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Burning Corn Cobs for heat

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I was reading an article online that briefly mentioned burning corncobs in your fireplace or wood burning stove as an alternative heat source. I was wondering if anyone has done this and how well the cobs burned.

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My husbands family burnt cobs years ago. It's a hot fire but cobs burn quickly because of the lack of density. Break open a cob and look at its density in comparison to a piece of wood.


Unless you live where you have lots of room or need very little heat you'll probably find you don't have the space to store enough cobs for any length of time. We burn shelled corn for heat and it takes probably 200-250 bushels per winter. That's a small farm wagon full and there would be no comparison between that and the pile of cobs we would need if we burned cobs.


Do you live in an area where people put there corn in cribs to shell later? We farm in Northern Iowa and I don't know of anyone who has cobs anymore. The combines go through the field chewing them up, spitting them out and only the kernels of corn are left to go to the elevator in town. The rest is plowed back into the field.


So, with all that said, cobs burn well and give off lots of heat but burn quickly. If you have access to cobs give it a try.



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