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Good morning!


I was just out checking on the garden and actually had to remove milk cartons from 2 tomato plants. We're still in for frost/freezes and I have tomato plants too big to keep covered. What a weird year but fun all the same.


Today is our foster daughters 50th birthday. Amazing how the angry 14 year old girl, with a huge chip on her shoulder, that came to live with us in 1976 is now 50 years old. She's a great mother, wife and all around woman and we're terribly proud of her. She's our girl and we love her! We're taking her, her husband and whatever other family members can make it out to dinner tonight. I'm hoping for Chinese or Mexican but it's JoAnn's choice so we'll see what she chooses.


I also have to weigh in at Weight Watcher's tonight but thank heavens that's before dinner. :wacko:


So, what's happening in your world today? I hope it's good whatever it is. :bighug2:

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Good morning :bouquet:


Happy Birthday to your foster daughter! I hope dinner is wonderful!!!


It' are home day, more or less. DD has taekwondo this afternoon but that's it. I managed to order DS1's 4th birthday invitations and will start looking for directions to make DS2's invitations (1).


I've managed to clean part of the kitchen and do some laundry but that's as far as I've gotten, oh breaking up a few fights. I need to plant some more lettuce today but we still have a few frost/freeze advisories. I did check yesterday afternoon and have swiss chard, lettuce, onions and potatoes up. The potatoes are in the boxes from last year not this year. Guess we missed a few:shrug:


Have a great day!:bighug2:

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Tuesday is mostly house cleaning (chores) day for me and baking and cooking. But I did the baking and cooking yesterday (because I was bored) and now I just don't want to clean. So I am going outside , even in the wind and cold, to check on things outside. May walk into town IF the wind is not so bad it blows my hat off? Do you know how HARD it is to catch a straw hat that if blowing down the lane is? Still have some cleaning to do on a few Dollhouses as we have a Display Show the first weekend in May and I am 'trying' to check over 1 of them every few days and 'tweak' them so they look good when people are visiting our Display Tables.



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Not much.


Waiting for an overdue paycheck on the side job, and hoping it appears before the main paycheck is due. :misc-smiley-231: And I'm really hoping it comes through before the bearing gives out on my right front wheel.


One of our former housemates was gut-shot week before last, but he lived. He now is trying to maneuver through the temporary-disability hoops, whatever they are, or even just get temporary food stamps until he can return to work. Another had his jury trial a week ago today and was found not guilty. Of course, being held in jail ten months before trial, he lost his job and everything. He's now sleeping on the couch under a cat-blanket, chowing down on real food, and trying to find work.


My sons are in the middle of exams. After exams, the younger one will enter the job market while the older one prepares for summer classes. The younger one's girlfriend is completing her second month of a 90-day course of Clinadine and Rifampin, and is feeling much, much better.


My kitten, who's been run through the spin-cycle AND the wringer :sad-smiley-012: between his broken leg, his bladder infections, and his stroke, is showing near-daily improvement. He's still incontinent, but now usually pees while struggling to stand up, or when he stumbles on his way to the litter box. I shouldn't be so emotionally tied to a cat, but I am.


A co-worker had her baby shower today. Another found out that her daughter is carrying triplets. :faint3:


A friend who's been out of work off and on for two years, and homeless for most of the past few months, has a new job (part time but better than nothing) and has a line on an apartment. He should be able to move in Monday. :bighug2:


My air conditioner, which DH has been jack-leg repairing for two years now, is again in need of repair. But hey, it's not exactly July right now. B)


My dog has obvious allergies, and is oozy-scabby all over, but it might not be fleas as previously thought. He'd been eating Beneful, but one of the dog people we consulted said that Beneful is chock full of common allergens for dogs. We're trying him on a rare foods diet. If this works, I'll probably be weighing the cost of a home-made food diet against the cost of the bag of meat-and-starch special diet food.

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I'm still clearing the corner of the lot next door that is close to the house. Just picking up flammable stuff and burning it on some mesquite that needs killing. Can't do anything about the other lot corner but hope. I have around the house pretty clear on my own property though. I've been letting the goats out to graze around the outside of the fenced area to try to reduce the amount of potential fuel where I cannot mow. The geese are doing a great job of mowing near the house though.


Baking bread to replace what I've eaten out of the freezer. Getting hot and I hate running the oven in hot weather. I also like to use some of the glut of milk we're getting by making bread with it.


Waiting for my handyman to get around to coming and doing a few odd things for me, like putting in the new a/c that is really too heavy for me. My old one just is on its last legs and won't keep up when it gets hotter.

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just a few chores and cooking up some bulk chicken breast...... not sure what to do with it but its ready for meals now.

clutter cleared under bathroom sink...... put away inventoried soap as a result and was able to put away laundry soap jug out of sight under bathroom sink too.


fooling around with a few more chores and wishing it was sunny again! Need to hem up some work pants..... found my tomato pin cushion too!!!!!!!! ........now, where is that tan or brown thread........


feeling blessed I am not in Ambergris's shoes just now....... lady, you have an awful lot going on ! have done similar things for folks in the past but glad to be on a solitary journey just now. I hope they all appreciate you very much for what you are doing and caring.



Happy birthday to your daughter who turned 50!

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