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Amazon To Start Charging Sales Tax

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Amazon to charge sales tax in all but 5 states


This is not an April Fool's Day joke: By April 1, will collect sales tax nationwide in all states with such a tax, CNBC reports.

Beginning next month, the e-commerce giant will add four states to its list of jurisdictions in which it collects sales tax.


Amazon has been slowly adding to that list in recent months and years. By late March, the list comprised 41 states and Washington, D.C. So by April 1, Amazon will be collecting in all 45 states that levy statewide sales taxes. The most recent additions to this list include:


The five states that do not levy statewide sales taxes — and thus remain exempt from taxes on Amazon — are:

  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Oregon
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire

"Amazon has been slow in collecting sales taxes in small and sparsely populated states where it doesn't have any distribution centers or corporate offices. The company has historically relied on a 1992 decision that bans states from forcing out-of-state retailers to collect taxes if they don't have a physical presence in the state."


The ruling has given online retailers an advantage that some argue hurts brick-and-mortar stores.


Legislators have also argued it hurts state budgets. The AP reports that the tiny state of Rhode Island, for example, expects to bring in nearly $35 million in tax revenue next year from Amazon and other online retailers that follow Amazon's lead.



The states where they are already charging sales tax are:




New Mexico





Rhode Island

South Dakota








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This is important to me because I have one item that I have been saving up for for a looong time. When my tax check came I planed to finally treat myself to it. I've had it parked in my 'Wish List' forever. Since it's a brand name the price has not budged.


Two weeks ago I found an outlet mall close to me (within an hour drive) that has sort of high end stores. Lo and behold they have the outlet store I wanted. I looked up the best route and made plans to go the next day. Then I woke up to 3 inches of snow! It's an open air mall so I didn't feel like walking through that mess. Plus it was still snowing.


I have a new plan. I'm going to the outlet mall and see if they have one. If they do, I'll see how much the discount is plus Ohio sales tax. If isn't cheaper or the same, I'll buy it. If not, I'll order it from Amazon before they start taxing my state.


I've wanted this for a long time so it isn't an impulse item.


Okay, okay. It's a Bose radio. I know...$500.00 for a radio but it also plays CD's and MP3 CD's. I listen to Old Time Radio MP3 CD's every night. They won't play in my computer and over the years I've had to replace lots of the little portable ones. With the Bose, I can listen to them (and CD's and the radio) anytime and anywhere. Plus the sound quality of Bose....


So, I'm finally going to do it this week.


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They've been collecting Florida sales tax for years.

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The only time I've had to pay tax is if an item is sent from an 'outside' vendor through Amazon. I can't think of what they are called. "Independent' something maybe?

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Well, I thought outlet malls were supposed to discounted. I finally made it over to the Bose outlet store. Pfffft. They weren't discounted at all. Except you could get a used one for $50.00 off. Big deal. If I'm paying that much it had better be new or a deep discount.


When I saw the price I said I could get the same thing from Amazon for the same price. She said but you can take this with you today, and I can activate your warrantee right now. I asked what the warrantee was. One year. And if anything goes wrong I could bring it right to them for a replacement...if they have it in stock. Crimony, For that price it should be a lifetime guarantee. She also said because it is a brand name, they never discount. Brand name has nothing to do with it.


I told her I could buy it there and pay Ohio sales tax or buy it from Amazon and pay no tax. She said, "Huuuumph. I walked.


So now I'm second guessing myself again. I can get it at Amazon, pay no tax and my Amazon account gives a percentage to a charity of my choice...SDP of course. Or I can search for something different and much cheaper.  I hate being so indecisive. This morning I cashed my tax checks and was ready to finally take the leap.


I did get a nice rain windbreaker from North Face for over half off so it wasn't a total bust. Also a discount kitchen store had some small funnels for spice jar filling and some cheese cloth.


It kind of ticks me off. If they aren't going to offer a discount they shouldn't be in an outlet mall.  :angry:

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 I've made my decision through divine intervention or something like that about the Bose.


In a previous post I mentioned bragged about a dog having puppies. Her name is Mischa and her litter theme is "Mischa's Musicians". 


Puppy names are: Sting, Jagger, Joplin. Bowie, Jewel, Ringo, Elvis, Blake, Ella, Miles, Norah and Prince. Seeing a pattern here?


One of the puppies is named Jagger after Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Here it comes...


I adore the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger.


I'm a charter member of the place where Mischa was born and gave birth. Coincidence? I think not.


I LOVE music.


Bose = Music.


It's meant to be that after over 6 years of having the radio parked on my Amazon wish list that now is the time to get it.


I'm a pretty good person 60/40 percent of the time. I give to charities regularly. I let people cut in front of me all the time. Sometimes I buy the person behind me lunch. I smile a lot.


I know, I know I'm Justifying and really stretching it here. But as Elvis (see above) said, "It's now or never".


And, I got my tax refunds and the bank 'owes' me $200.00 from reward points.  :rolleyes:

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I did upgrade to the next one. It's a one time buy so Pffffft.

It arrived today. It is a thing of beauty and sounds...awesome!

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