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News Headlines......are we ready?

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#1 ANewMe


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Posted 26 April 2012 - 07:06 AM

Iran readying hacker attacks on U.S. infrastructure, specialists say

Feds Will Decide if Matthew Owens beating a hate crime.

NOTE: By posting the above story it is not my wish to start an argument on race....I am simply pointing out some things that are going on in light of the Trayveon story. My cousin was shot and killed by 3 African Americans at Mississippi State University right before Easter and it was all over national news. I now know first hand how the media operates. I just think with the racial unrest we need to see what is happening because much of it is not on national news just like the above story.



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Posted 26 April 2012 - 08:23 AM

I am so sorry for your family's loss, ANewMe. Things like that are tragic and senseless. I do believe that the media needs to do a better job of providing balanced coverage of all types of news and not slant it so much to one agenda or another. I do hope that your family is granted justice for the death of your cousin and pray that the people responsible are held accountable for their crime. I know that it won't bring your cousin back and that (in and of itself) is unfair. However, a just decision will ensure that the perpetrators are not allowed to inflict harm on another family.

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 01:10 PM

I'm sorry for your loss.

Yes, we need to be aware that there is racial hatred on all sides. It sure can be a struggle to forgive, but that is the only way to overcome it.

I don't trust the media to give the full, unbiased facts on anything at all. They all have an agenda and are furthering it at all costs.
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Posted 26 April 2012 - 07:13 PM

So sorry, ANM.

Media is a business like any other. They want to sell the stories. A slant is still a version of the truth...but some are far more SLANTED than others. Some sources of "information" are without scruples or honor at all.

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 10:35 PM

I also am sorry for this happening to your cousin. Unfortunately the Trayvon case is bringing up alot of unjustifiable acts. that case just appalls me so far along with the media tactics on it.
Yep, they want ratings and sponsors and have really stirred up the factions and more hate stuff and actions . I hear of so many reports of beatings with no justification.
I talked about all this with my dear friend, A, who is almost 75 and she and her hubby go to NYC frequently to visit relatives .
I told her to please be more alert. People are ganging up on people who didn't do a darn thing to ask for it , keep an eye out when you are down there.

another man got beaten by about 20 parents/family mbrs, whose kids had been playing basketball , and were a little too loud and he asked them to quieten down some. they went to their homes, complained and the parents and family members of several came out with clubs, bats, paint cans and beat him so severely he was still in ICU two days ago after several days trying to recover. I do not think the local LEO did anything (Yet?)

The Matthew Owens case, that is what I had heard took place..

We have to be smarter than this . I see so much that we have as a majority tried to correct, over 100 yrs or so ruined in just a few and its not just rhetoric now. They will use a sick logic that is pervading now and stir things up more.

The other thing that bothers me is these folks who engage in such violence don't even understand they have been set up and used.

Take care and be alert and definitely do your best to prep for things to come like infrastructure outages.

The Washington Times mirrors exactly what has been said by the intel specialists interviewed on Glenn Becks Rumors of War ( world war III) III yesterday!!!
Rumors of War III is on youtube , just type that in on the search bar. Its an hour and 17 mins and I just watched it all earlier.

It is very worth watching if you can do so. There are more legitimate threat plans . Because of Israel and US. Everything is laid out very clearly.

Within months because Israel will have to act no matter what our weekly 'policy' is .

Whether they do it by hiring hackers or they do it by men on the ground, they do plan to nail us and fight over there too. It could get really messed up. The video has a lot more than just EMP ability stuff that can fry our infrastructure that way, so its worth watching. Certain Things have made it through the borders and they have been setting things up for years.

Many of those who spoke up have of course been demonized by govt and media and their careers have to be different now. You will recognize many of them. They just simply spoke the truth.
My friend took heed, too, about being
more alert.

It is so mellow in her neighborhood by the Lake, she isn't used to having to worry about such things.

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 10:44 PM

:pray: for peace
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