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Spring time brings new life.....

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It also brings new babies on the ole homestead. Amongst them is those cute little chicks. I have had many ask where they can get chicks. Well here is a list of hatcheries where you can buy your chicks, ducklings, gooslings, turkey poulets, guinea keets and a few other fowl.


Hatchery or Supply Source & What they carry


Rockin' Rooster Ranch

Rt. 1 Box 214-M

Douglas, AZ 85607-9747


Fax: 520-364-6654

Green-Eggers™, Dryden California Gray, 55-Flowery Leghorn (autosexing), Cornell autosomal dwarf White Leghorn, Sex-linked dwarf White Leghorn, KaiYa (Riverchickenz™) egg laying ducks from China (Taiwan).


Belt Hatchery

7272 S. West Ave.

Fresno, CA 93706


chicks, bantams including Mille Fleur, and turkeys


CEBE Farms

PO Box 1404

Ramona, CA 92065


Fax: 619-789-6510

Red & Black Cornish Cross chicks only. No other breeds available.


High Country Gamebirds

PO Box 293

Phelan, CA 92329-3267




Metzer Farms

26000 Old Stage Road

Gonzales, CA 93926


strictly waterfowl...many different breeds of ducks and geese


Southwest Hatchery

PO Box 1566

Blythe, CA 92226-1566


Bobwhite Quail, Coturnix Quail, pheasants, and chukars


Robb's Roost

36758 Rd.

ZWray, CO 80758




1395 John Fitch BlvdSouth

Windsor, CT 06074

800-327-6835 US & Canada

Fax: 800-457-8887

US & Canadafarmtek@farmtek.com Manufacturer and supplier of agricultural products from watering systems to cage repair. We are the largest manufacturer of curtain in the United States.


Hall Brothers Hatchery

PO Box 1026

Norwich, CT 06360

860-886-2421Fax: 860-889-6351

production and broiler baby chicks, hatching eggs, started pullets, turkey poults, capons, ducklings, started turkeys, goslings, guinea keets


New England Pigeon Supply

Tony Patti

95 River Road

Preston, CT 06365


Pigeon Supplies, supplies for pigeon fanciers include medications, vitamins, National Pigeon Association Bands


Clausing Company

Nocatee, FL 34268


many medications, vitamins, supplies, and equipment


Double R Discount Supply

4036 Hield Rd NW

Palm Bay, FL 32907


Chicks to incubators...waterers to supplies. Guarantee to beat any published price on any item, excluding animals, offered by any national catalog or website or will match it plus give you 25% of the difference.


G.Q.F. Mfg. Co.

PO Box 1552

Savannah, GA 31498


Incubators, brooders, supplies, quail eggs


Horizon Micro-Environments

133 Bowen Farm Rd.

Crawford, GA 30630


Fax: 706-743-8476

USPS approved reusable shipping boxes


K & L Poultry Farm

PO Box 716

Aragon, GA 30104


Fax: 770-216-1746

Over 70 varieties of Chicks, Bantams, Ducklings, Goslings, Turkeys, Pheasants, Quail, Chukars and Guineas. Discount prices with nationwide shipping. 100% live delivery guaranteed


Decorah Hatchery

406 W. Water Street

Decorah, IA 52101


hatch broilers, white and brown egg layers, (Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, etc). Also sell turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas, pheasant and quail. They serve ONLY THE MIDWEST U.S..


Hoover's Hatchery

PO Box 200

Rudd, IA 50471


some of the more common breeds of chicks, ducklings, and goslings, turkeys, bantams, and ringneck pheasants


Murray McMurray Hatchery

Box 458, 191 Closz Drive

Webster City, IA 50595-0458


over 140 varieties of chicks, bantams, turkeys, game birds, peafowl, waterfowl, guineas plus books, equipment, eggs, incubators, and medicine.


Sandhill Preservation Center

1878 230th Street

Calamus, IA 52729


Rare breeds and heirloom seeds. They sell day old chicks in many varieties. They have quail, chicken breeds, bantam chicken breeds, ducks, turkeys, geese, and guineas.


Schlecht Hatchery

9749 500th Avenue

Miles, IA 52064-9773

Fax: 563-682-7823

Chicks, duckling, goslings. 40 years in business. Free brochure.


Welp, Inc.

PO Box 77

Bancroft, IA 50517


Fax: 515-885-2346

specialize in Cornish-Rock broiler chicks but have baby ducks, geese, turkeys, laying breeds, and gamebirds, some supplies.


Winter's Guinea Farm

Ralph Winter

21357 White Pine Lane

New Vienna, IA 52065


many varieties of guineas and peafowl in hatching eggs and day olds


Dunlap Hatchery

Box 507

Caldwell, ID 83606-0507


Over 40 varieties of baby chicks (including bantams), ducklings, goslings, turkeys, guineas, gamebirds. Also offer hatching eggs and poultry/small animal equipment.


Da-Mar's Equipment Co.

14468 Industrial Parkway

South Beloit, IL 61080



Valentine Equipment Co.

7510 S. Madison St.

Hinsdale, IL 60522



Poultry Press

PO Box 542

Connersville, IN 47331


Fax: 765-828-4186

Show info, breeder and supplier ads, articles. Subscription $18.00 per year, 2 years $35.00, 3 years $50.00 Canada and Foreign - payable in US Dollars.


Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supplies1

4000 West 215th Street

Bucyrus, KS 66013


good prices on a wide selection of supplies, medications, books, and equipment


National Band & Tag Co.

PO Box 72430

Newport, KY 41072


Fax: 800-2638-247


Chas-Siegel & Son

1808 Main St.

Jeanerette, LA 70544


Pigeon supplies, loft supplies, meds, books, etc.


Cutler's Pheasant and Poultry Supply, Inc.

1940 Old 51

Applegate, MI 48401


Fax: 810 633-9178

netting, incubators for all sizes of eggs, ratite supplies, incubator parts and accessories, brooders, waterers, feeders, pigeon supplies, coops, traps, peepers, books, vet supplies, medicine


Townline Hatchery

PO Box 108

Zeeland, MI 49464


Fax: 616-772-2969

Mallards, Pekins, Rouens, Khaki Campbell ducklings, White, Bronze Turkey poults, Embden, Toulouse, African goslings, Ringneck pheasant chicks, layer chicks, broiler chicks


Foy's Pigeon Supplies

PO Box 27166

Golden Valley, MN 55427-0166


pigeon supplies, equipment, books, etc


Giese's Waterfowl Hatchery

2550 50th St. SW

Appleton, MN 56208


limited varieties of ducks and geese.


Johnson's Waterfowl

Rt. 1 Box 16

Middle River, MN 56737

Ducklings in Saxony, Rouen, Pekin, Pencilled Runners, Khaki Campbell, Dark Campbell, Cayuga, Silver Appleyard, Black Swedish, Blue Swedish. Goslings in Canada, Embden, African, Buff, Pomeranian, White Chinese. Assortments available.


Oakwood Game Farm

PO Box 274

Princeton, MN 55371


Pheasants and chukar: eggs, day old and started birds.


Shulte Waterfowl

Brian Shulte

2242 320 Ave

Marshall, MN 56258


Day olds and mature pairs of geese and ducks. 14 varieties of geese including Sebastopol, Canada, Pomeranian. 15 varieties of ducks including 6 varieties of Muscovies, Aylesbury, Silver Appleyards.



Box 400

Pine River, MN 56474-0400



Urch/Turnland Poultry

2142 NW 47 Ave.

Owatonna, MN 55060

507-451-6782 between 7-9 P.M. CST

eggs and chicks in many breeds of large fowl and bantam chickens, eggs, day olds, and mature stock in many breeds of ducks, geese, turkeys, peafowl, and guineas, many day old assortments also


C. M. Estes Hatchery, Inc.

PO Box 5776

Springfield, MO 65802


Fax: 417-865-2242

Production breed chicks, crested specials, bantam specials, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, quail, chukar, and pheasant, supplies


Cackle Hatchery

PO Box 529

Lebanon, MO 65536


many varieties of chicks, turkeys, ducks, and geese. They have several various assortment deals as well.


Calico Woods Farms

Harry Shaw, Jr.

3571 Sunset Road

Grove Spring, MO 65662


Fax: 417-741-7751



Crow Poultry & Supply Co.

Box 106

Windsor, MO 65360


fighting games, exotic breeds, bantams, old favorites. guaranteed safe shipment. $.50 for color catalog


Grain Belt Hatchery

Box 125

Windsor, MO 65360


chicks, fighting games, rare and exotic chicks, bantam chicks, pheasants, guineas, turkeys, ducklings, red jungle birds, and books


Heartland Hatchery

Rt. 1 Box 177-A

Amsterdam, MO 64723


Chicks for production and for fun, bantam chicks, Saipan and red Jungle Fowl, turkeys, goslings, ducklings, guineas, peafowl, Asian market breeds.


Marti Poultry Farm

PO Box 27

Windsor, MO 65360-0027


over 70 varieties of chicks, fighting games, guineas, bantams, pheasants, turkeys, ducks, chukar, exotic rare breeds.. $.50 for color catalog and get it back on first order.


McKinney & Govero Poultry

4717 Highway B

Park Hills, MO 63601

573-518-0535 or 573-431-4841

Production and rare breeds including Brahmas, Polish, Orpingtons, Cochins and many more. They also offer specially priced assortments and hatching eggs. Large fowl only. They are closed July 15 through January 31 each year.


ZPFFred Zillich

Rt. 1 Box 190

Mercer, MO 64661



Yoder's Hatchery

256 Jarrell Rd.

Kokoma, MS 39643



Big Sky Game Birds

135 West View Dr.

Victor, MT 59875

Eggs of Mountain Quail and Butler (Giant) Bobwhite. Silkie Eggs.


Blue Sky Hatchery & Game Bird Farm

Bob & Schela Waddel

l407 Quarter Circle RoadE.

Helena, MT 59635


Ringneck Pheasant, Chukar Partridge, and Bob White Quail in chicks, juveniles, and adult birds


Rocky Mountain Hatchery & Gamebirds

PO Box 1886

Hamilton, MT 59840


Hatching 20,000 Pheasant, and Chukar weekly, April through July. Started and Flight Conditioned birds available starting in July. Hungarian Partridge adults. They have an online equipment catalog.


Patterson's Poultry & Pet Supplies

P.O. Box 39

Wallburg, NC 27373-0039


waterers, feeders, books, vet supplies and medicine, incubators, brooders, supplies, rabbit hutches, traps


Seven Oaks Game Farm

7823 Masonboro Sound Road

Wilmington, NC 28409


hatching eggs: button quail,coturnix quail, bobwhite quail, partridge, pheasant, peacock, bantam ducks, large fowl, bantams, cochins, frizzles, silkies and incubators, equipment, books, coops, and pens


Larry's Poultry Equipment & Hatchery

PO Box 629

Scottsbluff, NE 69363


poultry, gamebirds, supplies, incubators, feeds, bird seed


Michener Pheasant Pharm

RR 1 Box 171C

Nebraska City, NE 68410

Eastern Wild Turkey, Chukar and Hungarian partridge; Buff, Red/yellow Golden, Lady Amherst, Black Mutant, Reeves, and Chinese, Jumbo, Mongolian Redneck Pheasants


Omaha Vaccine Co.

PO Box 7228

Omaha, NE 68107



Cedar Grove Farm

93 Living Waters Rd.

Edgewood, NM 87015



Privett Hatchery

PO Box 176

Portales, NM 88130


rare & fancy chicks, bantam chicks including Mille Fleur, turkeys, bobwhite quail, chukar, ringneck pheasant, ducklings, goslings, and chicks


Quailco Game Bird Farm

Mikel Hays

PO Box 368

Dora, NM 88115


Northern Bobwhite & Pharaoh quail, chukar partridge, ringneck pheasant, Eastern Wild Turkeys, Rio Grande Wild Turkeys, and guineas


North River Gamebirds

Newburgh, NY


Fax: 914-566-9147

Supply hatching eggs, chicks, and adult birds to dog trainers, sportsmen, and hobbyists, cater to individuals, and do not fill large orders, raise Ring-necked pheasant, bobwhite quail, and chukar.


Allen’s Poultry & Gamebird Farm

2165 Alex White Road

Jackson, OH 45640

740-820-4507 between 10:00am and 9:00pm

over 50 Standard Breeds of Chickens, over 25 Bantam, 2 varieties of Ducks, 3 varieties of Geese including Canadas, 4 varieties of Turkeys, 7 colors of Guinea, 8 varieties of Pheasant, 6 varieties of Quail, Chukar Partridge, 3 varieties of Peacocks, Emus


Bowles Poultry Supplies

312 O'Connor Road

Lucasville, OH 45648-8975


good prices on a nice selection of supplies, medications, and equipment


Eagle Nest Poultry

Box 504O

ceola, OH 44860


broiler and layer chicks, bantam assortment, Exhibition chickens, ducklings including calls and runners, BBBronze & BBWhite, Eastern Wild, and assorted Turkey poults, geese. Sexing available for everything they carry except for turkey poults


Mt. Healthy Hatcheries

9839 Winton Road

Mt. Healthy, OH 45231


Fax: 513-521-6902

Production layers, heavy breeds, broilers, ringneck pheasants, turkey poults in Bronze and White, ducklings in White Pekin and Mallard, goslings in White Embden, Grey Toulouse and White Chinese.


Ridgway Hatcheries

Box 306

La Rue 32, OH 43332


mallards, ringneck pheasants, quail, quail eggs, chukar partridge, and mature game birds


B&D Game Farm

Rt. 1 Box 812

Harrah, OK 73045


Fax: 405-964-5860

Bobwhite, Pharoah and Tibetan Quail, Ringneck Pheasant, Chukar Partridge, India Blue Peacocks, Pearl Guineas and Indian Red Junglefowl---hatching eggs, day-old chicks, started and flight conditioned birds. Other products include shipping supplies.


Dogwood Hollow Gamebirds

Rt. 3 Box 2357

Claremore, OK 74017

They sell hatching eggs, day old chicks as well as started and mature flight ringnecks,bobwhites and chukar partridges. They specialize in supplying the game bird industry with strong birds for the field.


Howell's Exotic Waterfowl

Rt. 1 Box 514

Muldrow, OK 74948


They have many varieties of wild type ducks, geese, and swans.



Rt. 3 Box 414

Mulgrow, OK 74948


They have peafowl eggs, chicks, and yearlings in India Blue, Pied India Blue, Pied Black Shoulder, Pied Cameo, Silver Pied, White Eyes, Purple, Purple Black Shoulder, Cameo Spalding, Buff Spalding, Red Buff Spalding, and more.


Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center

PO Box 492

Corvalis, OR 97339


These folks have ducklings and goslings that I have seen in no other catalog including Australian Spotted, Welsh Harlequins, Magpies, Saxony and Silver Appleyards. Sell adult show-quality waterfowl also.


Reston Gamebird Farm

3621 Reston Road

Roseburg, OR 97470


a huge selection of pheasants, quail, partridge, Francolins, and white silkie bantams from hatching eggs to breeders.


Shank's Hatchery

17874 Shank Rd NE

Hubbard, OR 97032-9733


Fax: 503-981-7215

Production layers (white egg layer and brown egg layers), production meat birds, Bobwhite quail, chukar, ringneck pheasant, guinea keets, turkeys in White, Bronze, and Bourbon Red.


Uncle Tom's Farm

PO Box 42

Gardiner, OR 97441


pheasants, quail, turkeys, ducks and geese


Wish Hatchery

PO Box 862

Prairie City, OR 97869


Wishard Bronze naturally mating turkeys


Clearview Stock Farm & Hatchery

David Hartman

PO Box 399Gratz, PA 17030


goslings, ducklings, turkeys including rare breeds, chicks, ringneck pheasants, guineas, Northern bobwhite quail, chukars, fancy breed chicks, hatching eggs for: some ducks, call ducks, some geese and some guineas, and some equipment. small minimum order


Cross Keys Pheasantry

115 List Hill Road

Valencia, PA 16059


baby ringneck and mutant pheasants


Hoffman Hatchery, Inc.

P. O. Box 129

Gratz, PA 17030


Goslings, ducklings, chicks, turkeys, guineas, bantams, pheasants, quail, chukars, swans, peafowl, books, equipment and medications. Also, white muscovy ducklings.


Jack's Poultry Supplies

RD 2 Box 335B

Saltsburg, PA 15681 poultry supplies, feeders, waterers, cage building supplies and will ship.


Moyer's Chicks, Inc.

266 East Paletown Rd.

Quakertown, PA 18951


Fax: 215-536-8034

Moyer's Brown Egg Layer, Moyer's White Egg Layer, Moyer's Broilers.


Noll's Poultry Farm

PO Box 14

Kleineltersville, PA 17039-0014


Fax: 717-949-3722

5 breeds of production layers and broiler chicks


Reich Poultry Farms, Inc.

1625 River Road

Marietta, PA 17547


limited varieties of chicks, turkeys, ducks, and geese. They deal in wholesale pricing if needed.


Safeguard Products, Inc.

PO Box 8

New Holland, PA 17557



Witt Farms

Brian Paul Witt

2056 Old Stagecoach Rd

Cassatt, SC 29032


Muscovies day old, juveniles, and adult breeders in Black, Blue, White, Chocolate, Pastel Buff, and Pastel Silver. Adult Pomeranian geese in White, Gray, Buff, Gray Saddleback, and Buff Saddleback


Inman Hatcheries

PO Box 616

Aberdeen, SD 57402-0616


chicks, ducklings,goslings, turkeys, chukar partridge, guineas,various pheasants, equipment, incubators, and books


Dogwood Acres

Adamsville, TN 38310


83 breeds of waterfowl, domestic and wild varieties including several varieties of call ducks, woodies, porchards, shelducks, teal, Canadas & egyptians.


G&K Exotic Farms

1061 Leadmine Road

White Pine, TN 37890


These guys have a wide variety of rare/hard to find fowl and animals including Russian Barbanters, ducks, peafowl, doves, many varieties of pheasants, quail, turkeys, llamas, barbados sheep, and goats. They also sell hatching eggs and as well as supplies.


Rocky Top General Store

PO Box 1006

Harriman, TN 37748


Fax: 423-882-9056

Incubators, brooders, books, supplies, meds, cages, traps, and more.


Bear Bayou Quail Farm

Gus and Barbara Rhodes

PO Box 514

Channelview, TX 77530


Quail eggs in Butler and Cunningham Bobwhites and also Coturnix quail eggs in Giant Brown and a new white meat variety.


Frances Grieve Farms

PO Box 154061

Waco, TX 76715-4061



Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc.

PO Box 591P

Cameron, TX 76520-0591


Fax: 254-697-2393

chicks, ducklings, goslings, bantams, guineas, and turkeys


McDucks Hatchery

Rt. 2 Box 4057

Nacogdoches, TX 75961



Randall Burkey Co., Inc

117 Industrial DriveBoerne, TX 78006


Incubators, brooders, supplies, meds, books, cocker supplies, and more.


Rocking R Gamebirds

Bud & Darcy Romine

2505 Fisher

Big Spring, TX 79720


Eggs, Chicks, Adults in White Meat Type Coturnix, Gamble, Valley, Blue Scale, and Wisconsin Jumbo Bobwhite Quail; Ringnexk, Chinese, Buff, Melanistic, Reeves, and Golden Pheasant


TR Game Birds

PO Box 1501

Roosevelt, UT 84066


ringneck and melanistic pheasant eggs


Valley View Pheasants & Game BirdsLLC.

1018 S. 350 E.

Provo, UT 84606

877-GAME-BIRD or 801-356-1176

Fax: 801-373-4095

Pheasants: Ringneck, California Buff, White, Mongolian Black. Chukars, Bobwhite Quail. Eggs, chicks, and mature flight conditioned birds.


Harder's Hatchery

624 N. Cow Creek Rd.

Ritzville, WA 99169


Old Favorite Breeds of baby chicks, bantams, turkeys, ducklings, goslings and gamebirds.


Northwest Gamebirds

217215 E. Finley Rd.

Kennewick, WA 99337


coturnix quail: eggs, chicks, live adults, and flight conditioned birds


Phinney Hatchery, Inc.

1331 Dell Avenue

Walla Walla, WA 99362-1023


chicks, ringneck pheasant, chukar, exotic breeds, ducklings, and goslings


Springhetti Gamebird Farm

12220 Springhetti Road

Snohomish, WA 98290



Abendroth's Waterfowl Hatchery

Rick Abendroth

WB697 Island Road

Waterloo, WI 53594


Fax: 920-478-2004

layer and broiler chicks, goslings including Maxima Canada, ducklings, BBBronze and BBWhite turkey


Klubertanz Equipment Company, Inc.

1165 Highway 73

Edgerton, WI 53534



MacFarlane Pheasant Farm, Inc.

2821G South U.S. Hwy 51

Janesville, WI 53456


many different breeds of pheasants with guaranteed live overnight delivery nationwide


Nasco Farm & Ranch

901 Janesville Ave.

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538


Fax: 414-563-8296


Sunnyside Inc. of Beaver Dam

Hatchery Division

PO Box 452

Beaver Dam, WI 53916


Fax: 800-569-6821

layer and broiler chicks, BBBronze & BBWhite turkey poults, common breeds of ducks and geese, hatching eggs available for school and research projects.


Utgaard's Hatchery

Box 32Star

Prairie, WI 54026


Fax: 715-248-7410

broiler layer chicks sexed or straight run, ducks, geese, Ringneck Pheasant chicks, bantam assortment, guinea assortment


I hope this helps some of you out there.





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Do not order fowl from California, Arizona or Texas that I am aware of...I am sure there are more...we have ..


Exotic New Castle Disease!!! all fowl can get it and the birds need to be destroyed. We can't take birds out of our county and the fairs have cancelled all poultry exhibits.


but I can order poultry from out of the states that are not effected.


Just thought you should know.

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I can vouch for Murry McMurray in Webster City, IA. I've gotten chicks there for years and never had a problem. NOW, if any of you live close to Webster City and want to go there to pick them up, let me know and I'll come down and meet you and we can have a cup of treat!

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There are many wonderful hatcheries and McMurray is one of them. I have ordered chicks from them many times and it always tickles the postal workers when the package arrives with all this little peeping and and little beaks poking out of the holes!


What they hate is when I order bees...buzzzzzzzzzz buzzz buzzzz!


I just want to make sure that no one orders chicks from California or if anyone visits California they do not bring chicks from here to their home.


The price of chicken and eggs are going up as this New Castle Disease spreads.

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