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11-21-12 Free Kindle Books

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Today's goodies



How to Stop A Puppy From Chewing


Healthy Ziploc Snacks: 40 Delicious "On the Go" Snack Recipes in a Ziploc Bag


The Art of Bread Baking: How to Prepare Delicious Handmade Bread At Home? (Step By Step Guide with Colorful Pictures)


Mexican Style Thanksgiving Recipes The Family will love


Casseroles!!! (Easy Cheap Comfort Eats)


Questions and Answers for Deep South Gardeners


Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes For Busy Moms (30 Set It, Forget It Nutritous & Delicious Slow Cooker Meals!)


Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the Knee


Easy-As Recipes: 57 Favorite Gluten-Free Recipes (Easy-As Gluten Free Recipes)


The Bear Family Christmas Collection


Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the Neck


Gourmet Chinese Food for Your Thanksgiving Celebration


Confessions Of A Maid: How To Clean Your House In Half The Time


Unique Cookie Recipes from My Moms Kitchen


How to Reduce or Prevent Menstrual Cramps (The Blake Series)


21 Best Winter Holiday Beverage Recipes (Best Recipe Roundup)


Past Forward- A Serial Novel: Episode 21


Lawn Care | Fertilizer | Grass | How To Kill Weeds!


30 Perfect Popcorn Recipes : How to Make Sweet & Savory Gourmet Popcorn at Home


Grandma's Best Muffin Recipes (Grandma's Best Recipes)


Eggs - How To Cook Eggs: Boiling an Egg; Frying an Egg; Poaching an Egg; How to Make an Omelette; Scrambled Eggs; Bake an Egg; Coddling an Egg - Discover 16 Easy Methods with Proven Results + Top Tips


Mrs. Batterfingers Old Fashioned Cookie Recipes: A Simple Old Fashioned Cookie Cookbook


28 Gluten Free Appetizers - Delicious Gluten Free Snacks


Home Grown (Terror Strikes From Within)


Green Cleaning 101 (DIY Natural Cleaning Solutions with Vinegar and Other Frugal Resources That You Already Have)


29 Ways to Survive and Thrive Through Perimenopause


Playful Parenting - Fun Games & Activites For Families (77 Ways to Parent Series)


Puppy Training: Top Tips and Proven Techniques for Crate Training, Puppy Potty Training, Dog Obedience Training, House Training a Puppy - Easy and Stress Free Success


35 Homemade Muffin Recipes - Easy and Delicious Muffin Recipes


Gluten Free Recipes & Dairy Free Recipes Vol. 2 (suitable for the paleo diet)


Deer & Fixings: How to Cook Delicious Venison


Break Free From Debt: Eliminate Debt, Stay Out Of Debt, Get Rid Of Debt Stress Once And For All


South to Alaska: A True Story of Courage and Survival from the Heartland of America to the Heart of a Dream


The Silk Weaver's Daughter


Crate Training Puppies and Dogs at Home: Puppy and Dog Care Training at Home Volume 1


Muffin Recipes - How to Bake Muffins Like A Pro!


Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina






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How to Stop A Puppy From Chewing



A THIRTY pound puppy, not yet 4 months old.....who is getting she can reach higher and higher each weeeeeek!


And she as an affinity for sox.....



MtRider :thumbs: { sheeeesh I have so many books! :happy0203: }

Edited by Mt_Rider

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Yep...30# at that age...been there and done that! We're fortunate that we keep our Lab Brat under pretty close supervision. Chewed up her bed once (very recently) while my back was turned. So far she's been excellent about not "counter surfing". Keep the bathroom door closed...don't want a TP vindetta in there!

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She's been really pretty good. Got the toe of one slipper [i was in the shower] one day. Just liked to drag my sox around so I set a decoration on top of where she was stealing them. This thing has loud sleigh bells attached to it. So she slipped in to steal sox and CLANG*CLATTER*DINGaLING! She came tearing out of there and didn't try that location again. She IS learning what ***MINE!**** means but ....those sox must have been er, tasty! :lol:


No real causualties so far except the slipper and ...half the soles are gone on them anyway. [ I'm hinting for new slippers for Christmas!!]


Got the book. Haven't read it yet tho. Dunno if the instructions will apply cuz these Kangals understand their world a bit differently but... for free - I'll look at it.


MtRider :shrug:

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Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis in the Neck :thumbs:


Yes, I'm a huge pain in the neck!


This was a very good free little book. It told about the importance of exercise of the neck to build up the soft tissue around the structure for support. Also about exercising a lot at first then tapering off for maintainance 2-3 times a week. And to use drugs, both script and OTC very sparingly and shots and surgery as a very last resort. And not to use splints or supports as they further weaken the soft tissue. And a TENS machine helps when properly used.


It was written like your Dr. would talk to you. Sort of stuff I already knew but it told why in plain English. And also to save money by going to a pro, getting the exercise program for your need and doing it yourself at home.

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