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    Pears..that's what I'm up to my ears in! LOL Friends on a farm gave us 3 boxes! Some in preserves, some in heavy syrup for eating, then probably dehydrate the rest.

    Getting ready to jar up some more pears...they were a gift from friends who have about 50 acres and needed a home for their pears...3 box fulls! LOL They picked and boxed for us so I've been jarring pears all day yesterday, some in preserves since hubby loves pear preserves...especially over ice cream sprinkled with chopped nut!) and the rest in heavy syrup.. After today's batch I'll probably dehydrate the rest. With no central air (I did put a box fan blowing on me at the sink) it gets pretty hot in the kitchen.

    A friend called (they live on a farm) asking if I'd like some pears so we drove out and picked them up. We got 4 large boxes. Guess what we'll be doing after I get the rest of my green beans jarred up tomorrow! :-) The Roma's and berries are all still in deep freezes. God just keeps giving and giving...so what do you do, say no? I think not if there's any way to avoid it. Like we talked today..."God gives us good dirt to grow stuff in and people just throw food away". My eggplant has done marveously in 5 gallon buckets...even Mr admitted he had his doubts! LOL We're still picking green bell peppers and pole beans and I found a watermelon hiding under some grass! We thought for sure those had given up the ghost. Even the tomatoes look like they're wanting to make some more, there's several green ones and some blossoms...figure? Started raining last night and lit's been raining off and on all day. The garden will love it! LOL

    We keep a small, dark blue tote of various size batteries under a kitchen chair that isn't used at the kitchen table. We use them for the remote for our tv moniter, smoke/fire alarms and gas detectors and a few old school flashlights. Most all of our flashlights are the LED "work lights and "puck" lights and we have one that hangs on a kitchen cabinet door pull, one magnet type on the frig, one hanging on our back door, one at the head of our bed, one each on each of our living room lamps and one near the deep freeze on the enclosed porch. Our headlamps are also LED's. We've converted almost 100% to LED's even in our RV's. The LED's just don't use the juice that the old school things use. Had to replace the light bulb in my oven...wish I could have found an LED for that! But I agree...trying to keep too many batteries stored up can cause issues. We lost a set of walkie-talkies in our RV because we forgot to remove them one year :-( Costly! PS...we learned (and have found it to be true) that the AA's that are in the quality solar yard lights can stay powered up and ready for use if you need that size.

    It's wonderful that you could offer safe haven and that you were all of like-mindedness. Blessings on all of you!

    Abby-girl will eat ANY vegetable except dill pickles! LOL She loves the sweet potato "tips" when I'm trimming them down for canning, a piece of tomato when I'm working with them ie: salads etc., eggplant? yep. Zucchini? yep. Her lunch is usually a few pieces of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots (I buy the medley's from Aldis). I keep them frozen until I open a bag. When defroster they're in my frig. She gets 1/3 bag each day for lunch.
  7. Along with gardening I been a cookin' too! Chicken fried steak, Patrami with beef gravy, chicken enchiladas, "zoodles" soup, yellow squash casserole, eggplant parmasan, stuffed bell peppers, sautaed chicken nuggets, Tempura depped zucchini fries, chili-mac, zoodles alfredo, Tempura dipped chicken strips, spaghetti, spaghetti squash and Fajitias last night. Tonight was Chicken Casadilla...forgot to take a pic! LOL

    Last night Mr. was snapping some more beans...guess who watched and then took a sample of a bean? She loves her green beans any way she can get them!

    Been doing some jarring up myself...jalapenos, poblano peppers, green beans, tomatoes, pears, lemons, chicken stock, more green beans, raspberry jam, potatoes and strawberrfies. Still have a freezer full of blue berries, blackberries and several cartons of strawberries...and Roma tomatoes as well as more potatoes. "til that time of year!

    Jarred up strawberries yesterday so removed the rings, washed the jars and labeled them this morning. I just used strawberry/kiwi jello mix instead of pectin and sugar. They didn't "set" but I'll just use some instant clear gel when I open a jar to thicken the juice more. Probably should have used more jello and more strawberries. Oh, well...it was an experiment anyway! LOL Also picked a few more bell peppers (lots more coming on) and some Kale. Got several eggplants growing too. This garden has struggled right along with us. Just about the time I think the tomatoes are done...we go out this evening and we've got them making little 'maters and see yellow blooms for more? The watermelon? Thought is was a gonner for sure...what do I see? Runners all over the place with yellow blooms. A week or so ago, I took some aluminum foil out and wrapped it around the base of the watermelon stem...hoping it would deter squash bores etc. Maybe it worked? Last week the Kale was nothing but "lace" from the Japanese Beetles...but it's coming back so I cut off all the "lace" and brought home what was good (we like it in our scrambled eggs). Washed it up and bagged it for in the mornings...should hae enough for 3 mornings. Pulled the spaghetti Squash and yellow crook neck. Squash bugs got 'em both :-(

    Only dehydrated tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, lemons, oranges, watermelon, canteloupe ... but figure sweet potatoes would be logical? I still haven't made up my mind yet but will have to soon before they "give up the ghost".LOL

    Jarred up 4 pints of sweet potatoes yesterday using my new electric canner. So much quicker for small jobs. Still have several sweet potatoes that I plan to boil down and dehydrate...then grind them into a powder for space saving. Add some boilint water and butter and guess what! Mashed sweet potatoes! A couple of years ago I boiiled some down, mashed them and put them into muffin tins, froze them, dumped them out and then vacuum sealed them. They kept fine. Just cut them out of the bag and nuked them. Today we pretty much "played"...gotta have some down time....so we toured some garage sales and took Abby-girl to the dog park. No other doggies though :-( She just doesn't get much dog to dog socialization. Guess that's the hazard of being an only pet with retired owners. Found a lovely ceramic crock with a lid for $3...not a big one, just our size...in case I would want to ferment some foods like carrots etc. NOT cabbage though, neither of us like sour kraut! Also some pilliow cases for a dime each; can't ever have too many of them! Got 7 pkgs of printer paper for $1.50 each and a nearly new queen sized fleece blanket for $5. In a life changing event one can't have too many blankets, quilts and comforters dontcha think?
  13. Mice hate peppermint?

    Mice also hate Irish Spring soap. I lay bars of it out all around in the homestead...also makes the house smell awefully good! LOL

    Did some shopping and vacuum sealing some food. Still have a lot of jarring up to do. Tomatoes and berries. Bought a big hunch of ham and we'll get that sliced down at a later date. It'll be safe in the freezer since it's shrink wrapped. Hopefully may get my van into the shop for her re-built transmission. I can drive her as long as I stay at 30 or under, but I don't want to have it go completely out. I want to drive her to the garage (20 miles away) not towed. Also need to get the new tires mounted on the travel trailer and buy two more new batteries for the trailer (to replace the ones stolen!) so maybe we can sneak out of town in a week or so. The garden has slowed tremendously but I'm still getting eggplant and bell peppers. We'll need to pick more pole beans to, and hopefully the ONE crrok neck squash that is growing will survive the bugs! The weather's been beautiful...but no rain. I love the Mason Bees swarming over my Chive blossoms...and today the blossoms were loaded with Monarchs!

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