10. The iLL has been completed, and is in distribution. I hope some of you ladies have access via your libraries. Sarah
  11. Trying by linkage... success.
  12. We reload. Like TheCG. But in our case, we have to use special inks, like micr. Go to amazon/ebay and look for reloadable carts. You can get a set for less cost than a single cart. Ink, on ebay, is less than $20, Five refills. Just avoid true 'cis' and reload'ed'. You want the reload'able' ones.
  13. Sorry, unable to upload pic