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  1. Cloudy, high 66 or so. Didn't hang the laundry outside, in case it rained.
  2. Got the Okra planted today, in the deep mulch section, while MR thinned out the raspberry bushes. Took about 6 to a friend (potted them up in a nice container and added a ribbon) for her birthday, and then gave 4 starts to my neighbor who also gardens. Got real busy hanging my VCR strips all over the garden area! LOL If we don't get any rain tonight I'll have to water the Okra in myself.
  3. Yep Jeeps, it's growing much faster even coloring, not much hairspray etc, and lots of nightly brushing before O put it up in a few huge pin curls to keep it off my neck...LOL
  4. Have you considered container gardening under a shade cloth or canopy?
  5. Heading out for a day trip to Amish land.
  6. Re-cycle and re-use! Yes!
  7. Only one word needed for the past 3 days...HOT!
  8. Hmmm...wonder what tomorrow's agenda will be? Probably a needed day to "go play"...if it's not storming!
  9. Took a week ago Tuesday for Mr WE2 to build my Dad a new safety ramp, and put a rail on it so his wife can hold on to something when she's carrying groceries in from their garage and cleats along the side to keep his walker or wheelchair from running off the edge. Even put a skirt around the bottom to keep chipmunks etc., from hiding under it and driving their little dog bonkers!
  10. Did take a morning off last Saturday to enjoy participating in a "wild flower" session with a State Park Naturalist, and she had us all plant some wild flowers in some little planters. Was really fun. They are sticking their little heads up big time, but I have to water them (as with all the herbs and hanging baskets) to keep them from drying out.
  11. The tomato plants seem to be doing wonderful. Several have blooms on them. I'll need to take some photos :-) The Egyptian walking onions are thriving. The wild edible section is hanging in there. I planted a beautiful Mullein plant and it's going through some shock, but perked up some after this rain. Funny how gardens just love RAIN! LOL
  12. One large bed of re-planted carrots (with a light screen over it to keep birds etc., out!) and a few rows of lettuce at the end.
  13. One nice big bed of green bell peppers (with their new fence!) and a few spicey peppers (jalapeno and spicey table peppers).
  14. I've got one container of Anaheim peppers (in the right view, large container), one of yellow sweet peppers and four containers with egg plant.
  15. All my herbs are doing great, even though the aloe plants aren't liking this hot humid weather...after being transplanted. But, they'll snap out of it I think. The Basil plants are doing better since I moved them to the little "green house" rack.